New York and 2A

You may not know this but I am a transplant to Virginia from Western New York – Allegany County to be specific. For many reasons this may play a big part in my stand today. It is certainly part of who I am.

Who or what I am not is a “Yankee”. In my heart and soul I am a Southerner. While I must admit, culturally speaking, I am more North than South but the more I learn about the plight of the South, especially the decades before the secession, I would have stood with my Southern Brethren in mind, if not bodily.

I cannot say what I would have done during the War to Prevent Southern Independence. If I knew then what I now know, I’d have fled South and joined the Confederacy. I cannot say what I would have known so let’s leave it at that.

Back in New York, growing up, I despised big government from an early age. I’ve always resented the intrusion of the controllers on my liberty. I was fortunate enough to be present when Allegany County stood toe to toe, face to face with Mario Cuomo – Andy Cuomo’s Daddy – and denied that controller the radioactive waste dump he was determined to saddle our county with. I was present and active in my own way. I was on the air at the local radio station and I spent about 10 minutes a day reading headlines and offering my opinion on such. While I know some people heard me, I have no idea how effective I really was. Though I will say I learned years later, I was let go as a direct result of those actions. This I discovered first-hand from the man who actually made the decision – the late Jack Murphy.

In any case, I find a great deal of inspiration from that conflict. We were a tiny county – poor and rural. We stood against a powerful governor who apparently hated us, hated liberty and seemed determined to stuff a nuclear waste dump down our throats. He lost.

Today, things are vastly different. While Northam and company represent a powerful contingent – they do not face one small determined county (two, actually as Cortland county was also a target and also beat the state goons back) – they face most of rural Virginia. While I cannot say how large the opposition is to the controllers – it is much, much larger than what Mario Cuomo faced. We are every bit as determined. While I realize my voice is tiny, I know Mario heard it from much farther away so I’ll say this to Ralph Northam – you are poking a hornet’s nest, bud. If you know what is good for you – you best back off now.


Reports are coming across the nation about Virginia’s stand inspiring other states to join the movement. I am glad for that but looking at the maps detailing the spread of 2a enthusiasm I noticed my former home state of New York is barely represented. Mario’s pride and joy, Andy, has been rabid in his destruction of gun rights in New York. Other than some rather vocal opposition, the state has seen nothing like our sanctuary movement. What is the deal?

To that end, I posted the following on my FB page, where I am still in contact with many from my youth. While few of us were very involved politically, many of us shared a love for liberty. If any of you are reading this, let me reiterate – it is time to step up and take your stand. Time is running out.


The rapid spread of Virginia’s 2A Sanctuary movement has inspired others across the country. What the HELL is happening in New York? Looks like a lot of nothing to me.
My NY friends – especially those in Allegany County should know the stand YOU took against Mario Cuomo and his Radioactive Waste Dump plans inspire to me to this day. My own part in those efforts were minuscule. I mouthed off on WLSV in the wee hours and wrote a couple of columns for the Cuba Patriot. Even so I am proud to be able to say WE beat that bastard down.
It’s time to step up again folks. Here in Virginia, I’m active on site plus I submitted an open letter to local papers and The letter was published in both places. I am not stopping there.
I’ve set my sites on restoring ALL of our Liberties – 2A is just the hot spot right now. Nor am I content to write from my “lofty tower”. I plan on taking advantage of every available opportunity to promote the cause of Liberty and all of our God-given rights, including those guaranteed by the Bill of Rights.
What are you doing?
God bless,