Ralphie Northam: ” ‘I’ Am The Leader Of This Party”

Caught a story in the Richmond Times Dispatch today. It is mostly drivel – a fluff piece as far as I’m concerned. It was the headline that got me, where Ralphie seems to feel the need to assert his “leadership” of the party. Typical. Politicians love to view themselves in leadership roles. Their nature is to control and control is what they live for.

Of course, he also postulates Virginians have all but mandated his gun control agenda – despite the glaring elephant in the room – the 2A sanctuary movement that has swept the commonwealth.

His message as I see it is he intends to ignore the citizens of Virginia who have vocally and physically opposed his proposals and shove it all down our throats. It is not like he hasn’t been warned. Of course, it is possible this is just his way of saving face, well blackface anyway. Yeah, I couldn’t help that. For some odd reason the whole blackface incident was brought up again in the article. While I have no qualms with joking about it or even throwing it in his face, I think the whole thing was a relative non-issue. Stupid? Yes, especially when you consider his current propaganda package, but I have a lot more really serious issues with this fool. The whole blackface thing pales by comparison.

‘nough said… Here’s the article

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