Militias… Join Or Not?

As things heat up here in Virginia, the idea of joining a militia is bounced around more and more. Below you’ll find an interesting article about the realities of jumping into a militia movement by a former militia leader.

Spoiler alert! He pulls no punches telling you what you should already know: you are being watched – nay – closely scrutinized, possibly even targeted for a “sting” operation. From what information I’ve gathered, a “sting” is often little more than blatant entrapment by some government entity. Even so, heed his warnings. I will go one step further – do not even think about doing anything illegal. Certainly do not talk about such things. Absolutely do not act on such ideas unless you are prepared to sit out a good part of your life in prison – IF you live through it. These guys are playing for keeps and they’ve stacked the deck against us.

On another note, the author’s warnings make me pause as to whether I will consider joining a local militia should one be formed. In principle, I am all for it – not because I am “anti-government” but because I believe the first defense of any community and county should be local. Said defense does not always entail an armed response but should included critical support for medicinal needs and things such as food, water and shelter.

Add this to the fact that my very public writings are enough to cause the controllers to sweat already puts me in the spotlight. While I have zero indication, much less evidence, of this happening now, I was just as clueless about what was happening on other levels in my previous experience. Things are different today. Though I may well be under the radar right now, everything I publish is more or less permanently on display. Back in the day my words disappeared into thin air almost as soon as they were spoken… or so I thought. What I didn’t know was, some at the other radio station in town apparently recorded my broadcasts and forwarded them to others. I had no idea anyone cared.

In any case, here is a revelation from someone who was active during one of our more turbulent periods: