America’s Swan Song or… It’s Over – The Fat Lady Sings

From The Burning Platform – h/t 90 Miles from Tyranny – America’s Swan Song or It’s Over – The Fat Lady Sings

Okay so they put a different title on the article but it all says the same thing – there seems little hope for our nation to return to a constitutional republic. Of course, putting it in those words is a blatant admission we are no longer a constitutional republic. Ouch! If this is true then we are no longer held by a constitution. While the controllers might wring their collective hands in glee over this thought, they may want to consider how some of us deplorables might see things…

No Constitution? All Righty Then… Game ON!

Uh, yeah, you see when there is no “law of the land” there is no law. Period. In Christian terms, this is often stated as, “Be careful what you ask for… you might just get it.”

So, a couple of points from the article itself. First, the author brings up a letter sent to Nancy “Let Her Speak” Pelosi on the eve of this impeachment. While I see it as a good and strong letter for the most part, I noticed what I consider one mistake. He says his right to due process was violated as he could not face his accusers and so forth. Well… an impeachment is an accusation – more like a grand jury indictment in my mind so, no, that doesn’t fly with me. The trial, if there ever is one, will be held in the Senate where due process should play out. Assuming, of course, the whole thing isn’t just tossed out as the frivolous waste of time it is.

The other point brought up is Joe Biden and his recent preemptive refusal to testify should such a trial take place. My understanding is he is now backpeddling on this but suppose he, like so many in the NObama thumbs his nose at a congressional subpoena. Does such an action essentially declare congress has no such “power”? If such is true then let us dispense with the foolishness of allowing congress to hold such hearings at all. If congress does indeed have the authority to subpoena, does that not imply certain people such as Joe Biden and Eric Holden are above the law? If this is true then my original premise proves correct – no “law of the land” actually exists here.

As for me, I prefer to hope above hope that this is not true and we still can return our nation to a limited republic form of government based on our constitution. Any alternative is to horrible to contemplate.

Read the article for yourself: