Returning to the Republic: It All Starts Here

This morning I was inspired by an article by John Whitehead of The Rutherford Institute. It starts off from a somewhat dark corner, as it details so many ways our nation has descended into tyranny. However, John is not without hope. If you think about what he says as well as what I’ve been saying, you will soon realize the details are sketchy for a reason… liberty is naturally messy.

The video I posted the other day from Kris Anne Hall reflects this also. Other Christians are taken aback at Kris Anne’s take on liberty because it doesn’t “fit” their doctrine. I’ve got news for my brethren in Christ: my take on liberty won’t likely fit your doctrine either. Liberty is not about my “doctrine”, my beliefs or yours. Liberty is about the freedom to choose what you believe, even if that belief proves to be less than accurate.

Liberty is messy. There are few hard rules because rules are naturally anti-liberty.

Back to Mr. Whitehead – he does offer guidance on how to restore liberty. He can see this happening right here in Virginia and spreading nationwide. The crux of this idea is local action. It should be clear by now – reform will not come from Richmond or Washington. Reform starts here at home.

When I first started this site, on commenter on the original article correctly observed we will not regain liberty just by posting on the internet. His point was we need to build alliances within our communities rather than just trade electrons over wire. I agreed then and I agree now. Of course there is a place for sites like The Liberty News of our stand here in Virginia as well as the burgeoning support nationwide would not be possible without the means to spread the word. This is not the first time, nor the last time technology will demonstrate usefulness, but cyberspace is not the answer – meatspace is. That said…

You can read John Whitehead’s article here: