1984… On Steroids – You Are Being Watched

First my apologies for not posting more often lately. I’ve been working on an exciting project I hope to bring out soon. Actually, one project turned into two but the latter will take more time. Meanwhile, I’ve had little time to write.

Below is a short article on “surveillance capitalism”. The secondary title is even more interesting… “exploiting behavioral data”. I don’t know about you but I more and more personally experience this sort of thing. I search on something, click on something or buy something and I am followed for days and weeks with matching advertising. Some say they’ve had similar experiences in meat space with no online correlation until they’ve purchased something. In other words, you happen to be at a store, buy a candy bar and you are later inundated with candy ads even though it is the only sweet treat you’ve bought in years. Note, this example is not one I’ve ever seen specifically but you get the idea. It gets worse…

By now, if you do not know, our “benevolent betters”, those who work in government – especially those who are paid by us via tax dollars to spy on us, collect massive amounts of data of every kind on us. Personally, I expect any transaction I’ve made in the past several years, every web search, every phone call, email, text or any other message or exchange to be sitting in one or more data files somewhere. Maybe these are cataloged and maybe not. Am I paranoid? I don’t think so. If I am wrong, I am wrong and that would be a good thing. Nor do I spend much time thinking about it. Other than writing a few words now and then, there is really nothing I can do about it at this point so why wring my hands with worry?

That said, there is no reason to file this piece of speculation in my own personal database for future reference. The reason I bring this up is to shine a light in this dark corner for all to see.

Once again, we all need to hold our rogue employees accountable. Given the opportunity, I will do just that. It may not get me anywhere yet but it all adds up to making my own case to return our nation to a limited government that better serves those of us who pay dearly for it.

And now… the article: