Virginia 2A Rally Day – What Happened?

Well, short and sweet, an estimated 25,000 people showed up – mostly in support of our God-given, constitutionally guaranteed right to keep and bear arms – and a total of (1) person was arrested. All in all it was a successfully peaceful day. The one person who was arrested was because she apparently refused to remove her mask – (or maybe because she eventually complied – I don’ t know). From what pictures I’ve seen, there was more than one person wearing masks so my first question is why is a single arrest not selective enforcement of the law?

So what didn’t happen? None of the dire predictions from either side – someone starting trouble whether as a “white supremacist terrorist” or as a plant from some insidious covert operation came true. And there were a lot of them. Were they all fear mongering? I don’t think so. There was certainly a lot of tension in the air – at least before it all happened. Virginia State Republican Senator Amanda Chase issued a strong statement saying we 2A supporters were being set up. Of course the gov – Ralphie “Blackface” Northam, in what only can be described as in a total panic, declared a “State of Emergency” that is still in effect as I write this o the day after – unless he rescinded it. I doubt if he would want to wipe that egg off his face.

One video of note documented the appearance of two LEO’s on the doorstep of a Virginia citizen. One LEO was from the Capital Police and the other is reported to be a homicide detective from the Virginia State Police. As far as I know there was no homicide to detect so I have no idea why the commonwealth would waste such a resource. The citizen was apparently observed checking out the location around the rally in advance. A lot can be said about all of this but I just wonder how many state resources were spent doing such things. The other thing I wonder is exactly how this man was identified to the extent to have law enforcement show up on his doorstep 100 miles away? He stated such an act was proof we all live in a police state. I am hard-pressed to disagree.

Strangely enough, the FBI “just happened” to arrest three “White Supremacists” before rally day – actually within hours of gov Ralphie’s SoE declaration. Hmmm, how convenient is that? I never did quite discover exactly what they were charged with – planning to attend a public rally? Rumor has it they DID have ammunition after all. Scary stuff, huh boys?

Speaking of “white supremacist terrorists”, I remember one media-type person stating everyone there were “white supremacist terrorists” or some such nonsense. Really? Darling you must have been joking… right? I did not not who it was, though I’m am fairly certain this media-type person likely identified as a “female” – or at least this is how s/he/it came across. Please excuse the pronoun confusion, I just don’t know how to describe genderlike thingys these days.

I must admit, gov Ralphie’s SoE declaration kind of puzzled me. I almost posted something on it at the time but I let it be. Now I will reveal my thoughts, even though they may seem silly in hindsight, but I wanted to suggest to Ralphie that since he was using previous events in Charlottesville as a guide, he might want to reconsider his SoE. He may have been better off banning automobiles and obese women in ill health. After all, it seems to me, considering actual cause of the tragic death there, he would be more sensitive to the real dangers faced by the crowd.

As it stands there were a LOT of legally armed citizens present in Richmond yesterday and, as far as I can determine, not a single shot was fired. Anyone reviewing photos of the event should easily see lots and lots of super scary “assault” rifles. None of them broke loose from their humans to begin spraying the crowd with bullets. It is almost like law-abiding citizens can actually be trusted to abide by laws – even those one happens to either disagree with or believes unconstitutional. Isn’t that something?

God bless,