Two Articles Related to the United Nations

These articles came one day after the other.  The first article is from The Gateway Pundit (h/t and says…

The United Nations ruled that “climate refugees” cannot be returned back to their home countries.

The next day a second article says Putin advocates a restructuring of the UN, so to speak. My take is he wants to establish a world government.

None of this is surprising to me, nor should it be to you. Nor should you be surprised if one day an announcement is made stating several nations are abandoning their sovereignty to submit to a world government. Our nation is not likely to be leading the way, but then again, should another globalist take office with a globalist majority in congress… it could happen. As a matter of fact it only takes a treaty and a Senate two thirds majority vote to ratify it to give up any or all of our constitutional rights according to modern constitutional thought these days.

None of this is new, however the pressure is building from all sides.

UN Human Rights Ruling Says “Climate Refugees” Cannot be Returned back to Their Home Country — US Must Open Its Borders to All Central Americans

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