King and Kennedy Killed for the Same Reason? Who’s Next?

This article is from The Future of Freedom Foundation. Here’s the spoiler – the author suggests both men were killed for advocating a return to a limited government – a constitutional republic. This revelation sends shivers down my spine. Don’t get me wrong – I do not believe I have any reason for paranoia. While I previously noted my big mouth has caught the attention and, yes, “wrath” so to speak, of men in power, I am not worried at this point. I am nobody. Even if one of the three people who read this are minions of some controller, lets face it – I am a minnow in the pond. The size of the pond doesn’t matter – as a matter of fact the bigger the pond the more insignificant I become.

With all that, I am not alone in my pursuit. Every day I come across more and more like-minded  people. Nearly all of them are more recognizable than I am. Should my views suddenly find themselves thrust into the forefront, then I may find out if there is any truth to this. In the meantime, I’ll just keep pecking away at the controllers via my keyboard.

Here’s the article.

They Killed King for the Same Reason They Killed Kennedy