World Domination – Or NOT!

A couple of different perspectives from around the interweb.

First up is from Gold, Goats N Guns “No, Mr. Boomer We’ve Run Out of God Pills“(h/t telling the globalists “no dice” on their move to leverage this pandemic into a one-world government.

The author echos a lot of folks around the ‘net.  Bunches of us are saying this is exactly why globalism cannot work. My personal caveat is such: do not think logic will stop the controllers from trying to control. It never has and never will.” We must remain diligent and push back!

Next up is John Whitehead of The Rutherford Institute. He continues to illuminate the efforts of our government to sidestep our constitution every way they can. He sees a totalitarian police state in our present AND future. He may be mistaken but he’s  not wrong. By this I mean, his observations are correct – they are backed up by actual facts and events. I cannot even disagree with his assessment. That said, I do not, will not, can not accept the idea that our constitution can be deemed null and void by mere men.

The danger lies within ourselves. Will WE abdicate our stewardship? Are we going to hand over our sovereignty to wicked controllers who have zero authority? Almighty God WILL allow this but ONLY if WE let it!

Here is John’s latest via TheMintPress:

The Attack on Civil Liberties in the Age of COVID-19

God bless,