Consider Battle Plan “C” (for Citizen) in the Fight for Twitter, Elon

Watch out Twitter, here I come. I’m siding with Elon on this one and my plan is to bring more, a lot more, with me.

As I read about speculation that Twitter will invoke a “poison pill” to thwart Elon Musk’s attempt to take over the platform, one thought came to mind: the gloves are about to come off. Not Twitter’s. Not Elon Musk’s. Mine.

Okay, yeah, everybody’s real scared. After all… who the heck am I? Well, point blank, I am nobody. I’m just one citizen. That’s is. But here’s the rub.

On Monday, I’m buying ten shares of Twitter. At the current price it will set me back a tad under $500. (I think I can announce this without pumping up the price too much.) I never thought I’d say this but the money doesn’t matter. Then I’ll be a citizen nobody who holds voting shares in Twitter. So what?

Well, as an account holder on Twitter, I’m less than nothing. All I gotta do to prove it is tweet something management doesn’t like. Hell, I got away with more than that when I was gainfully employed. Now, Twitter whateveryourpronouns are listen up… as a stockholder, everything changes. I have rights. Among those rights is the right to hold you accountable for your actions. Once my shares are securely in my account, I’ll elaborate. For the time being you can go ask your pals at Grrrgle.

So, Elon this is Battle Plan “C” (for Citizen). You are not alone in your quest to free speech from Twitter’s shackles. I’m with you. While it is possible you stole my idea, disguising that fact by buying Twitter instead of FnBook, I forgive you. Actually, your twist on my plot was better. Why consider my plan? Simple, I am not the only citizen capable of buying a few shares of Twitter. My fellow citizens need not announce their intentions. None of us owe the authoritarians anything. For that matter we don’t owe you anything. Well, maybe a debt of gratitude for the action you took, the insane amount of money you laid out, not to mention the offer you’ve made. You set an excellent example and for that I do thank you.

However power in the hands of the few is always dangerous. For this reason I advocate decentralization. Granted, I cannot say for sure us freedom-loving citizens will act accordingly but I think it’s worth a try. Unless we start acting like self-governing citizens and wean ourselves off of expecting someone to come along and “save” us, we are going to lose not only our liberty but our nation as well.