Well Shoot, Elon…

Please, note the comma, that was NOT a threat! There was a time I would not feel the need to point that out.

Okay, so Monday I decided to buy some Twitter stock. No, I do NOT need to report my intent to anyone, I was only thinking of ten shares. My goal was not to make money but to follow through on principle, i.e. that WE the PEOPLE should own a platform to secure  our freedom of speech and exorcise the principle on a major social media platform. I  have to admit, Elon’s approach is far superior to mine but that’s only because Fn Book is so expensive. However, since affordability is very conducive  to the idea, Twitter wins.

So I call my broker yesterday. I finally talk to him in the early afternoon. He’s all hmmming and hawing. Of course the first thing he asks is my desire to buy Twitter has anything to do with Elon Muck. Well, yeah, it does, but it’s not like you think. So I turn back to clock to tell him about my original Fn Book post in February. Well, he doesn’t think WE the People can really affect anything even if we owned it. I disagreed and I still do. More on that in a bit. I again spell out the principle involved. It is much the same as my take on our republic – decentralization is key.

First, we need to redistribute the power base. In the case of our republic, we need to make ALL government locally based again. County by county. As for Twitter, we need millions of individual owners. My broker (I’m sure if he ever reads this he’ll cringe every time I use that term as I’m sure he prefers to be referred to as my “financial advisor” Tough it out J.) informed me that We the people already own Twitter but as it is via mutual funds and the like, we don’t have voting power. He said the law needs to change in that regard. He’s correct on both counts but I don’t really give a hoot about that right now. Fact is, what ever stocks are owned by whatever mutual funds I have, I don’t want to have to sort out who to vote for what. As a matter of fact, I’m not so sure I even like the whole “proxy” thing.

If you don’t know what I mean by that, let me explain. Most of the time when a corporate vote comes up, rather than vote personally, a shareholder can elect someone to vote for them –  a proxy. This is also done in member organizations (the NRA comes to mind) and coops like our local electric utility. Now the thing I don’t like about that is, I don’t often have enough information to be comfortable giving my proxy to some individual. A lot of times the vote is to elect board members. Well wait a minute! I don’t know Jack Cast from Dick Head so how am I supposed to vote? It’s almost like voting for the party ticket. Here’s my idea..

After I bought my piece of Twitter, I was thinking of starting a shareholders’ site where we could discuss issues. On the site would be the rules so we’d all be on the same page. THEN we’d know enough to effect some changes. We could actually NOMINATE board members ourselves and/or put our support behind one person or another as we get to know them by what they have to say on the site. I’m sure we could do other stuff too, including applying pressure to the company to make certain changes.

Now Elon’s put a wrench in those works. He’s want’s to buy out Twitter 100% and take it private. Look, Elon, if that is what you want to do, fine. You’ve got the money and there’s no law against it… yet. That said, I’m not all that convinced any single owner, even you, is that great of an idea.

Now on the other hand, there is nothing that prevents the globalists from acquiring a majority interest in the company either. In fact, leftists and tree huggers could do the same thing – band together and start gobbling up stock. All that would be interesting and I’m not sure which side would emerge the victor. Let’s face it, if the left won, well, nothing would change.

At this point, I could still buy the stock and, from the looks of things, I’d make a nice profit – not a huge profit but percentage-wise, nothing could sneeze at. However it is not profit I am after. What I want is freedom.  At this point, I have that in abundance here on this blog. I can say what I want, when I want and I only need to worry about losing my two one regular reader. Oh well.

Now I gotta go call my broker and give him hell for talking me out of my “big score”.