So I was F Checked by Fn Book

FnBook didn’t like the meme below. They say it “lacks context” or some bs. No, I didn’t check their supplied links. Why? Because these days anyone can say anything and find  supporting “evidence” online. The farther left the contention the closer to the top of search results grrrgle will post it. More and more I find myself looking to another search engine or digging waaaay deep to find a dissenting opinion. Is what James Woods posted accurate? Heck, I don’t know but ask yourself this: if I posted a meme about the dogs connected with Fauchi, would I get the same result? Maybe I’ll find out for sure. I can tell you one thing, I saw the video of those dogs who were tortured in the name of “science”. They are heart wrenching.

As a bonus, I’m posting a second meme. Maybe this one got trough FnBooks nannies and maybe not. My question is, is Fnbook a platform or a publisher? If they are editing my posts, they are a publisher IMHO and therefore liable for all they allow on their site. Wouldn’t it be awesome to see the courts stand up and say so?