Wild and Crazy Speculation? Not Mine!

Again from 90 Miles from Tyranny…

WEF Insider: Imminent ‘False Flag’ Cyber Attack Will Disrupt 2024 Election

In the words of  Ronald Reagan – “Here we go again.”

The question we should all be asking is is this more fear mongering or is it something we should prepare for and if so, how?

Consider past speculations along these lines:

Clinton will not give up the White House (Nobody predicted Hillary would try to take it with her)

Nobama would declare martial law rather than leave office.

Trump would declare marital law rather than leave office.

And so on and so forth. I don’t remember any such speculations about the Bushes but I wasn’t paying a lot of attention to them. By the time Ron Reagan left office, I’d shut my ears to the ongoing speculations about him. I quit that after watching Tip O’Neal declaring Reagan would gut/shut down/nuke Socialist Security. It was the one time I was hoping the old democrat fart was right.

So… this “false flag cyber attack”…. you do realize this isn’t the first time someone has warned of a cyber attack. These warnings range from one or more nukes exploding over the US to create an EMP to physical attacks on the electric grid to an actual “cyber” attack involving worms or viruses attacking key computer components controlling various aspects of our nation. Of the three, this last seems the most difficult to pull off because it would take some massive coordination to affect more than one system and a partial attack, like the ones experienced in recent years have amounted to little more than significant disruptions of our daily lives.

Possible? Yes. Probable? Meh. Okay so I’ll go so far as to admit something similar to past inconveniences could very well occur. I would not be surprised if two or more concurrent attacks took place.

If I were planning such shenanigans, I’d consider targeting the electric grids in some major rural areas on election day. Why? Because I’d want to cut off as many Trump votes as possible. Shutting down populous areas would return just the opposite. This is not to say the statists couldn’t work with that but then again, I’m not evil mastermind. Heck, I’m not even a mastermind.

Other possibilities is Virus X and a general shutdown of the nation by whatever means possible. As far as any desperate and uncaring statists are concerned, I would discount nothing, including the use of nuclear weapons other than for an EMP. Bombing just about any US target would likely cause more than enough disruption to bring our nation to a standstill. The only real downside is what could happen once we realize we would survive this too.

The Bottom Line

Make note but live your life. As with all the rest of the “disaster predictions” they will either happen or they won’t. Either way, you and I cannot stop them. Instead stay prepared as always. Other than the Covid scam, I’ve endured blackouts due to storms, massive snowstorms (the worst two in March!), and various other issues. I’m sure you’ve weathered much the same. Sure, things would be different if the SHTF for an extended period of time but who’s to say those who’ve bunkered themselves against such a possibility will be any better off? For me, I’ve been down similar roads only to find my map is outdated and/or useless. While I’m not foolish enough to live on the edge of uncertainty, neither will I rush to the other extreme and cocoon myself. My trust is in God Almighty, not men, not horses (Proverbs 21:31), not storehouses full of goods.