Fly BidenAir

This from 90 Miles:

Before we get all upset at poor Slo Mo Joe just remember – he’s clueless. Biden is obviously an animatronics experiment gone very, very wrong.

Remember Cujo? Same idea, different execution.

Speaking of “bad dogs” – is anyone else wondering howcome Biden keeps getting these vicious dogs? Is it like an abused woman who keeps making bad choices? Or is there something more sinister going on here – such as whoever is hand-picking these pets? We may never know.

Finally there’s this meme:

Let be go on record right now. I take strong exception to the implications here. As far as I’m concerned, Walter is and always has been smarter and more likeable than Slo Mo Joe ever was. Never mind what “brains” Walter sports are made of wood or paper mache or something. I must say the physical resemblance is remarkable indeed.