Mix N Match News For March 7, 2024

Perusing the internet this AM, I came across several thought provoking stories and memes

First up:

I missed the news story on this but after a search I found a couple including this one in The Gateway Pundit.  How did I miss this. The meme suggests we call our congresscritters. May you have better success with this than I’ve had. While there are several things I like about Bob Good – his office has ignored my earlier messages and he has done little for these political prisoners other than agree with my angst when we talked face to face. Then there’s my Virginia “representatives” in the US Senate. Warner is MIA and Tim “Odie” Kaine only hears the voice of his Masters – whoever they may be. He does not answer to us citizens.

Contrast these fools with NC’s Lt. Governor and now candidate for Governor Mark Robinson.  On my very, very short list of politicians I would like to meet – Mark Robinson is at the top. This is only because I’ve heard him speak on our 2A rights and I am drawn to his passion and his conviction. In the story linked here, you’ll find the details about him winning the NC primary for the Governor’s race. Oh, and the other thing I really like about him? He’s a citizen, NOT a “politician”. I hope he continues on  that path.

Here we have a story in the Epoch-times about Attorney General Garland’s speech at a church in Selma, AL on Sunday. According to the headline, he says voter ID laws are unnecessary. My question to him is – who asked you? Besides that I not only disagree entirely with this premise but I question his ability to do his job, or any government work at all, seeing as he as so little common sense, much less his lack of understanding of, okay, I’ll say it, just about everything pertaining to legal issues. I almost think I could kick his ass in any legal debate without ever cracking a law book. Goodness I hope I am wrong, very wrong about that!

A mostly unrelated meme:

I can’t help wondering whether these votes would be counted at all or if the “republican” envelopes will simply be trashed and the “democrat” envelopes automatically be added to the “d” column.

There there’s Fani Willis and the testimony about her visiting the Biden White House and Meeting Kamala Harris prior to Trump’s RICO indictment. Wait? What?!! For those of you clueless statists scouring this blog for ways to make trouble, RICO is the the law used to break up organized crime. One could thus conclude that the act of two unrelated elected officials collaborating to illegally prosecute a US citizen is, in itself, a violation of RICO statutes. How ironic.

An now for a message from our meme gallery:

Sorry to say, some actors in Virginia have joined in on this nonsense. Now that SCOTUS has ruled 9-0 stating unequivocally states can NOT interfere with the citizens right to choose (my own words – I really don’t know what, exactly, SCOTUS ruled) will these fools respect this?

Here’s one I’m tossing in at the last minute just because it is interesting.

Burma’s Rebels’ Homemade Weapons vs. Modern Military

Do note I’m not advocating anything but I tend to take interest in these “David vs  Goliath” stories. This very much parallels the biblical account in several ways. First – David was just a lad who was dwarfed by the giant champion. Second – David defeated the well armored battle-hardened warrior equipped with all the latest weapons of war with a simple slingshot.

In David’s case, his ace in the hole was he had God Almighty on his side and as such it wasn’t really a fair fight for Goliath.

Finally, a meme that tugs at my own heartstrings