Can it be 1984 All Over Again?

I’m talking about reality, not the book. What happened in 1984?

Ronald Reagan won EVERY state except Minnesota – his opponent’s home state. He also lost D.C. – no surprise there.

The question is… can we do it again? Can Donald J. Trump win EVERY state except Delaware? I believe we can… but HOW?

Let’s start with the principle of “each one win one”. I call it a “biblical principle” because I learned it from one Christian group or another. Bluntly put, I cannot cite any particular scripture so let’s not go there. Still, as a principle it has a nice ring to it and it has exciting potential.

Each One Win One.

Now I’m talking NEW voters here and you know what? This would work, even in D.C..  That said, some of these states are a bit daunting.

Let’s take California for example: (I’ll round for convenience sake)

In 202o 11 million voted for Biden while only 6 million voted for Trump. Ouch. Fact is there are 17 million citizens who DID NOT VOTE. The numbers are there but… nearly every Trump voter would have to win one of these non-voters in order to reverse the 2020 results.

This is assuming every Biden voter is fool enough to vote for him again. It also does not account for all the voters who left the state. Of course, “each one win one” would never, EVER happen anyway. It is silly to assume every one who voted for Trump in 2020 would recruit a new voter. All I’m saying is it IS possible.

Nobody expected Trump to win in 2016. That election blindsided just about everybody. Let’s do it again. Let me ask you…


Really? Are you actually ready to let apathy hand this nation over to the globalists? Don’t be that quitter.  Win one for the Gipper. Hell, win one for all of us! We can do this. YOU can do this.

If you can spare a few bucks, why not check out my “Vote Like a Boss” selection for your state? Pick out something that suits how you live. Do you carry a water bottle when you are out and about? Grab a sports bottle. Work in a big office? How about a coffee mug? Are you active or plan to be active in a voter registration drive? How about a poster or some stickers?

Use your imagination. You can be bold and wear a T-shirt or more ninja-like and put a few stickers in strategic spots. Just ask yourself – would you spend a few dollars to register a new voter? Any “Vote Like a Boss” item can help register an unlimited number of voters. All they need to do is scan the QR code and register online. It’s that easy. There’s no waiting. No forms to carry around. Nothing to “mail in”.

Of course you can do any or all of this without buying much of anything. Do what I did and generate a QR code linking to your state’s online voter registration page. Print it off on a computer, put it in a graphic and post it online, whatever. You can even make your own T-shirts or anything else that grabs you.

The key is to do something. I don’t care whether you use my stuff or not. What I care about is our nation and our future. As for me, I’m going all out. What about you?

Here’s that link again “Vote Like a Boss“. Why not check it out?