Virginia Second Amendment Sanctuary Movement

As of this last official count posted at there are 18 counties passing or about to pass resolutions declaring their county a Second Amendment Sanctuary county. I am told my own county of Lunenburg will vote on a resolution at the next board meeting. I would be surprised if it did not pass.

What does this do? First and foremost it is a statement supporting liberty. It is truly ground roots as these have strong support at the county level. This brings the issue of Liberty home!

I’ve seen a movement such as this once before. You’ll find more details in “The Case Against Donald J Trump” post. Then is was one county against the state. The county won. We, the people, won. It was not easy and there were several battles during the conflict. This time we are several counties strong. We can prevail.

I am convinced God is with us on this. It is He who granted our rights. It is He who oversaw the state constitution as well as the Constitution for the United States. The controllers do only defy us as citizens – they defy God.

God bless,