The Last Straw – Our Final Line of Defense

All Eyes are on Virginia – first Richmond, then Virginia’s flyover country. Euphorically it resembles a tennis match. I’ve described the battle we face here and in our nation as a spiritual battle, ultimately between the God and Father of our Lord and Savior Jesus the Messiah and the god of this world. Indeed it is. Things look different here on ground level. Putting the spiritual aside… this is what I see.

Unless you are blind or purposely averting your eyes, it should be obvious this nation’s governments have morphed into power-hungry tyrants. In other words 1984 has arrived with a vengeance. On both state and federal level, and often on local levels, they rule with iron fists – stealing our liberty for any purpose whatsoever. Adding insult to injury they force us to pay for the “privilege”. This alone should be enough for us but it is not for the controllers.

Next they add regulatory agencies, allowing them to further strip us of our liberties with little oversight and no constitutional authority. Stories abound about rogue agents making up “rules” on a whim and then changing them in the next round – sometimes just days later. If said rules actually exist, they are subject to the interpretation of whoever claims “authority”. Even this is not the end of the power lust.

Bring on the enforcers. These take on many forms from uniformed police to men in black. Don’t get me wrong, I have mixed feelings about law enforcement. Many do indeed “protect and serve” and do so honorably. However examples abound on every level how police power is abused. Citizens are harassed, even jailed and/or subjected to secret courts. Homes are raided, dogs and citizens shot, property seized or outright stolen. Protest if you will, these incidents are neither isolated nor rare. Of course there is always the justice system… right?

Not so fast… justice? For the most part, justice belongs to those who can afford it. Even then much depends on who you are. Ask Roger Stone or Martha Stewart. Considering the bigger picture there is a reason judges are often described as black-robed thugs. Time and time again they rule against the people. Many courts will go so far as to threaten anyone who speaks of jury nullification with imprisonment. On an empirical level it is easy to see our “justice system” consistently expands government rather than enforce constitutional limitations.

What about elections? I mean, we voted these cretins in, we can vote them out… right? Can we? Recently, Judicial Watch, a strong citizens advocate, charged several states, including Virginia with allowing millions – yes millions – of votes by ineligible “voters”. We’ve all known for decades one of the Democrats’ most notorious constituencies is deceased “voters”. Add to this the fact that citizens have little, if any, say in who runs for office – such things are determined by political bosses, and we must face the reality: we citizens actually have little, if any, control over who “represents” us. How many times have you tried to decide between the lessor of two evils?

The only conclusion I can reach when considering all of these factors is tyranny has won… or at least they have us citizens on the ropes. The only thing left is to strip us of our means of physical self defense. While the controllers have made significant gains in many states, NY, NJ and CA among them, Virginia is seen as a pivotal point. Our commonwealth may very well be the last line of defense – not for our Second Amendment guarantees but for our very status as citizens rather than subjects.

Already the controllers usurped control over nearly every facet of our lives. As I and others repeatedly point out – there is no such thing as a limited government in our nation today. All of our constitutional guarantees of our God-given rights and freedoms have been soundly trashed for decades now. The phrase “it’s a free country isn’t it?” is a total joke. We are subjects, if not slaves in every sense of the word with the exception of no one person holds title to our personage. Even much of our property is subject to periodic payments for the privilege of “owning” it.

If the controllers exert this much power over us when we are armed to the teeth, how bold will they be once they can burst into our homes with no fear of anyone shooting back? Who or what will stop them then? Many suggest the end result will be the act of herding undesirables into cattle cars. Is this really unthinkable? Is mass murder of deplorables beyond comprehension? It has already been proposed. The only thing stopping some is our ability to defend ourselves.

While I can see the importance of current events, I contend we must look beyond this. We must first realize it is unlikely the controllers will back down now. Their dream is within their grasp. While they may put on the skids enough to slow down their ambitions, no concessions will satisfy their lusts. I am just as sure some see the current situation in Richmond as a window of opportunity. It could and should be gone by the next election cycle. What would you do in a case like this?

Either way, we must face certain facts. Second Amendment issues are only part of the picture. As stated in the title it is the final line of defense – the last straw. We need to unload the camel. It is not enough to win on our God-given right to keep and bear arms. Beating back the controlling hoards is a temporary solution at best. We need to stand up as citizens and reclaim the commonwealth and our nation – all of it. We need to insist in a return to a constitutionally limited government. This will not be easy. Just as one cannot lose weight gained over years in a week, we cannot trim government down to constitutional levels overnight, but the longer we wait, the harder the task will be.

God bless,


1984… On Steroids – You Are Being Watched

First my apologies for not posting more often lately. I’ve been working on an exciting project I hope to bring out soon. Actually, one project turned into two but the latter will take more time. Meanwhile, I’ve had little time to write.

Below is a short article on “surveillance capitalism”. The secondary title is even more interesting… “exploiting behavioral data”. I don’t know about you but I more and more personally experience this sort of thing. I search on something, click on something or buy something and I am followed for days and weeks with matching advertising. Some say they’ve had similar experiences in meat space with no online correlation until they’ve purchased something. In other words, you happen to be at a store, buy a candy bar and you are later inundated with candy ads even though it is the only sweet treat you’ve bought in years. Note, this example is not one I’ve ever seen specifically but you get the idea. It gets worse…

By now, if you do not know, our “benevolent betters”, those who work in government – especially those who are paid by us via tax dollars to spy on us, collect massive amounts of data of every kind on us. Personally, I expect any transaction I’ve made in the past several years, every web search, every phone call, email, text or any other message or exchange to be sitting in one or more data files somewhere. Maybe these are cataloged and maybe not. Am I paranoid? I don’t think so. If I am wrong, I am wrong and that would be a good thing. Nor do I spend much time thinking about it. Other than writing a few words now and then, there is really nothing I can do about it at this point so why wring my hands with worry?

That said, there is no reason to file this piece of speculation in my own personal database for future reference. The reason I bring this up is to shine a light in this dark corner for all to see.

Once again, we all need to hold our rogue employees accountable. Given the opportunity, I will do just that. It may not get me anywhere yet but it all adds up to making my own case to return our nation to a limited government that better serves those of us who pay dearly for it.

And now… the article:


What to Expect in Virginia – Sam Culper

In the previous post, I linked to Sam’s Article in The Forward Observer. His insight is solid enough to give his article a post of its own. Please note, any, ANY speculation of future events is likely to be wrong – at least in detail. This doesn’t mean one cannot extrapolate trends to see where they might lead but only a true Godly prophet can prophesy and their standard is 100% accuracy.

So here it is:


Eyes on Virginia 2020 – Here’s what to expect

The UN Hiring Gun Confiscation Specialists?

The UN is Hiring! Specifically the posting is for a “DISARMAMENT, DEMOBILIZATION AND REINTEGRATION OFFICER

The article is from Daisy Luther of The Organic Prepper – h/t Zerohedge. She includes the actual wording of the UN Job post, just in case this gets “lost”.

Of course she asks if someone is preparing for action in Virginia. Note, I already posted “Wild and Crazy” speculation of just such an idea and essentially laughed it off. Sam Culper of The Forward Observer reviewed some recent news, including the same UN report I saw and called it “Beyond Fake News”. Before this UN posting, I would have agreed. Now I’m beginning to wonder.

Daisy generally posts good stuff. My take on her is she’s got a good head on her shoulders and is not prone to going off the wall.

Here is Daisy.

The UN Is Hiring English-Speaking DISARMAMENT OFFICERS in New York

Here again is a direct link to the UN post:

Proof: The Controller’s Propaganda is Working

From Zerohedge comes an article from Gallup Poll researcher Justin McCarthy.

Overall it is not surprising but it should still alarm. The gist of this is the controller’s stranglehold on media outlets is proving effective. They are turning the tide of public opinion against common sense.

One insight of particular note is how reports of “gun violence” ramps up the public’s desire for more gun control. We all know this but is it sinking in?

This is one reason I focus on liberty and a return to a limited government not just 2a guarantees. Even liberals I talk to who have “nothing against guns” support efforts to strip our liberties because they fail to see where the bottom of this slippery slope. We know.

Here is the article:

May Your New Year Be Interesting…

Yeah, well, so shoot me with a fully-automatic single shot nerf gun… before it’s illegal here in VA, I tend towards non-traditionalism. If memory serves correct, the subject here could be a rephrase of an old Chinese curse… “May you lead an interesting life.” Why is this a curse? Apparently “interesting” is or was considered the antithesis of “peace and tranquility” – the desired standard for a good life.

Well, I’m not so much as invoking a “curse” as much as I am suggesting how I see the current trend going. Lot’s of things going on both here at and elsewhere. One only has to look at some news headlines to ascertain this so I’m not making any psycho, er, psychic predictions here.

I don’t plan on posting much today as I have other things needing attention so I’ll leave you with this: