Proof Politics Is Evil

This is a tough one. It was tough in the last presidential election cycle and it is tough now. Once again, it is about Bernie Sanders.

For those of you who slept through the last election and maybe still sleeping… “The Burn” as his fans call him is so far left – as in communist to the extreme – even the Democrats hold his at arm’s length. From my perspective, this is not because they disagree with Bernie but because they don’t want their public to think they agree with him.

I’m not at all sure I get this, but I’m no political analyst. I just watch and think. The I extrapolate. My greatest epiphanies seem to come when I pray. In any case, I’m trying to logic this one out.

We all know the Burn is so far left he’ll almost touch the right side if he reaches out. Stalin would look conservative next to him. Well, okay, maybe not but it is a tough call for me. Either way if Bernie Sanders isn’t the Poster Child for the Communist, ur, Socialist cause who is? Okay, I’ll give you the Cortez factor but, really, she is just learning the basics of the dialectic. The Burn has this stuff down pat. Not that the refrain is all that hard to learn. After all – “more government” is the communist answer to everything. This is exactly why I think Burnie Baby should be the darling of the Democratic party. More government is exactly their answer to everything. But he is not their darling. Why?

One consideration may be the Dems do not want to make the Virginia faux pas – they dumped all us Pepes into that boiling pot and got themselves surrounded by frogs.

Side note: apparently someone has actually tested the “boiling frog theory”. The result? They found even a frog has enough sense to get the heck out when things gets too hot!

I think deep down the controllers know they can only go so far at once. There is another idea – this one is actually proven to work on capturing live feral hogs. In case you don’t know – hogs are very smart animals and not easy to fool. The trick use is to feed them while gradually building a pen around their food source. The hogs learn to ignore the gradual entrapment as they focus on easy eats. Then they find themselves penned with no way out. It works on the hogs and this same principle is working on us, but the controllers surely know they can’t rush things. If they didn’t we Virginians may have given them some pause for thought.

Do not get me wrong – it is not over here in Virginia. The controllers seem determined to move ahead with their plans to turn the commonwealth into a model for control. We will all have to wait to see whether they ease back on the throttle or push it to full speed ahead. They’ve been warned – the latter will not bode well. For us, this may well be the trumpet call we need to finally take a stand.

Back to the national scene and The Burn – the latest news suggests the Democratic party bosses will once again try to deprive Sanders of the nomination by whatever means necessary – just as they did in 2016. Back then I saw numerous polls that predicted B S would win even against the Donald. And yet the bosses were determined to plug HRC. As far as I’m concerned they failed to plug the right spot, but they wanted her in office for whatever reason.

Now they are at it again. Do they not see they do not have a truly viable prospect right now? Are they that blind? Yes, the opposition against Trump is vile and vocal but are they enough to stop him? For whatever reason they do not want Sanders and this is the point of this essay.

It does not matter what the voters want. All that matters is what the controllers want. For all I know they want Trump to win in 2020. I do not care. It is all politics and politics is an inherently evil lust for power. Power is the ONLY thing politicians care about. One could say they care about position, wealth and notoriety but power, pure political power encompasses all of this. They can have all of the other things but without power they are just another also-ran. If you don’t believe me, look at Hillary Clinton.

She was the First Lady and then rose to Secretary of State – position. She has more money than she can ever spend. Few people do not recognize her name. What is missing? The power of the Presidency of the United States – control of the Empire. Even now the fact she missed this brass ring eats at her. She almost had the power. She did everything, stopped at nothing to get it… and was denied.

You will never convince me she or any other of her power-hungry cohorts only want to serve the citizens of this nation. We all know those of us she considers “deplorable” are beneath her and well should be. What could well shock her admirers is the revelation she cares no more for them than for us. Personally I take her disdain with honor. I would cringe at her favor. My tendency would be to run from her presence… screaming. In my heart and mind, this woman embodies the evil of politics.

Bernie is no better. He may well be worse. None of this matters. The entire world of politics is a seething cesspool of corruption. This latest story is just another example. All of this has been going on for a very long time. If you don’t believe me, pick up the movie “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington”. It was released in 1939. What you will see there appears almost innocent compared to today. I’ll say this again…

Politics is the problem – NOT the answer. The answer is within us, the citizens, The answer IS us! WE need to come together and rid ourselves of the controllers – all of them. They need to be replaced by men and women who will represent us citizens and who can and will be held accountable.

God bless,