Goodbye Mini Mike “Big Daddy” Bloomberg

Yes, it is confirmed Mini Mike “Big Daddy” Bloomberg dropped out of the Presidential race.

Well, I really hate to say this but I’m kinda gonna miss “Big Daddy”. Sure there was no love lost between us but, HEY!, the guy is fun to pick on… okay? If he wasn’t so filthy rich, I’d kinda feel sorry for him but, snarky as I am, I’m no bully and he apparently has a cauldron of armed security around him at all times. Too bad they can’t protect him from jibes like mine.

In any case, farewell Mini Mike! I’ve got a bunch of memes that will now never see the light of day on this blog. Never fear, dear readers. I cannot resist letting loose with a couple more. They are just too good to let slide!


Finally… so many of you glued to the TV will no longer feel the need to tear your eyes off the tube every 5 minutes.

And Now… Back to Our Regularly Scheduled Pandemic

Publishers Note: This was scheduled for February 7, 2021. I just noticed this post in the “scheduled posts” section only to find it “missed the schedule”. Never saw that before.  I was going to add a meme but I couldn’t find it and found SO MANY addressing this scamdemic, I decided to give it up and consider dedicating a running post or a category to scamdemic memes.

As the Riot Frenzy calms down, here comes the pandemic! Who would have guessed? Personally, I was tempted to put my money on an invasion from outer space. Well, Independence Day IS just around the corner so…

Of course the “experts”, that is everyone from talking media heads to that venerable scientific child genius Greta Somethingorother will surely decry “letting” people out of their cages, er, opening up society too soon as the culprit. After all, everybody KNOWS better – right? The controllers will want us to believe – hook, line and sinker – the pandemic is back because WE DIDN’T OBEY THEM!. Wrong.

What the new outbreak proves to me is the lockdowns, the masks, the social distancing – all of it doesn’t work. It cannot work because, just like their communism – regardless of the wrapper – cannot work. Neither works as both defy the same basic principle – these doomed concepts try to circumvent the nature of things. In other words, they go exactly against the perfect engineering of God Almighty. Bad mistake. BAD mistake!

Perfect engineering? But, but… people would DIE! Well… yes, yes they will. Guess what? People die anyway, every day without fail. Death is one of the surest facts of life. We all have a limited time on this earth. Such is actually part of the “Divine Design”. Deal with it. Even denying God will not save you. As for communism, one of the basic built-in faults is it tries to eliminate greed. Humans never have and never will be satisfied with “everybody gets the same”. This simply cannot work within the human mind.

Back to the pandemic epic…

Humans all have what is called an “immune system”. It works like this: a human is exposed to something. The immune system goes into action to defeat the invader. Yes, sometimes it doesn’t work and the human dies but, generally speaking, it works… all by itself. Even better, humans have minds and use these fantastic tools to help the immune system from time to time and increase the odds of survival – often dramatically. For you doubters out there look up the term “mortality rates”. Check the figures for the past few hundred years.

Guess what? Those of us paying attention know this virus is very, very treatable. Even better, with little or no treatment, it seems this virus is no worse than any given variation of a flu virus. So have we to fear?

In my book there is a greater danger lurking. It “hides” in plain sight. Actually the danger does not hide at all. The media shouts it from their lofty perches. The controllers trumpet their call. The danger is the very control the controllers are trying to grab with both hands. Fear is their greatest tool, followed by misdirection and slight of hand – smoke and mirrors if you will.

We need to plant our feet and stand firm as citizens. Deny their greedy grasping fingers as a parent would a child. Yes they will throw fits. They will shout and swear and stamp their feet. Withstand their tantrums. They have to learn the true meaning of “NO”!

God bless,


Once Is Not Enough

In December, I penned an open letter in support of a Second Amendment Sanctuary resolution up for a vote by the Lunenburg County Board of Supervisors. They did indeed pass said resolution and I commend them for this. Also deserving commendation is all of those citizens who showed up in support at that meeting. While it was a landmark event – I realize now it was not enough.

While many of us look at the events of the past few weeks in wonder and satisfaction, a dark cloud hangs over the commonwealth. Indeed, maps demonstrating the 2A sanctuary movement success are impressive when one considers what they represent. However subsequent events should serve as a dire warning. We are in no way on a certain path to reclaiming our liberty!

This past Friday, the Virginia Legislature voted to send several bills to the Governor for his signature. By the time you read this, chances are some, if not all will be signed into law. Some are deemed “good”, i.e. not harmful for gun owners. Others clearly rob citizens of our God-given rights in one way or another. For me, the most heinous of these is what is known as the “Red Flag” law. This law circumvents due process and God-given, constitutionally enumerated guarantees in several ways. In short, the controllers in Richmond are not only ignoring the will of the people but literally defying us.

Yes, the citizens of Virginia sent a strong message to the political creatures harbored in Richmond. The message was clear: “Do NOT pass unconstitutional gun laws”! The politicians puffed up. Some openly scoffed. They continued to threaten – some threats were even directed at the brave Sheriffs who took the strongest stand for liberty. In the end the controllers toned down their ambitious grab for control. In other words – they moved the bar back a few inches after moving it forward several feet. Against the stated will of the people of Virginia – they still seized more control.

I’ll say this again – our efforts – admirable as they were – were not enough. This should come as no surprise if you think about it. Consider how our commonwealth, our nation, has moved from the principles of liberty towards a police state. Some will contend we already live in a police state and their arguments are hard to counter. It is not just the current efforts to control us as citizens we should be paying attention to but the constant attack on our liberties by those who consider themselves our leaders instead of our representatives. What can we do about it? We can show up. We did it once. We need to do it again… and again and again. If we want to regain our liberty – restore our birthright – we need to become vigilant. To this end I urge all citizens to attend the next Board of Supervisors meeting – to make such attendance a habit. Do not stop there – if you live in a village or a town – show up there also. You need not “do” anything else at this point. You can if you want but all I am calling for is participation. The first goal should be to put our representatives on notice – we citizens are finished with the status quo. We will make our wishes known and we will hold you accountable.

To this end I also urge our representatives at the state and federal level to also attend local meetings. I understand Tommy Wright was at the 2A Lunenburg meeting at least. This is an excellent example of how a representative should act. Besides, he not only represents us in Richmond, he, too is a citizen.

The next Lunenburg BOS meeting will be at the Lunenburg Courthouse Mar 12 @ 6:00 pm – 7:00 pm

Charlotte County is a bit different: their next regular meeting will be March 9 1:30 pm Meetings of the Board are held in the Board Room of the County Administration Office, 250 LeGrande Avenue, Suite A, Charlotte Court House, Virginia, 23923.

However they are changing how they operate:

Beginning in February 2020, regular meetings of the Board will be held on the second Monday of each month. Regular meetings will alternate between afternoon and evening meetings. ”

Also they are holding a public hearing on the county budget on March 9, 2020 at 6:00 PM.

The Charlotte County Board makes it clear they “are committed” “to allowing” citizens to speak and have set forth their policy for such. As I have no say in Charlotte County matters, I’ll refrain from commenting.

In conclusion, our Second Amendment Sanctuary movement was a good start towards reclaiming our birthright and our liberty but it should only be viewed as a beginning. Not only has Richmond largely ignored us, likely in hopes we will go away now that we’ve had our say, but attacks on our rights and liberties continue at every level. Do we want to be able to defend ourselves? Do we want to put a stop to the endless government intrusions on our liberties and our very lives? Do we want to be able to worship God (or not) as we see fit? Do we wish exercise our right to free speech – even at public meetings held by our representatives? If so we need to step up and take back the power granted by God Almighty and secured by our forefathers. I’ll see some of you on March 12th.