Thank You Nancy Pelosi


It is well past time to show appreciation for the Democrat’s legislative, political and, dare I say, spiritual leader – the Speaker of the House of Representatives… Nancy Pelosi. From her efforts to push through the ACA, the Affordable Care Act or Obamacare (maybe it should have been called Pelosicare) in 2010 to her overseeing not one but two successful impeachment efforts of Donald J.Trump to her forging ahead with the January 6 House committee, we Americans owe her a deep and heartfelt debt of gratitude.

From my past posts you may wonder if I the above is tongue and cheek. Not at all. Have I experienced a new wokeness? A change of heart? No. Have I gone totally nuts? Well… that’s beside the point. The fact is I mean it and I mean it sincerely. You see…

What suddenly dawned on me was the true value of all Speaker Pelosi has accomplished. During her reign as Queen of the Democrats she has proven beyond any shadow of a doubt how totally inept her party is. The ACA was disastrous. Even after it was rendered somewhat benign, it continues to spew out toxic puss on our nation’s citizens. While she succeed in impeaching President Trump twice, her efforts only highlighted the desperation of her party to be seen as relevant. She failed. Miserably. In both cases, her impeachments turned out to be a freak show with her own prosecution supplying the freaks. It was worse than Geraldo’s opening of Al Capone’s vaults. It was more disappointing of Dallas’ dream season. There was no fizz in the can at all. None.

This brings us to Nancy’s January 6 committee debacle. It has now been over a year since this event. She still insists on calling it an “insurrection” even though no one has uncovered enough evidence to even charge anyone with insurrection. This from a Department of Justice that loves nothing more than to accuse now and scramble for evidence later, now matter how long an accused, though innocent until proven guilty in a court of law, rots in a jail cell – often in inhumane conditions unstable for a rabid dog. Nobody with a sliver of conscience denies laws were broken that day. Unlike scores of prosecutors scattered across our nation, nobody is demanding anyone be released without significant bail or not prosecuted at all. We citizens, support, nay demand justice be served in all cases. Justice. Not persecution. There is a difference.

Yet Nancy Pelosi’s January 6 committee once again proves how inept she is as a speaker, possibly as a human being. As the lead representative for her party she is the poster child for what is wrong with the democrats. So, as a citizen who embraces our Constitutional Republic and our God-given freedoms enumerated by our founding document, I applaud Nancy Pelosi. We only need to open our eyes to see her “accomplishments”. Then we can understand how brilliantly she contrasts the principles of our nation.

Thank you Nancy Pelosi. You are a shining example of everything those of us who love freedom do not want in our representatives. If there ever was a silver-tongued serpent spewing out delicious sounding phrases entirely impregnated with deadly poison, it would look and sound exactly like you.

Note: this is the second of two parts of my examination of Nancy Pelosi and her reign as Queen of the Democrats. Stay tuned for more.