Did You Miss This? Biden Advocates Universal Minimum Tax

Maybe I’ve been living under a rock after all. The other day I listened to some of Joe Bobo’s ramblings. All of a sudden my ears perked up when he mumbled something about a Universal Minimum Tax. What the hell is that? My first thought was “This isn’t Bobo’s idea – his last best idea was to copy somebody else’s work and call it his own.” At least I was right on one thing… Joe Biden remains the world champion of unoriginal thoughts. Now about that Universal Minimum Tax.

First this from our own propaganda machine – VOANews.com – aka “The Voice of America”.

US Failure to Implement Global Minimum Tax Could Be Costly

135-country agreement

The global minimum tax is part of a larger international taxation framework developed under the auspices of the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development and the G-20 group of large economies

Okay, back up… what is this Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (or OECD)? As much as I hate to do this, I’ll use this from Wikipedia.

The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development is an intergovernmental organisation with 38 member countries, founded in 1961 to stimulate economic progress and world trade.

Like I was saying, I guess I’ve been living under a rock. This organization has been in existence for almost my entire life but this is the first I’ve heard of it. And now they want a 15% cut from all the corporations on the planet? Uhhhh, no. I have lots and lots of problems with this entire idea.

First and foremost… who died and made them the boss of me? More succinctly – by what authority do these bozos think they have any claim to anybody’s money? I don’t give a hoot about what “countries” agreed to this crap, it is far and above any Constitution authority in these United States so bug off buds.

But… you say, they only want to tax corporations. Big deal! Yes. It is a big deal. Let me count the ways.

Number one: corporations DO NOT pay taxes! Corporate taxes are taken from revenues. Revenues generated by sales to customers. Corporations do not pay taxes – their customers pay those taxes. That means you and I pay those taxes. It is a sneaky roundabout way of extracting more money from citizens’ pockets but that is what is is.

Number two (and this is a BIGGIE!): Guess how the IRS slithered their way into our pockets? Yep. Income tax was passed to ostensibly ONLY take a portion of profits from business ventures. At the time the politicians swore (on their sainted mothers’ graves if push came to shove, I’m sure) up and down the government would never, every take one thin time directly from citizens. How’s that working out for us?

It should be obvious to anyone with more than three functioning brain cells that this entire scheme is yet another way for the globalists to redistribute wealth. Of course they do all this in the name of “equality” and “compassion” but it will end up lining the pockets of politicians and their friends and handlers. At least, at first. Later on things will get worse, much worse. How? They will utilize the tried and true “carrot and stick” approach to get others to do anything the globalists desire. Here’s how it works.

Here in the US, they used this quite successfully to raise the legal drinking age nationally to 21. It was easy peasy. First the feds got the states hooked on federal highway funds. You should note that our Constitution in no way authorizes the federal government to extract money from citizens and redistribute this money to the states for any purpose. Of course, this has never stopped them before or since. So when some Grand Poobahs decided it was a good idea for all citizens of legal age but under age 21 to be prevented from drinking alcohol (yet another entirely unconstitutional precept) they made it known that unless states bowed to their decree, they would not get federal highway funds. So now a citizen who otherwise enjoys every other right imbued to citizens who have reached majority age, cannot legally obtain alcoholic beverages in any state in the union.

It is easy to see a grand plan here. Take money from citizens from around the world by stealth, using corporate profits as a shield, and use that cash to gain the cooperation of any nation they choose. While it doesn’t sound like much on the surface, this con game will amount to trillions of dollars and the OECD would fast become more powerful that the United Nations. Of course the potential for abuse is equally enormous.

The authority to tax has always been a function of government entities. This has long been acknowledged as the basic right of a government. It is an aberration really, for any government to concede such a right to a non-government entity. What are the implications? As I said above, the first implication is such an entity can use their redistribution abilities to bend nations to their will. How far can they take this? As with the drinking age example, up to and including demanding legislation, even if the proposed laws flies in the face of the law of the land. In short, I see this as a pathway to a one world government. Even more startling, it could be established with absolutely no official formulative documentation other than those similar to the obscure paperwork already in place.

It does not have to be the OECD or the UN or any entity currently in place. The camel’s nose is already under the tent. One could say that first camel has been joined by a herd of camels and they are all eyeing the tent. How far these schemes have advanced is not the issue. What we, as citizens of whatever nation we are, need to nix this idea. For my fellow US citizens, this is crucial. More than any other nation, we have the innate authority to veto this entire concept and veto it we must.

Our Government, Our Employees… Work So Very Hard for US – NOT!

Four articles today detailing some very disturbing revelations. Surprise, surprise, half of the articles below center around the DOJ.

This first article covers several seemingly unrelated stories of violence perpetuated upon a range of individuals from politicians to teenage citizens. Taken separately they are unsettling stories. Taken as a whole, a larger picture begins to form. Granted, it’s hard to say whether one could select any number of articles from a set period in history and postulate on theory or another. What I’m saying is it is not reasonable to come to any solid conclusions from the “evidence” provided. That said, whether there really is an increase in politically motivated violence or not, it only takes one instance to ruin a life. Do stay aware of your surroundings… always.

The Flood of Political Violence the Press Refuses to Cover

On the other hand, the things the DOJ are actually doing is a great cause for alarm. These two articles highlight my statement. I don’t care WHO is running this outfit, what really matters is whether they are following the law of the land. It is obvious to me, they are not.

Fascist Creep Factor for Biden’s DOJ Gets Worse Every Day

Yes, another article about the Mark Houck raid. This incident looks worse and worse as more and more details come to light. Malicious prosecution anyone?

Radical DOJ Lawyer Kristen Clarke Targeted Pro-Life Dad and Other Conservatives

Lastly, this is just one thing our government is doing with OUR TAXPAYER DOLLARS. It’s not the first time nor will it be the last our own money is being used to screw us over. Don’t be fooled, they’ve already spent billion$ of dollar$ to manipulate us citizens and they are doing exactly that in so many ways. As early as 2015, the codified permission for government agencies to subject US citizens to propaganda. (From The Atlantic of all publications.)

Here is a startling excerpt from the article below:

In theory, once scientists have created this detailed brain atlas in silico, they can directly alter neural function using digital devices. The director of the BRAIN Initiative, John Ngai, exhibits a troubling fixation on this method.

In a recent interview with Stat News, Ngai noted two concrete results of his current neuro-mapping efforts. One is an advanced brain-computer interface — implanted last year at the University of California, San Francisco — that allows for astounding thought-to-text communication. The other is a major breakthrough in deep brain stimulation at Baylor University, where electrodes are implanted to alter mood and behavior, relieving depression and obsessive-compulsive disorder

U.S. government is pouring billions of dollars into understanding genetics and the human brain — and how to manipulate those systems

The Ins and Outs of Local Politics

Bear with me, I’m still learning the ropes. No, this isn’t my first rodeo but it’s been a long time since I was active in local politics in any way. It’s been over 20 years actually, since I moved from my hometown. Even then my activity was sporadic. I attended meetings now and then on the village and county level, as well as a couple of meetings when the Congress critter deigned to show up. I also attended some Republican functions. My wife andIf you like your republlic you can keep it - Ben Franklin I distanced ourselves from the Young Republicans when the county chair showed up one night at our meeting and asked what we thought of our new President – Bob Dole. Yeah, it was that long ago. The problem we had was Dole was not the Republican candidate at the time because the primaries had not yet been held. We liked Steve Forbes. What we didn’t like was the idea we were being told who we were going vote for. If I were the county guy, I’d be asking who the YRs liked and why. You know?

So fast forward to our relocation to Virginia. Early on, I contacted the county Republican chair indicating my desire to become involved. Crickets. I’ve been to a couple of county board meetings and that’s about it. I have checked the BOS minutes a few times and I’ve tried now and then to figure out who my representative is and when s/he is up for (re)election. Last cycle I got my answer when a fellow running against him knocked on my door. Guess who got my vote. He didn’t win. Oddly enough, at that poll I came face to face with my rep. It wasn’t pretty. At the time I had a real problem with some recent action. There was a grant to bring some broadband to the county. They awarded the work to a company who proposed stringing lines in the two populated villages in the county. My issue was they already had broadband while the rest of the county was stuck with satellite. I was told he had no choice as it was a done deal when it came up for a vote. Needless to say, my intelligence was insulted if he expected me to believe his crap. No doubt he didn’t exactly lie but he also failed to mention there was a lot of behind the scenes action long before that vote came up. I wasn’t born yesterday.

Now about today, well okay, lets back up a day or two. In a previous I detailed on how I came across information on becoming an election official and a poll watcher. Now the fact is, I really don’t want to do either but I applied for both. Why? I’m putting my money where my mouth is. How can I advocate being involved and holding our representatives accountable unless I’m willing to do it myself? Now on that, I filled out the “interest form” for the election official gig. Then I tried to do the same as a poll watcher. The link didn’t work so I contacted them via email and got a decent enough response from someone there. She said she’d forward my info to the responsible parties. I have yet to hear from either one.

Now the poll watching should be going on now due to early voting that began on September 23. I doubt very much that anyone is watching those goings on. There might be a bit of leeway on the election official bit IF that form I filled out was what was required to be submitted before September 30. That is tomorrow as I write this. According to the Virginia Department of Elections, 15,000 volunteers are needed. They don’t say for what but that seems like a lot to me. Mind you, that’s not partisan volunteers, per se. They don’t work for any party organization or candidate but for the election commission itself. Granted I expect nearly of volunteers would carry some bias one way or another but all should be expected to do the right thing no matter what. Back to the point, if there is such a dire need for people then why ignore someone who raises their hand?

Well that’s a dangerous thing to do with me because I’m not one to sit around and play solitaire while I’m waiting for the phone to ring. So what I did was start looking around. One thing that always bothers me is the near total lack of useful information about something. My county is one of the worst I’ve seen in that respect. For example, the fellow who is supposed to represent me at the county level lists no contact information at all. Others provide an email address. Not this guy. And he’s the board chairman! At least now they all list their term. This guy comes up for re-election next year. I’ll do what I can to make sure this term is his last, if I have to run myself. Other than that, it’s not at all easy to figure out who represents who in this county. The only guide I found is the redistricting document. It lists each district and the boundaries. That’s it. It is a mess trying to find out. There is also a map put out by someone (Virginia Elect claims responsibility but I have no idea who they are.) but that map doesn’t include any names of the roads. Oi. I found a Virginia DOT map of the county and superimposed one upon the other. Then I enhanced it a bit by adding each supervisor with an arrow pointing to his district. Their terms and the email addresses of the supervisors who provided them were on at page so I kept them too. I also highlighted the boundaries.

Now I’m going to post this map where I can online. In addition, I got the idea to start a citizen’s group on Fnbook. If you don’t know this already, I really despise FnBook but I’d say most county citizens visit there so it is a reasonable place to start. Eventually, I’d like to find a permanent home that is not dependent on Big Tech. One possibility is to just fire up a website. The problem with that road is acceptance. As much as I dislike Fnbook, the platform is widely accepted and used. People don’t like to venture outside their comfort zone.

One of my goals is to make things easier for those who represent us. While I chide my BOS representative, I can sympathize with him also to an extent. I’ve talked with several individuals in similar situations. The fact is, being elected to office is declaring open season on your life. We will stop them in the street, call them at home, whatever. I get that. What bothers me more is they all seem to go to the extreme in the opposite direction and become almost totally inaccessible. There has to be a happy medium. Personally I’d prefer a forum-style format where reps can answer questions and receive input on issues. Town-hall style Zoom calls or something similar might be worth considering.

We citizens not only need to be heard but we need someplace to exchange ideas with each other and with those who represent us. It cannot be just at board meetings. Some boards are very heavy-handed when it comes to public input. Others, like ours, are more reasonable but a board meeting with a set agenda and an itch to get it over with is no place to hash out issues that come up without warning. Discussion sure, but I’ve been to too many meetings where some proposal or another is up for a vote and it’s obvious those voting have their minds made up. So much for a public “hearing”.

Today we citizens are facing unprecedented challenges to our sovereignty and this by the very people who are supposed to be working on our behalf. We’ve allowed them to turn our nation on it’s head. Consequently, we also have unprecedented opportunities before us. Never in our history have we been able to communicate with so many at lightning speed. Never before have we been able to quickly and efficiently publish our thoughts and ideas, to promote our passions, even to rally our fellow citizens to one action or another.

Consider this: any citizen can stand for any elected office. This has always been true in our nation but with today’s technology, a citizen can launch a write-in campaign (at the very least), publish one’s views and ideas, gather momentum and support and be voted in to any elected office. Can this actually happen? YES! In fact this did happen not too long ago here in Virginia.

A Virginia State representative from Culpeper, Nick Freitas, decided to run for Congress as a Republican. Due to a technicality, i.e. some paperwork that was deemed to be incorrect or incorrectly filed, I don’t know, he was not allowed to run. It was too late to run for his State seat for his party so he ran as a write-in. He won… big. In fact he got more votes than any write-in in Virginia history. Now I’ve seen Mr. Freitas speak on several occasions via video. He is an impressive man who has something to say and says it well. But the point here is winning via a write-in vote absolutely can be accomplished.

Personally, I’d like to see this be the standard rather than something that only happens occasionally. As far as I’m concerned, we do not need political parties at all. According to the “Open Secrets” website, 2022 federal midterm election spending on track to top $9.3 billion

Now the Federal Election Commission says… United States House and Senate candidates running in the 2022 election cycle reported raising a total of $2.4 billion and spending $1.8 billion between January 1, 2021 and June 30, 2022

Whose right? Darned if I know. Now I just did a quick calculation. And the combined salaries of ALL 535 members of Congress is slightly less than $100 Million. Who in their right minds spends $10 to earn $1? Well, it’s easy if your spending someone else’s money isn’t it? This is insane. It should not be so. I contend eliminating political parties would go a long way to fixing this problem.

Now what do I mean by “eliminating” political parties? I mean let them go the way of the Whig party. If enough people simply ignore them, unlike some relatives, they’ll just go away. If the write-in concept gained popularity, we would be free of the parties. Instead, individuals would have to make their case to get our vote and then they themselves would be held accountable.

It all starts here, now. Okay, so that’s more than a little presumptuous. Fact is, I’m only tossing my two-bits in here. I am not the first nor the last to express such ideas and for this I am grateful. More and more I’m seeing others advocate for those ideas I hold dear. Local control of government as a base for state and federal control is central to these ideas. Everything else is negotiable. Overall decentralization of government and ideas can be instrumental in reclaiming our nation. For those citizens who yearn for a Constitutionally limited government why not start right here?