Are We There Yet?

The first question I’d expect you to ask is… “Where is there?” For the sake of argument lets call “there” The point of no return.

For tickles and grins here’s a great song by Kansas by the same name:

Why ask this?

Let’s see just recently we’ve seen how a corrupt administration used a pile of three-letter agencies and “the law” to spy on American citizens including a president-elect.

We’ve seen sitting US Senators charged with profiting from insider information.

We’ve seen strong evidence of systemic abuse by former public officials while they are in positions of political power.

We’ve seen current public officials defy the Constitution of the United States and their own state constitutions by issuing all kinds of unconstitutional decrees.

Today, I saw an article vial detailing

EXCLUSIVE: Bill Gates Negotiated $100 Billion Contact Tracing Deal With Democratic Congressman Sponsor of Bill Six Months BEFORE Coronavirus Pandemic

This last bit especially makes me wonder… are we THERE yet? Will we, as a nation, bow down to the likes of  these controllers to allow them the power to follow us everywhere? To spy on us anywhere we go?

Even if this goes away… do you really think it means a “win” for liberty? It does not.

Long ago in my first sales job as a stockbroker – i.e. a glorified salesman for a stock of the month club – part of my job consisted of “qualifying” the prospect. In essence I had to find out how much money he had to invest. I naively asked:  “How much of this should I go for?”

My boss said “ALL of it!  Then settle for as much as you can get.”

At some point I realized how wrong this approach was, but that is beside the point. The point here is this is exactly the strategy of the controllers is… always. They set their sights on far more than they know they can get, then they “settle” for less. And they always come back for more!

Now… suppose we actually see some “huge uproar” concerning Bill Gates and company. Don’t count on it but just suppose… what do you think will happen? Yep. The controllers will “settle” for a lesser plan. Don’t worry they’ll be back for more and more and more.

My question to YOU is… are you ready to put a stop to this nonsense? The controllers have NO RIGHTS to our liberty. None. WE have FULL AUTHORITY under our constitution to govern ourselves. If WE do not like some law, rule or decree – we have EVERY RIGHT  to tell our representatives to back off – to either cease and desist entirely or find another way to achieve a goal we find worthy.

We have stewardship of this nation and thus WE have the RESPONSIBILITY to ensure our representatives and our public employees follow the law of the land – the Constitution. This means the citizens of this nation should be insisting those public employees bent on usurping power and authority they DO NOT HAVE be brought up on charges of treason. In my eyes their attempts are attempts to suborn the law of the land and institute their own version of government in place of the framework laid by our respective constitutions.

Their goal is obvious: replace our constitutional republic with their own lawless rule. If we do not act and act quickly we will pass the point of no return. I ask again…


God bless,


On the Road to Hell

In a moment I’ll link to an important read from John Whitehead at The Rutherford Institutite but first, my two-cents worth…

The old saying goes “The Road to hell is paved with good intentions.” When I look at what our “representatives” do day in and day out, I very much doubt this. Oh, they certainly pay lip service to “good intentions” but their real intent should be clear to anyone looking with a rational eye. They want power. Power is their end all and be all. With it they also gain wealth -OUR wealth. You need not take my word for it. Just look!

This pandemic throws back the curtain, revealing the true nature of those now in power. Witness their unbridled lust for power. In the article below John Whitehead details what is happening RIGHT NOW in the present.  These are not “conspiracy theories”. They are not visionary predictions. It is all going on right before your eyes. The question is what are YOU going to do about it?

The Slippery Slope to Despotism: Paved with Lockdowns, Raids and Forced Vaccinations

The only real power these despots have is what WE let them have. As citizens in this Constitutional Republic WE have the authority by right of birth. The controllers control. This is what they do. It is their nature. Their nature does not confer the authority to control any more than your natural tendency to procreate confers the authority to commit adultery. OUR authority, OUR birthright is a gift from Almighty God. With our birthright, we are endowed with stewardship of our nation. If we decline to step up and accept the responsibility inherent in our birthright – we will lose it all.

The ball is in your court.

God bless,


Speaking Up and Getting Canned

This from a tweet by KrisAnne Hall – Officer Greg Anderson – canned after stating he would uphold our Constitution. Whoever fired this man should be removed from office immediately!

Starvation Farm Economics

How do you put all of this into one picture? Does anyone get this now?

The problem is not the farmer…

The problem IS government!

First it was produce and milk. Now it is cows and pigs. The other story is rising food prices. Wait! What?

Does ANYONE remember basic economics? You know… supply and demand? Yeah that.

What does the LAW – and by this I mean a natural law not some idiotic words passed by some elected dolts – of SUPPLY AND DEMAND say?

As supply increases prices go DOWN

As demand increases prices go UP

Okay so we’ve got supply and we’ve got demand but food is rotting and people are hungry. What’s the problem? Let me spell it out for you:


In a free market – farmers are free to sell their goods. People are free to buy them. Those who buy them are free to use them and/or resell them at a profit.  A free market is not complicated. Adding government is like tossing a dump truck full of wrenches into the works and then adding molasses. For good measure they toss in few loads of sawdust, horseshit and just about anything else to gum up the works. Oh, yeah, and then the tax everything that moves ’cause they need some pocket money.

Am I being harsh? Not at all. I’m just trying to paint a picture here. Don’t get  me wrong – I do not “hate” government. To do so would be to hate myself as I live in a constitutional republic so “I” am essentially government. I admit it. I’ve been a bad steward. We all have. It is now time to get up of my can and roll up my sleeves. I need your help because I cannot do this alone, nor was I meant to. I am but one person. We ALL need to pitch in.

The first order of business as I see it is to tell our respective governments to back off. Cease and desist from enforcing idiotic laws preventing farmers and customers alike from doing what needs to be done.

This is a short term answer. The problems the farmers – all of us face – are not going to go away easily. Part of the problem is we’ve allowed government to favor large corporate farms – meat, milk and produce factories – if you will. They wanted their “children” to be just like them – oversized and centralized. We need to resolve to get away from all that.

None of this is going to be easy. Chances are we will suffer some – maybe a lot. But this suffering will be nothing compared to the coming disaster should we continue to allow government to continue to bolster and consolidate their power. The time is now. We need to act.

God bless,






Yeah Ralphie, the story is out and you are outed for the hypocrite you are. My own feelings are mixed really. Can I really blame you for refusing to adhere to an unconstitutional decree? I cannot, but what I CAN and WILL do is chide your sorry carcass for attempting to usurp authority you do not have – and then ignoring your own orders. In the words of the notable animated pundit – the venerable Bugs Bunny… “What a maroon!”

Get over yourself. You are an employee. Your legacy may well be “the man who destroyed the Commonwealth of Virginia.”


Had Enough YET?

Headlines in the news this morning include warnings about the “second wave” of the Wuhan Flu is expected to be worse than the first. (Fox) and another warning about an even deadlier mutation emerging.

Meanwhile… the controllers tighten their grip…

Ask yourself… where is all this going?

It is obvious to me from the controllers want us to believe they know best. After all they are in control… not us. They are our betters after all. WHO says? Why they do, of course!

Get this: they know nothing… IF that! Take the vaunted Dr. Anthony Fauci, we now know he was wrong – very, very wrong about his projections, as were so many top “experts”. Now we have more experts on every side of the argument all saying different things. It was Fauci who held back on the quinine-based treatment. He wanted more tests. How many people would die without any hope before “he” would be satisfied? Granted, while these medications showed promise and have been used for over 40 years, they are not without drawbacks. But if you could choose between taking a risk that could save your life and certain death… what would you choose? That’s the point – the choice should be yours not some ivory-tower egghead’s.

A few posts back I made a mistake in my own projections. I owned up to it but you know what? After I said I was wrong – and I was – the stats came out on several real “experts” in the field with expensive computerized knowledge and mountains of data. Guess what?  Their projections were far more inaccurate than mine. Granted, I only extrapolated a couple of weeks and, bluntly put, my methods were sloppy as  hell. Even so, my mistake was tiny compared to the ‘big boys’.

My point here is there are a few – a comparative handful really – people who are raping, pillaging and destroying our nation based on data and projections that may turn out to be… “Oh well, guess we were wrong on that one! Heh, heh.” Well screw that.

Now the democrats and other politicians – do not think for a minute party matters when power is at stake – want to corrupt our elections. Governor Ralphie Northam of Virginia has already pissed in that pool by suspending the need for voter ID.

This and every other despicable thing the controllers are doing has got to stop. WE CITIZENS have got to PUT a stop to it. Enough is enough. It is time to take up our God-given authority and reclaim our birthright.

God bless,





Politicians – The Bottom Line is… The Bottom Line

Good article reveals the underlying truth on who gets chosen to run for office and why. Spoiler: It’s the money, honey.

And here ya’ll thought those guys and gals cared about – what’s the word? – oh yeah “issues”. HA! Take special notice of the term the author uses to describe party controllers – he calls them “party professionals” and this is what they are. They are the “deep state” of the political parties. Their job is to please their masters. Who are their masters? Those folks with cash in hand. Like I said, for politicians the bottom line is  the bottom line.

Read it here:

Joe Biden in 2020 Duplicates Hillary Clinton in 2016

More Mini Mike – I Just Can’t Stop!

Okay so Mini Mike “Big Daddy” Bloomberg is gone for the this election season. I get that. He is not going to buy himself the presidency. The thing is, I doubt very much if Mikey is going to stick his tail between his legs and go hide under a rock. He’ll be back and he’ll be coming for our guns… and our sodas… and anything else “Big Daddy” thinks we shouldn’t have. Or he’ll back someone who will because he doesn’t have the guts to do any dirty deeds himself.

Anyway, it is just too much fun tweaking the twerp so here goes!

No More “Life Size Mini Mike” on TV!

Hey! Mikey Won One!

Maybe Two!?

I heard a rumor Hillary is O.U.T.



My personal favorite… this one ALMOST made me wanna vote for him just to see it happen!   NAH!

Okay, okay, Mini Mike “Bid Daddy” Bloomberg is gone goodbye!

Now it’s a showdown between the new improved Sunshine Boys…

Gropin Joe

And Bern, Baby… BERN!

May the best geriatric win!


Goodbye Mini Mike “Big Daddy” Bloomberg

Yes, it is confirmed Mini Mike “Big Daddy” Bloomberg dropped out of the Presidential race.

Well, I really hate to say this but I’m kinda gonna miss “Big Daddy”. Sure there was no love lost between us but, HEY!, the guy is fun to pick on… okay? If he wasn’t so filthy rich, I’d kinda feel sorry for him but, snarky as I am, I’m no bully and he apparently has a cauldron of armed security around him at all times. Too bad they can’t protect him from jibes like mine.

In any case, farewell Mini Mike! I’ve got a bunch of memes that will now never see the light of day on this blog. Never fear, dear readers. I cannot resist letting loose with a couple more. They are just too good to let slide!


Finally… so many of you glued to the TV will no longer feel the need to tear your eyes off the tube every 5 minutes.

Once Is Not Enough

In December, I penned an open letter in support of a Second Amendment Sanctuary resolution up for a vote by the Lunenburg County Board of Supervisors. They did indeed pass said resolution and I commend them for this. Also deserving commendation is all of those citizens who showed up in support at that meeting. While it was a landmark event – I realize now it was not enough.

While many of us look at the events of the past few weeks in wonder and satisfaction, a dark cloud hangs over the commonwealth. Indeed, maps demonstrating the 2A sanctuary movement success are impressive when one considers what they represent. However subsequent events should serve as a dire warning. We are in no way on a certain path to reclaiming our liberty!

This past Friday, the Virginia Legislature voted to send several bills to the Governor for his signature. By the time you read this, chances are some, if not all will be signed into law. Some are deemed “good”, i.e. not harmful for gun owners. Others clearly rob citizens of our God-given rights in one way or another. For me, the most heinous of these is what is known as the “Red Flag” law. This law circumvents due process and God-given, constitutionally enumerated guarantees in several ways. In short, the controllers in Richmond are not only ignoring the will of the people but literally defying us.

Yes, the citizens of Virginia sent a strong message to the political creatures harbored in Richmond. The message was clear: “Do NOT pass unconstitutional gun laws”! The politicians puffed up. Some openly scoffed. They continued to threaten – some threats were even directed at the brave Sheriffs who took the strongest stand for liberty. In the end the controllers toned down their ambitious grab for control. In other words – they moved the bar back a few inches after moving it forward several feet. Against the stated will of the people of Virginia – they still seized more control.

I’ll say this again – our efforts – admirable as they were – were not enough. This should come as no surprise if you think about it. Consider how our commonwealth, our nation, has moved from the principles of liberty towards a police state. Some will contend we already live in a police state and their arguments are hard to counter. It is not just the current efforts to control us as citizens we should be paying attention to but the constant attack on our liberties by those who consider themselves our leaders instead of our representatives. What can we do about it? We can show up. We did it once. We need to do it again… and again and again. If we want to regain our liberty – restore our birthright – we need to become vigilant. To this end I urge all citizens to attend the next Board of Supervisors meeting – to make such attendance a habit. Do not stop there – if you live in a village or a town – show up there also. You need not “do” anything else at this point. You can if you want but all I am calling for is participation. The first goal should be to put our representatives on notice – we citizens are finished with the status quo. We will make our wishes known and we will hold you accountable.

To this end I also urge our representatives at the state and federal level to also attend local meetings. I understand Tommy Wright was at the 2A Lunenburg meeting at least. This is an excellent example of how a representative should act. Besides, he not only represents us in Richmond, he, too is a citizen.

The next Lunenburg BOS meeting will be at the Lunenburg Courthouse Mar 12 @ 6:00 pm – 7:00 pm

Charlotte County is a bit different: their next regular meeting will be March 9 1:30 pm Meetings of the Board are held in the Board Room of the County Administration Office, 250 LeGrande Avenue, Suite A, Charlotte Court House, Virginia, 23923.

However they are changing how they operate:

Beginning in February 2020, regular meetings of the Board will be held on the second Monday of each month. Regular meetings will alternate between afternoon and evening meetings. ”

Also they are holding a public hearing on the county budget on March 9, 2020 at 6:00 PM.

The Charlotte County Board makes it clear they “are committed” “to allowing” citizens to speak and have set forth their policy for such. As I have no say in Charlotte County matters, I’ll refrain from commenting.

In conclusion, our Second Amendment Sanctuary movement was a good start towards reclaiming our birthright and our liberty but it should only be viewed as a beginning. Not only has Richmond largely ignored us, likely in hopes we will go away now that we’ve had our say, but attacks on our rights and liberties continue at every level. Do we want to be able to defend ourselves? Do we want to put a stop to the endless government intrusions on our liberties and our very lives? Do we want to be able to worship God (or not) as we see fit? Do we wish exercise our right to free speech – even at public meetings held by our representatives? If so we need to step up and take back the power granted by God Almighty and secured by our forefathers. I’ll see some of you on March 12th.

Tell Me Now – How This Is Not Treason?

Virginia’s House of Delgates and Senate passed more gun legislation. This is treasonous and should be dealt with as such. Treason? REALLY?! Yes. Really. Here is the definition of treason:


1) the crime of betraying one’s country, especially by attempting to kill the sovereign or overthrow the government.

2) the action of betraying someone or something

Gun laws – ALL gun laws IMHO – are strictly unconstitutional. As far as I am concerned there is NO wiggle room! How can I say this? I say it because I’ve read the Second Amendment to our constitution over and over again. For good measure I read Virginia’s Bill of Rights also. Both say the same thing: “shall not be infringed”. I’ve dealt with the word “infringed” before but here it is again:

infringe: act so as to limit or undermine (something); encroach on.

Thus ANY attempt to limit or undermine our right to keep and bear arms – any encroachment – violates both constitutions. Intentionally violating either constitution is an attempt to overthrow our constitutional republic. It also betrays the trust of the citizens they are charged to serve. Such is treason.

Am I going too far? No. Our governments, both Federal and State are, in every sense of the word governments of the people, by the people and for the people. Denying this reality is to admit the constitution is no longer the law of this land. Careful controllers! The constitution is the ONLY thing protecting you! No other law is recognized by the citizens of our nation. Denying the constitution is to invite either anarchy or dictatorship. You do not want to go down either road.

These attempts to disarm the law-abiding citizenry by force i.e. declaring non-compliance with their unlawful acts a felony subject to a loss of property, liberty and possibly life itself is a thinly veiled attempt to convert the citizens of this nation into subjects of the controlling elite. Already they disdain the masses. We are “deplorable”. We are “stupid”. Time and time again we are told to heed our “betters” in one way or another. For goodness sakes Michael “Big Daddy” Bloomberg tried to legislate soda pop out of existence because he didn’t think citizens should have it! He seems to think because he has more money than most of us, he is entitled to dictate any aspect of our lives as he so chooses. Oh, yeah, and he is one of the controllers most determined to disarm citizens. What does this tell you?

Overstepping the limits of our constitution is flat out treason… an attempt to undermine and/or overthrow the law of the land – pure and simple.

Are we a commonwealth of the people, by the people and for the people? If so the people have spoken loud and clear concerning our God-given right to keep and bear arms. We descended en masse upon our county seats to insist on passage of Second Amendment Sanctuary Resolutions. We drew the line. How has Richmond responded?

They are passing unconstitutional gun laws anyway. They are spitting in the faces of the citizens and in the face of God Almighty Himself! As these laws declare law-abiding citizens felons for non-compliance – such legislation is an act of war against the citizens of this commonwealth.

Per The Code of Virginian AND the Code of the United States – such is treasonous.

Code of Virginia

§ 18.2-481. Treason defined; how proved and punished.

Treason shall consist only in:

        1. Levying war against the Commonwealth;

Such treason, if proved by the testimony of two witnesses to the same overt act, or by confession in court, shall be punishable as a Class 2 felony.

Code 1950, § 18.1-418; 1960, c. 358; 1975, cc. 14, 15.

The overt act of treason is the passage of unconstitutional laws WE THE PEOPLE of THE COMMONWEALTH have expressly forbidden. Such action by us should never have been necessary. The law of the land is clear. Two witnesses? Millions are witnesses this public display of rebellion. Yes, it is the politicians in Richmond who are openly and brazenly rebelling against the absolute and declared will of the people AND against the constitution itself. This is a blatant act of treason!

Have I gone to far? NO! THEY have gone too far! The “Commonwealth” is NOT the state – the “Commonwealth”consists of the people residing within these borders here. WE are “The Commonwealth” and WE have spoken!

I and my fellow citizens have acted peaceably – lawfully partitioning our representatives – those elected, and by oath of affirmation sworn to uphold the constitution of this commonwealth and this nation. The response from the controllers? Give up your legally acquired property or face arrest and jail! Oh and we’ll just confiscate your property because we made it illegal you know. The Governor has even made motions to increase prison space to accommodate this new class of “felons”.

We are not felons. In fact, as a whole, we are among the most law-abiding citizens in the nation. Should Richmond proceed with these acts of war and follow through with enforcement of these unconstitutional laws – we will be prisoners of war.

So what is the answer?

I am calling upon the elected in Richmond to cease and desist all efforts to restrict our God-given, constitutionally guaranteed rights – especially our right to keep and bear arms. Do NOT go there. Should you insist, I will ask my fellow citizens to join me in seeking arrest and trial for each of you for treason.

Again, I am seeking a peaceful resolution to these issues. I am not alone. Thousands descended upon Richmond on January 20, 2020. Many citizens were armed as per their God-given legal right. Only one arrest was made and that from someone apparently protesting the rally itself. Every 2A Sanctuary vote jam-packed with citizens – many likely exercising their right to bear arms – was peaceful. As citizens, we have consistently advocated for the preservation and restoration of our God-given rights lawfully and peacefully. It is those who are supposedly representing us who foment armed conflict utilizing law enforcement paid for by our tax dollars. It is from their ranks we’ve even been threatened with action by the National Guard. How could such an action NOT be an act of war against peaceful citizens?

Should my pleas for a return to constitutional sanity be ignored; should those charged with enforcing the law of the land against treasonous acts look the other way, I see no other recourse than to invoke Section 3 of the Virginia Bill of Rights:

Section 3. Government instituted for common benefit.

That government is, or ought to be, instituted for the common benefit, protection, and security of the people, nation, or community; of all the various modes and forms of government, that is best which is capable of producing the greatest degree of happiness and safety, and is most effectually secured against the danger of maladministration; and, whenever any government shall be found inadequate or contrary to these purposes, a majority of the community hath an indubitable, inalienable, and indefeasible right to reform, alter, or abolish it, in such manner as shall be judged most conducive to the public weal.

That’s right. Read it for yourself. The remedy, severe as it is, is written in the Constitution of the Commonwealth of Virginia. We have the power. We have the right. As stated in the section above this right is “indubitable, inalienable, and indefeasible”. Once again, there is no wiggle room.

Now, Governor Ralphie and company… the ball is in your court. What are you gonna do?

God bless,


P. S. Here is a list of Virginia gun-related laws passed by the House and the Senate yesterday. Courtesy of the VCDL (Virginia Citizens Defense League)

Note not all of these are strictly “gun” laws nor are they all necessarily unconstitutional. In my mind the worst offender is the “Red Flag Law” as it dispenses with so many G0d-given rights – it is singularly abominable.

HB 9 – lost/stolen firearms must be reported in 48 hours – time to report increased from 24 to 48 hours.
SB 14 – bans possession of bump stocks.  Binary triggers, trigger cranks, etc. are not affected.
SB 35 – allows locates to create their own gun laws.  Restricted as to where localities can control guns:  government buildings, parks, recreation and community centers, permitted events and surrounding roads.
SB 173 – allows CHP holders to have a stun-weapon in their vehicle while on K-12 school grounds.
SB 240 – Red Flag law – additional protections for search warrants and wrongful accusations were added.
HB 264 – Eliminates online training and possibly NRA instructors – language eliminating training from NRA instructors was removed from final bill. Bill now only eliminates online training to get a CHP.
SB 268 – No sales tax on gun safes less than $1,500.
HB 421 – allows locates to create their own gun laws. Restricted as to where localities can control guns:  government buildings, parks, recreation and community centers, permitted events and surrounding roads.
HB 1004 – protective orders take away gun rights while in effect.
HB 1080 – only those authorized by state law can carry on K-12 grounds.  Conservators of the Peace cannot carry on school grounds under this bill.
HB 1083 – class 1 misdemeanor for younger than 14-years-old getting access to a loaded firearm in a reckless manner.  Only change to current law is raising the penalty from a Class 3 misdemeanor to a Class 1 misdemeanor.

War Is A Racket – General Smedley Butler

Previously I wrote about President Eisenhower’s final address to the nation where he warns about “The Military Industrial Complex”. He wasn’t alone, nor the first.

Two-time Medal of Honor winner General Smedley Butler wrote the book. Literally. It was called “War is a Racket”. His book, published in 1935, predated President Eisenhower’s revelation by more than 20 years.

Both were men of war. Both achieved high ranks in the US military. Both saw how the politicians have corrupted an honorable profession for personal gain.

This is one more reason we citizens need to reclaim our birthright and take back the reins of government. You can find General Butler’s book here:

The article leading to this post is here:

Tomgram: Danny Sjursen, Why No Retired Generals Oppose America’s Forever Wars


SuperMike “Daddy” Bloomberg Swoops in to Save the Democrats AND the Nation!

It’s like the best of both classic tv shows now starring Mikey “Daddy” Bloomberg as he transforms hisself into both Superman AND Daddy (Knows Best).Holy WOW POW! Batman ain’t got nothing on him!

SuperMike "Daddy" Bloomberg
SuperMike “Daddy” Bloomberg Swoops in to save the day! Where’s Mickey Mouse?

How does he do it? Money! He’s got money to burn and boy he’s setting the cash on fire with a blowtorch! This is nothing new to Daddy as he’s already blown up big bucks ’cause us little folk (HE things WE are little HA!) is too stoopid to have soda pops, firearms and probly pointy thingys even though he hasn’t got around to those yet. If you are like me – someone who rebels against Daddy and doesn’t wanna behave like Daddy says I should – don’t worry – it ain’t ’cause Daddy don’t like us. He’s kinda like Mikey – he hates everybody. Hey! Maybe Daddy IS Mikey! Uh, NAH!. THAT Mikey was a cute kid. Daddy is a lotta things  – maybe everythings but he weren’t never cute. I’m sure all his lady friends – and give him credit for that – he seems to have had a LOT of lady friends – will agree. His cash is cute, ’cause he’s got piles of it but Big Daddy Mikey? Not so much.

SuperMike "Daddy" Bloomberg

He also hates republicans – even though he once claimed to be one, women, babies and, oh yeah, farmers – let’s not forget farmers!

Why worry? Anybody can farm! Just let them try to find REAL work.

I don’t think he actually “hates” anyone. I think it’s more he just doesn’t respect anyone who is stoopider and poorer than he is, which, as it turns out is pretty much anyone who isn’t Mikey “Daddy” Boomberg. Huh.

Did I mention he likes guns? No really! He does! He just wants them all for himself that’s all. it’s like – THAT’S for ME! You can’t have any! Well, that and, like I said, he thinks thingys that go boom are too scary for us common folk. Why, if we all had guns we’d go around shooting everthin up and killin everone… right?

Shhhhh! I’m hunting wascally guns. heheheheheh.


Fact is the Democrats, theys fightin back. They ain’t got his money but they’ve got spunk.

Super Mikey Daddy Bloomberg gets sucker swatted by a mysterious foe

Anywhoo, if you came here looking for something serious, you won’t likely find it because I cannot be serious about this turd. Granted. I never thought The Donald was a serious contender and I am happy HE proved me wrong but Mikey “Daddy” Bloomberg is not in Trump’s league at all. Oh he’s got the money. Yeah, there’s that and he can tout hisself as a “bidnessman” like Trump but seriously – I’ve seen lots and lots of people in business who made lots and lots of money and they are still total idiots. I’ve often scratched my head about that. Go figure ’cause I never could.

All that said and done let’s get to the real reason for this post – the memes!

There are just sooooo many of them – and they are sooooo funny I just couldn’t resist dedicating a post to Mikey “Daddy” Bloomberg Memes.


Off-Guardian: The USA’s Doll House: A Vast Tapestry of Lies and Illusions

Stark and hard-hitting – this article pulls no punches. The toughest question asked: are we citizens complicit? Yes and no, I’d say. The controllers deceive us to. I spent most of my life living the lie. “This is a free country. America is great because it is good.” Deep down this is true but the controllers have corrupted our nation and corrupted us with it. They made one very serious error: They touted our freedom and our liberty while stealing it away. They fed us an ideal… an ideal I will never surrender. America IS great because America IS good! Let us reclaim our birthright!

Read the indictment below:

The USA’s Doll House: A Vast Tapestry of Lies and Illusions