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June 9:

Is It Too Late for Our Nation?

Are we headed for total collapse or worse?

June 7

White Supremacy, Insurrection, and Gun Violence

and the true weapons of war

Supreme Court Protests, War – So Much to Keep Up With!

My apologies to anyone stopping by during the past few days expecting to see something new. On a personal note, I’ve been writing articles to promote my book and disputing with an online publisher about it. I ended up pulling my articles from their site with the intention of publishing them on my own site At least there I have complete and total control (evil laugh). The downside is traffic is not nearly as substantial. The reasoning that won out, other than the principle that I was absolutely in line with their TOS and still they whined, was if I that extra traffic cannot be at least introduced to my book, what good does it do me? That and I’m a pigheaded jerk, to keep things clean.

In other news, I’m working on my garden. This is not a new thing but I am determined to expand on the success I had last year – my best year yet. The timing of things doesn’t hurt either. While I’ve been attempting to green up my thumb for years, the fearmongering as of late is certainly an added incentive.

Finally, the progeny is descending on the homestead this week and thus preparations are being made. This will be the first time in a couple of years so other things must take a back seat.

All that said, I feel compelled to at least agree with Tucker Carlson on one point – these recent protests and attacks on the Supreme Court justices as well as those on churches and pro-life organizations is indeed an attack on Christianity. It is as if Christ is once again being displayed by Pilate and the crowd is screaming “crucify him!”. Strangely enough, I wrote something just yesterday (yet unpublished) about the word “crucify”. Metaphorically, some say the word means to utterly destroy something. This rings true to me. Also yesterday, I concluded Carlson does not claim Christ. It is an observation rather than an accusation, as I noticed he always refers to Christians as “them” instead of “us”. It is a shame. Hopefully he will see the light.

On Twitter, I’ve had some revelations and some thoughts.

They released their earnings a week or so ago. They are bleeding money. So far it is a relatively small wound but they are not making a profit nonetheless.

As I purchased too late, I did not qualify for a dividend, had they actually turned a profit. Should I hold on to my stock AND they actually make a profit AND declare a dividend, I would then qualify. Then again, I’m didn’t buy the stock for the dividends. Even so, I DO expect them to be profitable as they are in business and not charity.

In the proxy info, I also learned I do not yet have a vote in the upcoming annual stockholder’s meeting. Again, I bought too late.

In addition I found out I have far less say than I thought I might. For instance one must own 1% of the company to recommend a board member. From what I was able to ascertain, it was a cursory glance so I need to verify this, I can band together with other stockholders so together, we can put up someone for the board, even if none of us has that magical 1%. Let’s run some numbers for the fun of it.  First…

Musk owns 73,486,938 shares of Twitter, which represents a 9.2% passive stake in the company, according to a Securities and Exchange Commission 13G filing released Monday. The stake is worth $2.89 billion, based Twitter’s closing price Friday April 4, 2022

source: cnbc (I know… right?)

Okay so the price fluctuates meaning any calculations depend on settling on a stable price. Thus let’s fudge a bit. There are about 764 million Twitter shares outstanding. So 1% would be  7,640,000 million shares. I have ten shares. so I’m about 7,639,990 shares short of 1%. Put another way, from the figures in the cnbc story, 10% was worth about oh, let’s say, $3 billion give or take. Ten percent of $3 billion is $300 million. Either way you look at it, I’m a few dollars short.

Now if Twitter stock dropped to a penny per share, it would still cost me $80,000 to buy my 1%. It would take some doing. I may or may not make that but why in the world would I sink that kind of money into Twitter at that point?

Long story short, ain’t no way I’m owning enough Twitter to have a real voice. I haven’t looked into other aspects yet but I’m pretty sure I could still be a thorn in the corporate side. Once again, my idea of a shareholder group looms large. My voice might still be tiny but at least I’d have a chance to be heard, as would anyone else. But there’s another rub.

I’d also have to own the stock for three years. Yup. Can they do that? I’d say they can. Granted, this could be challenged in court but chances are, only the lawyers would win that one. In a way, this obstacle actually makes some sense. Considering my lowly stock holdings would have to work to be a drop in the capital bucket, imagine thousands of us stockholders all making countless demands and such. Stretch that imagination to include the idea that anyone could buy a single share and immediately start making demands. Such may be the ruin of any business. So, I can see the point of it and I don’t necessarily disagree.

Considering all of the above, I’d say the larger lesson is such adventures require much planning and some serious scouting. Now I did not have to prove I was a stockholder to gain access to the above information. I’m reasonably certain this would be true in most, if not all cases concerning public corporations. Additionally, the sheer scale of any corporation raising money should be taken into context.

While I am not ready to abandon the ideas of influencing corporate policies from the shareholder perspective, the stark reality of such an attempt tends to be a bit daunting. To be sure, such a reality exists for our constitutional aspects as well.

WE the People are the massive obstacle the authoritarians must face in order to have their way. To an extent, their outlook is far darker as WE CITZENS are limited to a single vote each. Thus it becomes obvious why the controllers are so intent on stuffing our ranks with illegals and then giving them voting “rights”. They cannot tip the scales in their favor otherwise.

The point we should all take on this is none of us can do this by ourselves. We need each other. We need to stick together as citizens, sovereign or corporate, and stand strong in the face of those who would grind us down.



Was January 6 Deja Vu?

Yesterday I watched a film that made my jaw drop. It was based on a historical event that happened right here in the US of A. All I could think as I watched this movie was – January 6. Yet the events of this story occurred more than a century ago. There were some similarities in the circumstances of both events but for the most part they were very different. Only the reaction was, in some ways, a carbon copy of how our government is handling what occurred on that day.

The movie is The Conspirator. It is by no whiff of the imagination a “right wing propaganda piece”. In fact, in some other light, just the opposite is more likely to be inferred.

It is the story of Mary Surratt. She was a southern woman, a Confederate supporter who ran a boarding house in Washington D. C. when Lincoln was shot. She was implicated in the plot to assassinate the President, Vice-President Johnson and  Secretary of State Seward because her son, a friend of John Wilkes Booth and, allegedly a co-conspirator met at her boarding house to further their plans.  Here are some of the similarities I saw.

(spoiler alert!)






Mary Surratt was charged because of her proximity to some of the bad actors.

Little or no evidence was forthcoming.

The evidence that was presented was thin, at best, and possibly false.

She was held without bail until trial in a dank cell. Though I imagine it may be better accommodations than those of some J6 prisoners and she was likely treated better.

The prosecution stacked the deck against her. A civilian, she was tried by a military court rather than a jury of her peers in a civilian court.

She was going to be tried to appease those who abhorred the assassination.

While she was found guilty, her original sentence was life rather than hanging.

The powers that be demanded and got the death penalty for her.

A writ of habeas corpus was obtained, granting her a civilian trial. The writ was overruled by President Johnson, who had zero authority to do so.

Of course, this dark chapter in our history envelopes the worst moment of our nation. In fact, one could say, and yes, I do say it, if our constitution was followed, this nation as it stands today would not exist at all.

The Confederates were not “rebels”. These sovereign southern states did not attempt to “overthrow” the Union, they seceded – they opted out.  It was their absolute right. Now I am not going to debate their intentions or the merits or demerits of their contentions. What I will say is they had every right to act as they did, even if they were wrong.

The Union had already trashed the Constitution many times over. Thus the monkey trial of Mary Surratt pales by comparison. Yet the total disregard for her rights as a citizen and as a human being should glare as a festering sore on this nation’s history.

It is not the first, the only nor the last time the powers that illegitimately be, have trampled on the rights of us citizens – individually and as a group. Every instance is an affront to our sovereignty as citizens.

Someone once put forth an analogy concerning illicit sex that works here. He said illicit sex was like duct tape. Used once the very strong adhesive binds two together so it is very difficult to separate them. However once the tape is removed and applied to another and the bond becomes weaker. When repeated over and over again, eventually there is not enough adhesive to bond at all.

The same thing can be said for our rights as enumerated in the Constitution. Each time an amendment is “temporarily” lifted from our founding document it needs to be bound back in but each time the bond is weaker. At some point, a point we are dangerously close to, the bond will be too weak to stick at all.

Don’t take my word for it, watch The Conspirator for yourself. Compare that story with the plight of the J6 political prisoners. The details are different for sure but the substance – the stark obliteration of these citizens’ rights to appease a handful of political cockroaches, if not to deflect attention and shelter them from their own treasonous actions, is glaring.

So Twitter and Elon is a Done Deal – What Now?

It was announced yesterday after the market closed. The Twitter board accepted Elon’s deal. What was all that about? Last I knew, they were ready to swallow a poison pill. Might it have something to do with their fiduciary responsibility as I mentioned in a previous post? Funny thing is, I saw a clip from some fool at BSNBC talking about “fiduciary responsibility”. Either he had no clue what term meant or he was depending on the supposition his audience had no clue. Well, what do you expect from such people anyway?

So many people on the right are applauding Elon’s “win” while the left is bemoaning the total obliteration of “democracy”.  You know, that sort of democracy whereas the only correct words are those spoon-fed us from government authorities and their elite handlers. Bite me.

Even Tucker Carlson got in on the act, declaring Elon as the man of the hour, the only one brave enough to save us. All I could think of was “here we go again.” Look, I’m glad Elon took the initiative. I’m glad he forced Twitter’s hand. That said, I don’t think for a minute his was the best possible outcome. Why? Because Elon is one man. Mark Levin hit the nail on the head Sunday night.

In his monologue, Levin, broke down the common terms bandying about these days: America First, Nationalist, Populist, and so forth. While he did not expressly put it as I would, he finally got down to brass tacks. We are self-governing citizens in a Constitutional Republic. This is the basis for our nation and that basis necessarily forms a decentralized  government.

In this same sense, Elon Musk is essentially becoming the dictator of Twitter. HE owns (or will own) most of it – enough where what HE says goes. The outcome of such an arrangement depends on who is in charge. In Elon Musk’s case, I do believe he is sincere in his quest to free our nations tongues. Such is not the case at FnBook or other social media platforms. Does anyone see the problem here?

This is why I own Twitter and this is why I am loathe to give it up. It is not good enough for my voice to be heard on Twitter. I want my voice to be heard as one invested in the platform – someone with a dog in the fight.

It’s not too late but, as I’ve stated so many times, I am only one voice. It is weak. It has limitations. Alone me and my handful of shares are nothing. With others, with you, I am stronger. With us, we are mighty. This is why I’m asking you to pick up a few shares yourself, if you can afford it.

There are several brokers can facilitate your purchase. I use Webull. I chose them because they had the best offer at the time. At this writing they still do. I ended up with nearly $30 in free stocks for signing up and funding my account. Others could end up with more or less (the least amount would be 5 stocks at $3 each). And of course those stocks could grow or shrink in value. Either way, instead of providing a link in the post, I put it in a widget at your right. Feel free to use Webull or someone else. What matters more is if Twitter is owned by a huge number of patriots instead of just one man. I’d like to see the company stay public in such a case. Otherwise it will be a privately held corporation.

What’s Next In My Devious Plan?

I promised in my last post so here it is. Mind you, this latest news is likely to change things and thwart my plans altogether.

First I’d planned on contacting shareholder services at Twitter and requesting any and all information I could get my hands on. Annual reports, bylaws and so forth.

Next, I thought I’d start a Twitter Shareholder’s site where we all could debate on the direction of the company and how we see things moving forward. It would also be a place where we could hold straw votes on issues. Put forth candidates for the board and such.

Beyond that, I had no plans other than see what trouble the bylaws would allow me to get into. You’d be surprised what can be done if one simply reads the rules. 🙂

However, as it appears I am yet again just one voice crying in the wilderness, I’m not seeing any great need to go forward. It appears Elon will complete his purchase. I may or may not sell my shares. Much depends on how I expect it all to play out. If I can remain a minority shareholder I might just keep my fingers in the pie. The worst that can happen is I lose a few hundred bucks.


Elon’s Latest Move – Go Your Own Way

Last I heard, this morning, Elon is establishing three holding companies and moving forward with his idea to buy Twitter outright. That’s the thing with public companies – one can do that. Once again, Elon Musk is ignoring my pleas for Plan C (for Citizen) and going his own way. Well, two can play at that game.

The fact is Elon… I don’t have to sell my shares to you. At least I don’t see how you can force me to do so. Even if you take Twitter private, you may well have to put up with me. I may not be alone.

It should be obvious, anyone with a few dollars can do what I’m doing. You need not be rich. (I’m not.) You need not even be a proponent of free speech. In fact, those who diametrically oppose my point of view can buy just as much stock as anyone else. I’m betting they won’t. Granted there those wealthy globalists who seem to want it all who are most likely to try and stop Elon and myself. Okay, those of us who advocate the idea of Twitter being a platform for free speech. I’ll be the first to admit, Elon has yet to return my calls. The problem is, how many of you are willing to put your money where your mouth is? (I’m betting most leftist, globalist, big-government lovers can’t stand  this site. Who’s left? The stalwart liberty-loving patriots and those with strong stomachs, but I digress.)

Granted, I can almost hear some mutter – “Yeah, yeah, what can I do? It won’t matter.” What you can do is suck it up and pick up a few shares of Twitter. The question is not whether you can but whether you have the will to follow through on your convictions. What conviction am I speaking of? The conviction that we, as Americans, have the basic God-given right to free speech. As of right now the CEO of Twitter, Parag Agrawal, is on record as opposing free speech on the platform.

Per the NY Post:

“In a 2018 interview, Agrawal said Twitter should “focus less on thinking about free speech, but thinking about how the times have changed.”

As a stockholder, I contend twitter should focus first and foremost on free speech. The organization is based on giving users a voice. My voice belongs to me and no one else. Just as I have no right to silence anyone else, including Mr. Agrawal, he and the other employees at Twitter has no right to silence anyone.

Mr. Agrawal, as a Twitter stockholder, I have this to say to you: if you desire to transform this company from a platform to a publisher, then please put your  plan in writing and present it. As CEO your obligation is to utilize the resources available to you to grow the company and produce a satisfactory profit. Focus on that. I see no need to waste time on reinventing the corporation. From what I’ve seen of you thus far, I am leaning towards calling to have you replaced.

Now I have said my peace. I am just one stockholder and my ownership of the company is miniscule. However, if just ONE person joins me, our voices grow louder. If 100 voices join in, they will ring out amongst a crowd. A million voices would be hard, if not impossible to be ignored.

So why not join me? Pick up some shares of Twitter for yourself. You can have your say too. While I can spout here all I want, I really can’t do this alone. My shares, your shares, heck Elon Musk’s near 10% shares cannot do this. It will take a hoard of patriots to make a difference but that’s how our constitutional republic and our free-market systems were designed to work! Our strength, our power is in our numbers. Never was it intended to concentrate power in the nation’s capitol. Never.

For those of you who do desire to take the leap, please consider using my broker referral link below. Not only will you get a great deal (like no commission trading and free stock), but you will also be helping to support this site and my efforts to promote liberty at no cost to you.

The broker I used is Webull and here is their current offer.

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In my next post, I’ll reveal my own devious plans on leverage my shares to effect real change. Will it work? Heck, I don’t know but I’m willing to give it a shot.

You Did WHAT? You Twits!

Okay so the excitement, such as it is, about my “big Twitter buy” has passed. As been my habit lately, my ears perk up when I hear news about Twitter or Elon Musk. This morning Fox reported Elon is setting up for a move within 10 days. Okay fine. He’s not telling me, his new partner anything about this. Apparently he doesn’t give a whit about my holdings. While I kinda unnerstand, I think he’s missing something extraordinary – the potential of his fellow citizens.

Look, I know my idea is a longshot. Hell that’s why I don’t gamble – I’d spend all my living on longshots. If I ever hit one, I’d spend my winnings looking for another one. It’s my nature. I get that. But I’m no Elon. (You are welcome, Mr. Musk.) Whereas I don’t stand a chance in snowball’s chance in hell of pulling something like that off, but I think Elon could do it, IF he was of a mind to do so. Then again, he might not because he understands his own limitations.

In any case, he’s raising the money to buy Twitter outright. If I understand correctly he won’t need my holdings to take it private. I mean, I don’t think he can force me to sell my shares. I’d end up a very minority shareholder and if the company is private, limited options to sell my shares. Still, the entertainment value of owning a sliver of Twitter might be worth holding on to.

So that’s Elon’s side. Also in the article is the first news I’ve heard of the Twitter board’s “poison pill”. From the article linked above:

The poison pill would give stockholders as of April 25 the right to buy one one-thousandth of a share of preferred stock for each common share they own, at a price of $210. The rights are triggered if any person or group of investors buys 15% or more of the company’s shares without board approval.

WHAT?! They must be using common core math or something because it makes NO sense to me. I paid $46.50 per share for my stake. So my ten shares would entitle me to 10/`1000 = 1/100 or 1% of ONE Preferred share of stock at a price of $2100? (10x $210 for those of you on the board) What kind of special idiots are you anyway? Even at $50 per share I could quadruple my stake and have change left over. So the preferred stock is also a voting stock. This is not all that usual as far as I know but big freakin deal. With the Twitt board’s plan I’d gain 1/100 of a vote. Buying another 40 shares gives me an additional 40 votes. Go back to grade school fools. That plan is almost as bad as Nobama sending blankets to aid Ukraine. No, it’s worse. At least the blankets have some usefulness.

Okay, so here’s my plan so far… I’m holding on to my shares for the foreseeable future. Sure I could make a decent profit percentage-wise if Elon’s current offer stands but I’d rather keep my piece. In the grand scheme of things, my tiny sliver is of no consequence to anyone. It may or may not be worth something in the future but I’m not concerned about that. I didn’t get into it for the money.

Now if anybody would like to join me, please consider using my broker via my referral link below. You would pick up a couple of free shares from the current promotion just for signing up and three more if you fund your account by any amount. That’s a minimum of $15 in your pocket by my calculation. I’d pick up some shares for referring you. Sweet.

The broker is Webull and here is their current offer.

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Hey Elon! I Just Bought Twitter – While Gardening

Seriously. Well, okay, I bough ten whole shares. Any regular readers (okay, READER – you know who you are.) knows I’ve been threatening to buy Twitter for a few days now. Today, I pulled that trigger – while working on my garden. Here’s what happened.

Last Wednesday I decided to open an account to buy some Twitter stock – this after my financial advisor hesitated. Granted, I’ve never called him up and told him I wanted to buy anything but he knows me well enough so he should understand I was serious and he also knew why I was buying. Still he seemed reluctant. Okay. Fine. I went another way. I’m glad I did actually. The account I opened was for the express purpose of buying one company – Twitter. That doesn’t mean I’m limited though. Already, I own other stock. No, I didn’t go on a spending spree – the broker I signed up with gave me stock as an incentive. Now look, it wasn’t much – two $3 stocks. Whooopdedo. I will give three more because I funded the account. Now they say this could all total up to $9600.  Key words – “up to”. I don’t think I’m going to get three stocks totaling $9594m buy hey, who knows? Right?

Besides the free stock, I added a bit more than I needed to buy the Twitter. It’s not burning a hole in my pocket so I’m in no hurry but I might just buy some more if I feel like playing. And with this whole poison pill deal the Twitts on the board passed, I might increase my Twitter holdings if it comes to that and proxy a free speech vote, Elon Musk or no Elon Musk.

Meanwhile this is the sort of money I used to recommend. (I was series 7 licensed once, fully qualified as a stockbroker.) “Don’t invest money you can’t afford to lose.” Well if this money all goes up in smoke, so be it. I bought the stock on principle not with any thoughts of riches and yachts. Good thing, I don’t like the water all that much anyway.

Okay, I’m transplanting some seedlings into bigger pots. I’m about three weeks away from planting outdoors. Dragon Cayenne Peppers, if you must know… and I’m watching the stock. I planned on buying it yesterday but it kept going up instead of down. It closed over $48. I thought it might go down a bit today (what goes up…), It did. Down, then up, like a roller coaster I was on a ride. Well it got towards the end of the day and it was heading down. Now I was pretty sure this stock would do one of two things: go up or go down. It was selling around $46.50 so I bought. It went down. to $46.16, so I didn’t hit the absolute low. But you know what? It could go down tomorrow too. And the next day. I don’t care. Like I said, it’s principle.

I did it all on my cell phone. That’s right. I watched the stock and then bought it from my cell phone while transplanting hot pepper plants. How cool is that? Heck, I don’t even LIKE smart phones but now and then they do come in handy.

Anyway, while I’m sure Elon and I will make a great team, my personal opinion is it would be a great help if other patriots interested in free speech would get in the game. Now just because I spent a little less than $500, that doesn’t meant anyone else has to. For about $50 someone could be one share or 100 for $5K. That’s not my call. Now here’s the thing:

The broker I used is Webull and here is their current offer.

LIMITED TIME OFFER: Get 5 FREE stocks valued up to $9,600 by opening & funding a #Webull brokerage account! Get started >

That’s not all. They have promotions that will put more stock in someone’s account for referring someone. The one above nets me 10 free stocks for each person I refer. I’m sure there’s a limit but I haven’t dug into the fine print. They do say each stock is valued between $3 and $3000.

For this offer you do need to set an app up on your cell phone but it’s easy to do and use. I doubt if many people out there are as adverse to using smart phones as I am so if I can do it, I’m sure anyone can.

Why not join Elon and me and let’s all buy Twitter? We’ll show ’em!

Move Over Elon Musk, I’m Buying Twitter

All right, all right! I’m no threat to Elon’s bid. I’m only buying ten shares but I AM buying Twitter! Per my last post, this is to support Elon’s efforts but also to make a point. WE the People should NOT be looking for another savior. (Jesus the  Messiah is my Lord and Savior, I need no other.)

Now, while I would love to see others follow suit and buy a few shares of Twitter – you only need to buy one share to become a shareholder – this probably won’t happen. Why? I hate to be this blunt but because most of my fellow  citizens are far too used to sitting in front of their monitors/cell phones whatever and whining. I have no doubt most anyone capable of reading this is also able to cough up the $50 more or less to buy a share of stock. As a matter of fact I’ll show you how you can do it without paying a nickel in commissions. (There are other fees and such that may apply, I don’t know, this is murky territory and it appears our beloved government has their sticky fingers all over our pockets – again.) It’s not hard. You can do it on a smart phone and, if you play your cards right, you might even end up a few dollars ahead, even after the greedmongers devour their “share”.

Now, let me be up front about this – the link I provide will be a referral link, meaning I stand to get a few shares of some unknown stocks by sending you to this broker. How many or what it is all worth, I don’t know. What I do know is you can do the same – grab a referral link after you sign up and send some folks to the broker too.

The broker is Webull and here is their current offer.

LIMITED TIME OFFER: Get 5 FREE stocks valued up to $9,600 by opening & funding a #Webull brokerage account! Get started >

It only took a few  minutes to set things up. It’s a lot like opening an online bank account so you’ll need all the standard information you’d need for that. You don’t need to fund the account to get your first two shares of stock but for the other three you do. But since you are buying Twitter stock, you’ll need to fund it anyway. Now, if you already deal with a major bank, your account will likely be verified immediately. I deal with a small local back so it took a day longer for them to deposit a few nickels into my account (more FREE money – YEAH!) and for me to tell them the amounts.

Long story short – for $100 out of pocket you can buy TWO shares of Twitter and be a bona-fide stockholder. Big deal… right? Actually, it is a bigger deal than you might think.

First, consider the poison pill scenario. The honchos at Twitter are considering invoking a strategy to stop Elon from buying the company. They’ve even said they’d rather crash the company then let him buy it. Whoa there Nelly! Wait just a gol darn minute. Just because YOU don’t like the idea, crashing the company, MY company (or my piece of it anyway) is an abdication of your fiduciary responsibility. In other words, they are legally, ethically and morally required to act in the best interests of us shareholders and guess what? Anybody with an IQ bigger than their shoe size can understand crashing the company is NOT in the best interest in the shareholders. We are talking legal action here. But that’s not all.

What if Elon simply walks away? What if he says the heck with the whole idea and dumps his shares? Well, first of all, you can expect the stock to drop like a rock. Us shareholders will lose some money.  Okay. Fine. I understand this, but there is something else, a very, very serious issue that, so far, has not been addressed. This glaring issue predates this whole Elon Musk thing by far. What is it?

Twitter is breaking the law. Yep. That’s right. (Now take this with a grain of salt – I am not a lawyer and this is not to be considered legal advice – it is an observation based on what I’ve garnered as a citizen.) You see, as a social media platform, by federal law, they are insulated from being sued for libel, defamation, etc. as they are supposedly providing a platform for free speech. But they are not. Not at all. In fact, they are quashing free speech. In effect they’ve turned the company from a social medial platform to a publisher. As such they’ve potentially opened the company up for potential legal action.  As I said, I’m no lawyer but I’m sure there are some savvy legal minds out there who could make some hay with all this. As shareholders, we can sue on this issue too.

Guess what? These same principles apply to other social media platforms as well. The best part is we, as shareholders, need not depend on any government official to take action. Shareholders have rights. Among those rights is the right to hold the company we are part owners of accountable.

Note here. I hate it when someone posts something and the deletes it without explanation so I won’t do that here. Without direct knowledge the above was posted concerning, I think, Section 230 of the Federal Code. Others and stated and I took them at their word, this law allows for free speech by insulating the platform from legal action. Well, my layman’s reading of the code confirms the platforms are insulated from legal action but it essentially gives them carte blanche to “edit out” free speech and protects them from legal action for that. Leave it to the politicians to muck things up.

While this ill-constructed legislation does NOT protect citizens AT ALL (by my calculations) this doesn’t mean shareholders have no pull. It just means we will need to find another way. Meanwhile, we’ll need to work on getting this fixed. It is not the platforms per se that need protection – at least not THIS protection. The end all should be to protect free speech. Period.

Okay, so depending on how things play out, my next move is uncertain. I may decided to go ahead with my purchase of FnBook. I will probably only buy a single share but a shareholder is a shareholder, with all the rights and privileges that come with that class of share. (Different classes, such as common and preferred, have different rights. Usually, common shareholders have voting rights, for instance.) As a shareholder, I will keep an eye on things from a different perspective. While I do not plan on personally suing anyone, I may well join a suit should one be filed. I may find it necessary to start asking questions and requesting information I am entitled to as a shareholder. I may band together with other shareholders – with or without a common interest. By this I mean, I  content ALL shareholders should have a say – for you Twitter honchos, this is one of the principles of free speech. People can say things whether I, or anyone else for that matter, agree with them or not.  I may send Elon my proxy votes. I may not.

Here’s an interesting thing. Twitter headquarters is in San Francisco. If they have a vote, I have a right to participate. Now, I’ll have to check this with my tax expert but I’m pretty sure I could go to San Francisco to vote and write off the entire expense as a tax deduction. My further understanding comes with a couple of caveats. First, one must have enough write-offs (total) to make it worthwhile. These days the “standard deduction” is pretty high so it likely wouldn’t be worth it for  me.  Next, is I’m not sure if there is a  limit to how much anyone could actually write off. Take gambling, for example. My understanding is gambling losses can only be written off against gambling winnings. Thus, if you spend $20,000 to win $500, well you can only write off the $500. You’ll eat the other $19,500. The bottom line is basically the same as always – never underestimate the greed of a politician (or in this case, the politicians’ minions).  Like I said, ask your tax professional but under certain circumstances, some folks could offset at least part of the cost of a trip to say, San Francisco.

The Bottom Line

What have you got to lose? If you bought ten shares of Twitter like me, then maybe $500 +/-. Chances are you wouldn’t lose ALL of that because even Twitter is worth something even if they crash and burn. Heck if they run the stock price down to $0.02 per share I’ll spend another $500 and buy another 25,000 shares.

The upside is you took action. You did something. Sure, maybe we won’t change the world but how do you know you won’t? Or at least you are not a part of it. Look, back in February I posted about buying Fnbook. It was somewhat tongue in cheek but not entirely. Did my post have any impact Elon Musk? It is highly doubtful, but what if it did? What if someone read my post (Hey! It happens! Really!) and through a series of wild convolutions, some germ of the idea somehow reached Elon Musk? I doubt anyone will ever know for sure. All I can say is I write what I write, I do what I do and maybe, just maybe, some good will come of it. What about you?

At the very least check out Webull.  Again their offer is below.

LIMITED TIME OFFER: Get 5 FREE stocks valued up to $9,600 by opening & funding a #Webull brokerage account! Get started >

And again, this is a referral link so yes, I do stand to profit. (Yet another government agency, the FTC, I think, or maybe the FCC,  requires me to disclose such things.)

Consider Battle Plan “C” (for Citizen) in the Fight for Twitter, Elon

Watch out Twitter, here I come. I’m siding with Elon on this one and my plan is to bring more, a lot more, with me.

As I read about speculation that Twitter will invoke a “poison pill” to thwart Elon Musk’s attempt to take over the platform, one thought came to mind: the gloves are about to come off. Not Twitter’s. Not Elon Musk’s. Mine.

Okay, yeah, everybody’s real scared. After all… who the heck am I? Well, point blank, I am nobody. I’m just one citizen. That’s is. But here’s the rub.

On Monday, I’m buying ten shares of Twitter. At the current price it will set me back a tad under $500. (I think I can announce this without pumping up the price too much.) I never thought I’d say this but the money doesn’t matter. Then I’ll be a citizen nobody who holds voting shares in Twitter. So what?

Well, as an account holder on Twitter, I’m less than nothing. All I gotta do to prove it is tweet something management doesn’t like. Hell, I got away with more than that when I was gainfully employed. Now, Twitter whateveryourpronouns are listen up… as a stockholder, everything changes. I have rights. Among those rights is the right to hold you accountable for your actions. Once my shares are securely in my account, I’ll elaborate. For the time being you can go ask your pals at Grrrgle.

So, Elon this is Battle Plan “C” (for Citizen). You are not alone in your quest to free speech from Twitter’s shackles. I’m with you. While it is possible you stole my idea, disguising that fact by buying Twitter instead of FnBook, I forgive you. Actually, your twist on my plot was better. Why consider my plan? Simple, I am not the only citizen capable of buying a few shares of Twitter. My fellow citizens need not announce their intentions. None of us owe the authoritarians anything. For that matter we don’t owe you anything. Well, maybe a debt of gratitude for the action you took, the insane amount of money you laid out, not to mention the offer you’ve made. You set an excellent example and for that I do thank you.

However power in the hands of the few is always dangerous. For this reason I advocate decentralization. Granted, I cannot say for sure us freedom-loving citizens will act accordingly but I think it’s worth a try. Unless we start acting like self-governing citizens and wean ourselves off of expecting someone to come along and “save” us, we are going to lose not only our liberty but our nation as well.

Well Shoot, Elon…

Please, note the comma, that was NOT a threat! There was a time I would not feel the need to point that out.

Okay, so Monday I decided to buy some Twitter stock. No, I do NOT need to report my intent to anyone, I was only thinking of ten shares. My goal was not to make money but to follow through on principle, i.e. that WE the PEOPLE should own a platform to secure  our freedom of speech and exorcise the principle on a major social media platform. I  have to admit, Elon’s approach is far superior to mine but that’s only because Fn Book is so expensive. However, since affordability is very conducive  to the idea, Twitter wins.

So I call my broker yesterday. I finally talk to him in the early afternoon. He’s all hmmming and hawing. Of course the first thing he asks is my desire to buy Twitter has anything to do with Elon Muck. Well, yeah, it does, but it’s not like you think. So I turn back to clock to tell him about my original Fn Book post in February. Well, he doesn’t think WE the People can really affect anything even if we owned it. I disagreed and I still do. More on that in a bit. I again spell out the principle involved. It is much the same as my take on our republic – decentralization is key.

First, we need to redistribute the power base. In the case of our republic, we need to make ALL government locally based again. County by county. As for Twitter, we need millions of individual owners. My broker (I’m sure if he ever reads this he’ll cringe every time I use that term as I’m sure he prefers to be referred to as my “financial advisor” Tough it out J.) informed me that We the people already own Twitter but as it is via mutual funds and the like, we don’t have voting power. He said the law needs to change in that regard. He’s correct on both counts but I don’t really give a hoot about that right now. Fact is, what ever stocks are owned by whatever mutual funds I have, I don’t want to have to sort out who to vote for what. As a matter of fact, I’m not so sure I even like the whole “proxy” thing.

If you don’t know what I mean by that, let me explain. Most of the time when a corporate vote comes up, rather than vote personally, a shareholder can elect someone to vote for them –  a proxy. This is also done in member organizations (the NRA comes to mind) and coops like our local electric utility. Now the thing I don’t like about that is, I don’t often have enough information to be comfortable giving my proxy to some individual. A lot of times the vote is to elect board members. Well wait a minute! I don’t know Jack Cast from Dick Head so how am I supposed to vote? It’s almost like voting for the party ticket. Here’s my idea..

After I bought my piece of Twitter, I was thinking of starting a shareholders’ site where we could discuss issues. On the site would be the rules so we’d all be on the same page. THEN we’d know enough to effect some changes. We could actually NOMINATE board members ourselves and/or put our support behind one person or another as we get to know them by what they have to say on the site. I’m sure we could do other stuff too, including applying pressure to the company to make certain changes.

Now Elon’s put a wrench in those works. He’s want’s to buy out Twitter 100% and take it private. Look, Elon, if that is what you want to do, fine. You’ve got the money and there’s no law against it… yet. That said, I’m not all that convinced any single owner, even you, is that great of an idea.

Now on the other hand, there is nothing that prevents the globalists from acquiring a majority interest in the company either. In fact, leftists and tree huggers could do the same thing – band together and start gobbling up stock. All that would be interesting and I’m not sure which side would emerge the victor. Let’s face it, if the left won, well, nothing would change.

At this point, I could still buy the stock and, from the looks of things, I’d make a nice profit – not a huge profit but percentage-wise, nothing could sneeze at. However it is not profit I am after. What I want is freedom.  At this point, I have that in abundance here on this blog. I can say what I want, when I want and I only need to worry about losing my two one regular reader. Oh well.

Now I gotta go call my broker and give him hell for talking me out of my “big score”.

Bwoke Disney – Are Disney Execs THAT Stupid?

Just for the moment, set aside Disney’s crusade to reverse Florida’s new parental rights law or as the left has misnomered it, the “don’t say gay bill. Forget whose side they are on. Forget that the overt protests are about the prohibition of sexualizing children up to grade three. As a matter of fact, for the time being, don’t even consider the fact the Disney is essentially actively supporting the grooming of young children and/or indoctrinating them sexually. Leave it all behind and consider this:

The LGBTQ2S+ (whatever) crowd Disney actively supports is totally contrary to their business model. Disney’s market is children. This market is their bread and butter. If they had to rely on adults or LGBTQ2S+ for sales, they’d be broke already. Maybe we should dub them “bwoke”. The simple fact is it takes a sperm and an egg to produce the baby who will eventually become old enough to enjoy Disney products. The most common ways babies are born are via heterosexual relationships. Gays, trans, as well as the rest of that bunch, well, they cannot “replenish the earth” enough to keep Disney’s business model going. The numbers simply aren’t there and they never will be.

In light of this, how smart are Disney’s execs? I’d say not very. In fact they are downright stupid on the face of things. Now maybe they have some overall “grand plan” to transform Disney into some fantastic business model that will reap them even more billions than their current efforts. So far I see no evidence of that. At all. What I see is Disney, and other corporations vying for the children’s market promulgating homosexuality.

Is there not one person in this industry questioning this? Like, “Wait a minute! We NEED child consumers! We NEED people making babies!” It would seem to be the better business decision for Disney and their competitors would be to promote anything and everything to ensure their market grows rather than shrinks. That means they should be promoting marriage and heterosexual lifestyles. They should be advocating for parental rights, for as many babies as possible to be born. They should be the biggest donors to places like St. Jude’s Hospital and other organizations dedicated to curing children of deadly diseases.

Now some will certainly try to label me as “anti-gay”. You folks should note that I am decidedly pro-liberty. However, your liberty ends where another’s nose begins. When it comes to children, parents’ rights are extended to them until they become of legal age. Thus, what so many call the “don’t say gay” bill should never have been necessary. The need arose only after some decided to overstep the rights of parents’ who are the guardian of their children’s rights.

As for Disney, you folks aren’t “woke” you are just the opposite or blind. Either way, I certainly hope the rest of the world can see how incredibly bad business your recent decisions really are. It sure looks like many of us parents see it.

Hate FaceBook? What IF…

Anyone who’s stopped by here and read anything I’ve posted about FnBook might get the idea I don’t like them. Despise is too mild a word. I’m no fan of Zuckerberg and I don’t like how he runs things. What I particularly don’t like is their overhanded nanny-fingered, control freakish approach to “free” speech. It is a platform. The speech belongs to the poster and is none of FnBook’s bidness. So… what to do about it. Well, I’ve been thinkin’

What if WE owned FB? I know. I know. It sounds farfetched, and maybe it is. I looked it up and they have somewhere around 2.4 Billion shares outstanding currently priced at $237.09 each. I don’t have that kind of cash around, not even under the mattress. (I looked just to be sure.) If 100 Million of us bought shares we’d each have to buy about 12 shares each to  pick up a controlling interest in the company. I could swing 12 shares, maybe even a few more, if need be.  But why?

Well, here’s the thing… if conservatives owned the company we could call some shots. In fact, we may not need a controlling interest to make some serious noise but I, for one, would love to give MZ the boot. Sure, he’d shuffle off with a pocketful of cash but I’d think it would be worthwhile. We could elect a board and install a CEO who would promote free speech instead of micromanaging the users. Heck, we could cut costs by firing all of those jerks who scrutinize our posts. Here’s another thing…

Facebook has never paid a dividend. Now, the excuse for this is they are still in a “high growth” stage and are spending all their cash on acquiring other internet businesses. Well, okay, fine, but you know? I don’t give a whit about that. If enough of agree, we could band together and just say “no”. You’re going to get your sticky hands of OUR money and cough up some profit. Wouldn’t that be sweet?

Anyway, sure, it’s crazy. It’s speculative but it is entirely doable. We could OWN Facebook! Literally. Best of all, this is not something we would have to convince or cajole anyone to do. I might just go out and buy my shares. After all the stock just went “on sale”.

Joe Biden – The New American Pope

By now if you haven’t seen the hoopla surrounding the latest smoke signals from the White House, go back to sleep. There’s no hope for you anyway. For the rest of us, well, I’m not sure if we should laugh, cry or simply say good-bye to our nation. I’m referring to the announcements concerning “misinformation” and the regime’s stated efforts to put things right, I suppose.

Jen Psaki - "Miss Information"In effect Jen Psaki says they are working with social media, specifically Facebook, but she may have singled out others, to put a stop to Covid-19 “misinformation”. Apparently they are also working with SMS (text messaging) providers to cull wrongthink from texts we send each other. Of course, I imagine the first thought most of us have is “What about our 1st Amendment?”, followed by “What is stopping them from putting the skids on other forms of wrongthink?”, and then, “Who do they think they are?”. It’s this last supposed thought I’ll address here, hence the title.

Think about it. Fair warning, I am not, nor have I ever been Catholic, so anything I state about Catholicism is stuff I’ve picked up over the years. Take it with a grain of salt. That said, I understand the Pope is held as infallible and that’s where I’m coming from. It stands, then, to reason that Joe Biden, along with his coronation as p-Resident is now essentially declaring himself our New American Pope.

His holiness has to be infallible, otherwise how can he, unilaterally, declare what is TRUTH and what is falsehood? Now, I’ve only ever understood that the Catholic Pope is the only man on earth deemed to speak pure unmistakable words. Even certain kings, who believe themselves God have not overtly done such. (Keep in mind, I have not studied the topic in depth so I may, well be mistaken here but you get the point.) Now that I think about it, is it possible Ol’ Joe expects he should rise to the prominence of a Pharaoh, Chinese, Japanese or Roman emperor? These all considered themselves gods.

Pope or emperor, it makes no difference to me. The end result is the same. We can now see the beginnings of an entity who expects the world to see himself as bigger than life itself. Far too big to be constrained by a mere constitution. Why should he be bound by the laws of men? Why does he need a congress? Is he (should I now be rendering the pronoun He or HE?) not above all of this? Speaking of pronouns, I find it a bit difficult to get a grip on them. As we all know, we peasants are rarely blessed with direct communication from the great one himself. Such trifles are relegated to others, such as his press secretary. However, as I understand it, all of these decrees emanate from the source. In light of this it may be time to speak of our p-Resident in the plural Victorian. This we can use they instead of “him” or “he” and Mr. p-Resident can refer to themselves as “we” and “us”. I’m pretty sure even the Catholic Pope refrains from this.

So there you have it. We need no longer concern ourselves with what or how to think. We have The One who will tells us all TRUTH and will benevolently correct us when we run afoul. All of this courtesy of Joe Biden, our New American Pope… or Pharaoh… or Emperor. My apologies for not being more specific. I’m sure they will soon be forthcoming with the proper acceptable forms of address along with guidance concerning the correct title we subjects are expected to use.

Update: on further reflection, I considered how this post meshes with my current views. In other words how does this fit in, seeing as how I advocate turning to God  Almighty to ask Him to restore our nation?

As noted above, historically, certain rulers have deified themselves. This is basically what is happening here. The controllers are elevating Joe Biden to a godlike status. The end result is the destruction of our nation is accelerating more and more each and every day. Remember that snowball?

I am not going to cite example after example. The controllers are attacking our republic on every level. How much longer to we have? I cannot say. How long before I am prohibited from saying?

Go to God now. Ask Him what He would have you do. Keep asking until you have an answer. Prayer is our first defense right now.

Mark Levin – American Marxism – Is He Wrong?

Note: This is most of the text from an email I sent to a fellow Christian I am corresponding with. I tried to edit out any irrelevant parts, but if something doesn’t seem to “fit”, that may be why.

Last night (Sunday)  I caught part of Mark Levin’s show where he is currently promoting his book “American Marxism”. We purchased the book and I have just started it, however after absorbing a significant amount of the main ideas from his broadcasts, I can tell you right now, Levin is missing the mark. (no pun intended) Don’t get me wrong, I believe he is one of the better commentators and analysts of our time. That said, he is not seeing things from the spiritual aspect. Now maybe I am the one who is blind. But I feel this is an important take on what is happening around us. Here goes:

Again, I try to see the events of today in relation to the end times prophecy. Why? Because it is the one thing I am certain of. There will be a one-world government, along with all we’ve seen predicted.

Now, our nation is not found anywhere in scripture. Why? I don’t know. What I do know is there are a lot of things not included so, I do not concern myself with this. However everything plays a role, including our nation, so while we are not “included” we are not excluded either. What I am convinced of is there can be NO one-world government as long as the USA exists in our current form. Prophecy or not, this is easy to see.

With this in mind, everything happening today begins to make much more sense.

Levin says the reason the democrats (actually the globalists, they exist in all parties and outside of political parties) are pushing illegal immigration is to import more democrat votes into the nation. I believe he is at least partially mistaken. This is why:

1) When the globalists succeed in eliminating the electoral college, they will have turned our constitutional republic into a functional democracy. The mob will rule. Note they have already succeeded in corrupting the republic in respect of Senators, when they changed the constitution to elect them by popular vote in 1912. Yes. This is how long the globalists have planned the demise of our nation.

2) While flooding certain states and districts may be desirable to secure the remaining Senate and House seats to make their coup complete, I see this as secondary as they already effectively have control for the most part. Yes, they do need to boost votes in a handful of states but the current flood of new votes only accelerates the process

3) Once the ultimate goal of destroying our nation is understood, the ulterior motive of the globalists is clear. The massive importation threatens to strain local, state and federal budgets to the breaking point. Cloward-Piven is credited for outlining this.

4) The southern border of our nation is essentially erased. No border, no nation.

Now let’s turn to the other issues we see unfolding before our eyes.

Spending. Again, look to Cloward-Piven to understand the real goal is to drive inflation through the roof while “all of a sudden” coming to realize that “Gee, we’ve got to pay for this somehow.”. Look for massive tax increases to further destroy the middle class.

Bluntly put, the airwaves are fraught with examples of ways the globalists are trying to bring this nation down, from Merrick Garland inviting the UN to examine our human rights practices to CRT to the piece by piece dismantling of our God-given rights.

At this point I am only trying to unveil these things for what they really are. We need to have our eyes open. It may well be too late. This does not matter. It is not for us to determine. God has already put the timeline in place. HE has already determined not only the when but the what. IF our Heavenly Father chooses to restore our nation, it will only be temporary. Keep in mind we are talking about an eternal being who is already 2000 years late by some men’s reckoning. What if He chooses to allow our nation to fall? Our responsibility is the same, though our duties may change. Let me clarify.

As of today, I see our duty to our nation is to lay claim to our right to self-govern and to hold those who have usurped power and authority accountable. This duty remains unless and until the constitution is declared invalid and the transformation to some other form of government is complete. Should this happen then our nation is lost and our duty as citizens dissolved. Whether we decide to bow to the new rulers or not would then be an individual choice.

Our responsibility is today and always to do the Will of our Heavenly Father. Today, part of this responsibility is to do our duty as citizens as described above. We are granted freedom of speech and freedom of religion for a reason. We are to speak God’s Word. We are to LIVE God’s word. This responsibility transcends any and all governments. Whether this nation or whatever replaces it, we are to remain faithful to God Almighty and our Lord and Savior Jesus the Messiah. Our nation, our constitutional republic WILL be replaced, it is only a matter of timing. This was true from before the foundations of the earth.

As far as any fix is concerned, man cannot fix it. Only God can do this and He will. We just do not know how or when. The fix may indeed be God’s ultimate solution as prophesied. If there is to be something in the interim, this also is His prerogative, not ours. All we can do as Christians is individually seek out and do His will as best we can. If we rise up and hold forth the truth of God’s Word, then we can see great things happen. We cannot and should not do this with a view of “changing the world”. We only need to focus on doing what we are able to do. By doing this, God can enable us to do far more than we believe possible. Consider the time when Peter walked on water. He took the step. God kept him on the water rather than allow him to sink.

This is how I see things this morning. The clarity I had last night impresses upon me the urgency of any efforts we take. I am convinced time is short. The coming globalist foray is racing towards us as a snowball from a high mountain. It is sure to bring devastation.

ALL we can do is go to God immediately. For a long time now, I’ve moved beyond asking God for anything specific other than to make clear His Will for my life and a clear path to take. Strangely enough my scripture reading today in the OT was Psalm 25. I urge you to begin reading the Psalms, beginning with the first with a mind to how the words relate to things happening today. WE cannot do anything other than shine a light on the truth. We must do this regardless of what is happening in the world.

Go to God. He will show you what you need to know and do if you ask. Trust in this.