NOW Ukraine Applies to Join NATO – How Worried Should We Be?

Ukraine has now officially applied for NATO membership. What does it all mean?

Last week, I saw this headline scrolling across the bottom of one newsy site or another. That’s it. Nothing else. Last night Tucker Carlson did a segment on this topic. He brought up some valid  points in his usual over-the-top style. Look. I like Tucker. I really do, but between his fake laugh and his typical drama-queen presentation, he gets tiresome. Today I dug down to get some real dirt on the situation. Here’s what I found from the AP of all sources:

9 NATO members urge support for Ukraine after annexation

Well that’s the headline. I almost passed it up. I admit, I’m somewhat ignorant when it comes to NATO. I mean I know it was formed to ward off the Soviets after WWII so they didn’t start acquiring new territories by invasion. I know they become active from time to time in different conflicts. Mostly, I surmise, to enable member nations to participate in international affairs without committing their own militaries. And I know the President Trump once (at least) chided NATO nations for not chipping in their fair share and allowing the US to cover the brunt of the costs. What else is new? Other than that, I don’t know a lot. Now I know more.

NATO membership needs approval from all 30 members and Ukraine is unlikely to join anytime soon. Being a country already at war complicates the request.

Now that’s some intelligence I can sink my teeth into. Even before Tucker started ranting on what would  happen if Ukraine joined NATO now, I shared the same thoughts. Such an act would be equivalent to declaring war on Russia. The vary premise of NATO is an attack on a NATO country is considered an attack on ALL NATO countries. Thus, per the agreement, NATO would be bound to providing military assistance.

So, yeah, Tucker is right to be concerned about Ukraine joining NATO. Where I see the drama queen factor is in the details. ALL 30 NATO Countries would have to vote to let Ukraine join. Let’s face it, this means all 30 NATO nations would essentially be voting to go to war with Russia. I don’t see that happening. Not now.

So let’s move on to the meat of the AP headline:

The nine NATO countries in Central and Eastern Europe fearful that Russia could target them next if it isn’t stopped in Ukraine urged a response to the annexation.

So here we have nine countries already in NATO who want to approve Ukraine’s application because they are worried Russia could invade them next? Now that is idiotic. Again if Russia invades a NATO country, it is as if they are invading ALL 30 NATO countries. In other words, it was be akin to Russia declaring war on NATO.

Let’s see the reasoning here… we are going to bring Ukraine under the NATO umbrella so we can enter into battle with Russia because we are afraid Russia is going to invade and thus enter into battle with us.

Hel-LO? Anybody in there? That’s just stupid. Not ignorant as in lacking knowledge but plain ol’ stupid.

Should all 30 NATO nations decide this insanity is the way to get we all will deserve what we get and reap what we sow. I don’t see this  coming to pass. It’s a no-win preposition and surely at least one NATO country will understand this. Even Joe Bobo’s handlers are shying away from this idea:

Asked Friday about Zelenskyy’s application for accelerated NATO membership, White House national security adviser Jake Sullivan said the application process in Brussels “should be taken up at a different time.”

Of course the other major topic of discussion surrounding the Ukraine-Russia theater is the increasing mention of using nukes. Should this be a greater concern? Personally, I don’t think so.

Sure, it could happen but using nuclear weapons opens a whole new can of worms and I really don’t think anyone want’s go to there. You can’t unring that bell. The only time nuclear weapons have been used was in a desperate attempt to end a war. The consequences were horrible. While those with their fingers on nuclear buttons can rest assured they are likely safe from such horrors, nobody knows for sure. Now only could such a action unleash untold destruction on the targeted area but it would also open up the potential for  normalization of nuclear weaponry in conflicts. No sane person desires this.

Then there’s the potential of MAD – Mutual Assured Destruction. This policy is not talked about any more but it is still officially in place between Russia and the United States. While the idea of limited nuclear use restricted to certain areas may be “acceptable” to some of those in elite circles, I doubt if even they really want to see how life is in their bomb-proof bunkers. For goodness sakes what if their caviar went bad?

As with so much going on in the world, we are seeing a flurry fear-mongering on every level. It’s not coming from the right, the left, or the top, it is coming from everywhere. One could make a case for much of this being propaganda by nefarious sources trying to stir up FUD – fear, uncertainty and doubt. Bluntly put, I’m sure much of what we see from all media sources is just that, but mixed in with these are simply those who may have the best of intentions but for some reason or another, never take in enough facts to see a bigger picture. In this respect, I am likely guilty of this myself.

Many of these issues are mere distractions and it is easy to get caught up in them. What I am taking from all of this is we need to refocus our efforts closer to home – the closer the better. I can’t do anything about Ukraine. What I can do is speak the truth both here and locally. I can work to secure my county – to work towards making sure our county board, school board and sheriff  are working for us citizens rather than some shadowy figure. I use my voice to urge the local party to work for us and to make our voice and desires heard within the state and nation, as well as to convince my fellow citizens to abandon party politics in favor of a non-political approach to our issues.  This may be a small pond and even here I may always be a small fish but even so, I can make more waves here than in any ocean. What about you?

The Ins and Outs of Local Politics

Bear with me, I’m still learning the ropes. No, this isn’t my first rodeo but it’s been a long time since I was active in local politics in any way. It’s been over 20 years actually, since I moved from my hometown. Even then my activity was sporadic. I attended meetings now and then on the village and county level, as well as a couple of meetings when the Congress critter deigned to show up. I also attended some Republican functions. My wife andIf you like your republlic you can keep it - Ben Franklin I distanced ourselves from the Young Republicans when the county chair showed up one night at our meeting and asked what we thought of our new President – Bob Dole. Yeah, it was that long ago. The problem we had was Dole was not the Republican candidate at the time because the primaries had not yet been held. We liked Steve Forbes. What we didn’t like was the idea we were being told who we were going vote for. If I were the county guy, I’d be asking who the YRs liked and why. You know?

So fast forward to our relocation to Virginia. Early on, I contacted the county Republican chair indicating my desire to become involved. Crickets. I’ve been to a couple of county board meetings and that’s about it. I have checked the BOS minutes a few times and I’ve tried now and then to figure out who my representative is and when s/he is up for (re)election. Last cycle I got my answer when a fellow running against him knocked on my door. Guess who got my vote. He didn’t win. Oddly enough, at that poll I came face to face with my rep. It wasn’t pretty. At the time I had a real problem with some recent action. There was a grant to bring some broadband to the county. They awarded the work to a company who proposed stringing lines in the two populated villages in the county. My issue was they already had broadband while the rest of the county was stuck with satellite. I was told he had no choice as it was a done deal when it came up for a vote. Needless to say, my intelligence was insulted if he expected me to believe his crap. No doubt he didn’t exactly lie but he also failed to mention there was a lot of behind the scenes action long before that vote came up. I wasn’t born yesterday.

Now about today, well okay, lets back up a day or two. In a previous I detailed on how I came across information on becoming an election official and a poll watcher. Now the fact is, I really don’t want to do either but I applied for both. Why? I’m putting my money where my mouth is. How can I advocate being involved and holding our representatives accountable unless I’m willing to do it myself? Now on that, I filled out the “interest form” for the election official gig. Then I tried to do the same as a poll watcher. The link didn’t work so I contacted them via email and got a decent enough response from someone there. She said she’d forward my info to the responsible parties. I have yet to hear from either one.

Now the poll watching should be going on now due to early voting that began on September 23. I doubt very much that anyone is watching those goings on. There might be a bit of leeway on the election official bit IF that form I filled out was what was required to be submitted before September 30. That is tomorrow as I write this. According to the Virginia Department of Elections, 15,000 volunteers are needed. They don’t say for what but that seems like a lot to me. Mind you, that’s not partisan volunteers, per se. They don’t work for any party organization or candidate but for the election commission itself. Granted I expect nearly of volunteers would carry some bias one way or another but all should be expected to do the right thing no matter what. Back to the point, if there is such a dire need for people then why ignore someone who raises their hand?

Well that’s a dangerous thing to do with me because I’m not one to sit around and play solitaire while I’m waiting for the phone to ring. So what I did was start looking around. One thing that always bothers me is the near total lack of useful information about something. My county is one of the worst I’ve seen in that respect. For example, the fellow who is supposed to represent me at the county level lists no contact information at all. Others provide an email address. Not this guy. And he’s the board chairman! At least now they all list their term. This guy comes up for re-election next year. I’ll do what I can to make sure this term is his last, if I have to run myself. Other than that, it’s not at all easy to figure out who represents who in this county. The only guide I found is the redistricting document. It lists each district and the boundaries. That’s it. It is a mess trying to find out. There is also a map put out by someone (Virginia Elect claims responsibility but I have no idea who they are.) but that map doesn’t include any names of the roads. Oi. I found a Virginia DOT map of the county and superimposed one upon the other. Then I enhanced it a bit by adding each supervisor with an arrow pointing to his district. Their terms and the email addresses of the supervisors who provided them were on at page so I kept them too. I also highlighted the boundaries.

Now I’m going to post this map where I can online. In addition, I got the idea to start a citizen’s group on Fnbook. If you don’t know this already, I really despise FnBook but I’d say most county citizens visit there so it is a reasonable place to start. Eventually, I’d like to find a permanent home that is not dependent on Big Tech. One possibility is to just fire up a website. The problem with that road is acceptance. As much as I dislike Fnbook, the platform is widely accepted and used. People don’t like to venture outside their comfort zone.

One of my goals is to make things easier for those who represent us. While I chide my BOS representative, I can sympathize with him also to an extent. I’ve talked with several individuals in similar situations. The fact is, being elected to office is declaring open season on your life. We will stop them in the street, call them at home, whatever. I get that. What bothers me more is they all seem to go to the extreme in the opposite direction and become almost totally inaccessible. There has to be a happy medium. Personally I’d prefer a forum-style format where reps can answer questions and receive input on issues. Town-hall style Zoom calls or something similar might be worth considering.

We citizens not only need to be heard but we need someplace to exchange ideas with each other and with those who represent us. It cannot be just at board meetings. Some boards are very heavy-handed when it comes to public input. Others, like ours, are more reasonable but a board meeting with a set agenda and an itch to get it over with is no place to hash out issues that come up without warning. Discussion sure, but I’ve been to too many meetings where some proposal or another is up for a vote and it’s obvious those voting have their minds made up. So much for a public “hearing”.

Today we citizens are facing unprecedented challenges to our sovereignty and this by the very people who are supposed to be working on our behalf. We’ve allowed them to turn our nation on it’s head. Consequently, we also have unprecedented opportunities before us. Never in our history have we been able to communicate with so many at lightning speed. Never before have we been able to quickly and efficiently publish our thoughts and ideas, to promote our passions, even to rally our fellow citizens to one action or another.

Consider this: any citizen can stand for any elected office. This has always been true in our nation but with today’s technology, a citizen can launch a write-in campaign (at the very least), publish one’s views and ideas, gather momentum and support and be voted in to any elected office. Can this actually happen? YES! In fact this did happen not too long ago here in Virginia.

A Virginia State representative from Culpeper, Nick Freitas, decided to run for Congress as a Republican. Due to a technicality, i.e. some paperwork that was deemed to be incorrect or incorrectly filed, I don’t know, he was not allowed to run. It was too late to run for his State seat for his party so he ran as a write-in. He won… big. In fact he got more votes than any write-in in Virginia history. Now I’ve seen Mr. Freitas speak on several occasions via video. He is an impressive man who has something to say and says it well. But the point here is winning via a write-in vote absolutely can be accomplished.

Personally, I’d like to see this be the standard rather than something that only happens occasionally. As far as I’m concerned, we do not need political parties at all. According to the “Open Secrets” website, 2022 federal midterm election spending on track to top $9.3 billion

Now the Federal Election Commission says… United States House and Senate candidates running in the 2022 election cycle reported raising a total of $2.4 billion and spending $1.8 billion between January 1, 2021 and June 30, 2022

Whose right? Darned if I know. Now I just did a quick calculation. And the combined salaries of ALL 535 members of Congress is slightly less than $100 Million. Who in their right minds spends $10 to earn $1? Well, it’s easy if your spending someone else’s money isn’t it? This is insane. It should not be so. I contend eliminating political parties would go a long way to fixing this problem.

Now what do I mean by “eliminating” political parties? I mean let them go the way of the Whig party. If enough people simply ignore them, unlike some relatives, they’ll just go away. If the write-in concept gained popularity, we would be free of the parties. Instead, individuals would have to make their case to get our vote and then they themselves would be held accountable.

It all starts here, now. Okay, so that’s more than a little presumptuous. Fact is, I’m only tossing my two-bits in here. I am not the first nor the last to express such ideas and for this I am grateful. More and more I’m seeing others advocate for those ideas I hold dear. Local control of government as a base for state and federal control is central to these ideas. Everything else is negotiable. Overall decentralization of government and ideas can be instrumental in reclaiming our nation. For those citizens who yearn for a Constitutionally limited government why not start right here?


I just opened this from the VDCL (Virginia Citizens Defense League). They are the premier gun rights group here in Virginia. I’ll post the entire message below.

I received this from member John G. These instructions are for a Republican. Similar instructions would be for a Democrat:

You can sign up to be an elections officer at

To be considered for this election you must apply by 9/30.

You can go ahead and sign up now for future elections. Once accepted you can serve for 2 years. You can be an Election Officer only in the county where you vote. Virginia law says Republicans are entitled to parity. Currently Republicans only have 385 officers compared to 1,100 trained and ready Democrats. A total of 1,100 is all the registrar requires for the election. We should try to get 550 to a 550 ratio.

Training is required by the county you serve in. You get paid $150 for the day of election. It is a long – day 5:00 a.m. until after the polls close at 7:00 P.M.

If you want to poll watch, sign up at

You have to have a letter of authorization from your local Republican committee. When you arrive to poll watch you will have to give them a copy of your authorization letter so make several copies. Some training is required for poll watching check with your local Republican committee.

For questions, call the GOP hotline at 804-600-4809 or email them at

The highlighting is my doing. Note that for election officers Democrats outnumber Republicans nearly 3 to 1. This is appalling. Also note that here in Virginia the only officially recognized parties are Democrat and Republican. I do not know how this works. There are other parties active in the Commonwealth but only those two are “official”, whatever that means.

The bottom line here is we cannot continue to piss and moan about fair and honest elections while refusing to step up and participate. For the record, I’ve already signed up to become an election official in my county. The link to be a poll watcher doesn’t work so I contacted the GOP hotline above via email.

Even better, I noted the email address – “” and followed it. (I highlight right click and select the “Goto” option in the drop down menu. YOU only need to click on the link above if you are a Virginia resident or the link below if  you are from any other state to get to the national web page.  I didn’t figure out how to get to any other state specific site but there is a “volunteer” link at the top. Geez, don’t expect me to lead you by the nose guys.

If we REALLY want to make a difference in November and  crush the globalists, we need to come out in force and overwhelm them at the polls. Simply adding another “I Voted” sticker to your collection ain’t gonna do it. We need to show up en masse. We need to diligently watch the polls and take responsibility to ensure this election is honest and fair. Cheaters are like cockroaches – they will scatter when the lights are turned on. It’s time to shine!

This is OUR country. WE are the government. WE need to start acting like it.

Civil War II – Because We Can’t Vote Our Way Out of This – Oh REALLY? PART 1

Well, I got carried away again… or did I? In part one, I confront the current discourse gaining steam in our nation, i.e. “we must have a civil war because we have no other choice.” Bunk. In part two, I make my case on how we can peacefully exert our rights and duty as citizens to reclaim our nation.

Civil War II – Because We Can’t Vote Our Way Out of This – Oh REALLY? PART 1

Time and time again, I’ve heard this. “We can’t vote our way out of this.” Most often this alludes to some sort of violent solution. The most common solution is often referred to as Civil War II. Now wait just a gol darn minute.

First off, I contend that the first “Civil War” was not a civil war at all. The South did not “rise up” in order to overthrow any government. They opted out of the Union and formed their own government. It was an act entirely within their rights. If the first “Civil War” was indeed misrepresented then a Civil War II cannot rightfully be called such. However there is a much simpler reason for negating the idea of a “Civil War” in our Constitutional Republic. We are a nation of sovereign citizens, the idea that we can somehow “overthrow” ourselves is ludicrous. Now if a group of armed individuals descend on our nation’s capital and forcefully take command of our nation, well, that would be an actual insurrection. There is no constitutional provision for such an act and therefore the act itself would naturally be unconstitutional and therefore null and void.

At this point I can see some globalists and their leftist minions gleefully rubbing their hands (or their wrists if you are in Nancy Pelosi’s camp), jumping up and down, and pointing to the events of January 6, 2020. Calm yourselves, little ones. Nothing of the sort happened that day. Get over it. The fact is, your overzealousness in jailing hundreds of citizens for their alleged participation in those events has tainted the tree of justice. Since so many of those citizens have been outright denied due process, among other of their civil rights, it is now evident that none of them can rightfully be held and they should all be set free. I still advocate for reparations granted to them for ruining their lives. This does not mean that the actual perpetrators of the J6 chaos should not be brought to justice. To my knowledge none of the true villains have been charged, much less tried so true justice awaits. Now back to our regularly scheduled essay.

It is sad to say that even among us so-called “conservatives” there are those who can only see a violent ending to the strife we are experiencing today. For the record and lack of a better term, I refer to myself as a “constitutionalist”. Our constitution is the law of our land and thus the foundation of our nation. To date we’ve built erratically upon this foundation and the entire structure is in danger of falling into itself. The good news is, even if this should happen, we still have a sound foundation. It upon this foundation where we citizens must restructure our nation. Many haphazard constructs need to be torn down. If Rube Goldberg ever built a house, it would resemble our nation today. This is the very source of our problems today.

Consider, for a moment, what a “Civil War” would do. It would wreak havoc and destruction. It would bring death. It would destroy the fabric of our nation and could well mark the end of it entirely. Such a war would necessarily and ironically be fought between two camps, both claiming the desire to “save the nation”. One camp would consist of the usurpers, the globalists – those holding power and so-called “authority”. These same elitists have deceived many of our citizens claiming their seats by legitimate and legal means. The other camp would be populated by the dissenters. Those who realize the truth of who the usurpers really are. These citizens have been conned into believing the usurpers hold all the cards save one… violence. Stuck between the two camps are the masses. Most are innocent and confused as to whom to believe. The lies sold to them vary widely as they are custom-fitted to slip easily into their chosen lifestyle.

In the end, the globalists are likely to win no matter what. If they can muster the firepower to overwhelm the patriots then their victory would be outright. More likely there would be an extended conflict much like what the world witnessed in Afghanistan. It would take years. Meanwhile the countryside would be decimated. Should the patriots emerge victorious, either in the short or long term, what then? First note the physical damage to the nation’s infrastructure would likely be extensive. The leaders who would rise up from the ashes would be those who were the most effective battle commanders. Certainly there could be one or a handful of political-type leaders who could step up to take the helm. Great. What would happen next? Would our current constitution be re-established? Elections held? Would we the people demand a new constitution? Or would certain among the victors demand such and expect everyone else to go along? And then maybe we could have more elections? And here we go again. How long before we’d be right back where we started?

We Voted Our Way Into This Mess

Now let me ask you. Why CAN’T we vote our way out of this mess? Isn’t voting how we got into this pickle to begin with? Were not ALL our elected officials voted into office? (Okay, I’ll give you Joe Biden and Kamala Harris and maybe a few others should we really dig into the issue of election frauds.) WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO INSTEAD OF VOTING? Other than elections, we have kings and dictators and anarchy. Right up front, I will say there are those who make a pretty decent case for anarchy or the idea of having no government at all. While this might be attractive in theory, I believe anarchy has inherent flaws just as communism has inherent flaws. In the case of communism, the major flaw lies within the very premise. If everyone enjoys an equal result regardless of any efforts made, most will only put for minimum effort. In short, why work if I can not work and still eat? As for anarchy the major flaw again stems from human nature. There are those among us who naturally tend to assume control. These will rise until they control far more than their own homes. Thus I see some sort of government as necessary to assure the rights of all citizens are equally protected. I have yet to see a more efficient and viable concept than a constitutional republic. The problem with our own, as I see it, is we citizens failed to step up and do our duty to hold those we elect accountable. In short, we fell asleep at the wheel and now the bus is hurtling off a cliff.

If you don’t get anything else out of this essay, get this. We voted our way into this mess. Think about it. The question I’d think would be most on our minds is “HOW”? How did we manage to vote ourselves into this mess. While it is true we citizens have been asleep at the wheel and are indeed ultimately responsible, we had help. Lots and lots of help. Short and sweet – we’ve all been conned. Big time. In our own defense, this con game has been played on us all long before we were born.


Yet ANOTHER FIB Raid on a Citizen

The article below is far too sketchy on details, but on the surface, the tale is chilling. Here’s what really bothers me:

Ryan-Marie, who is a homeschool mother, explained the SWAT team of 25 to 30 FBI agents swarmed their property with around 15 vehicles at 7:05 a.m. this morning. Having quickly surrounded the house with rifles in firing position, “they started pounding on the door and yelling for us to open it.”

The federal crime the suspect is accused of:

Mark was arrested and appeared in federal court, charged with violating the Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances (FACE) Act, “which makes it a federal crime to use force with the intent to injure, intimidate, and interfere with anyone because that person is a provider of reproductive health care.”

The details as stated in the article is he pushed a 72 year-old man to the ground as he attempted to escort patients.

First things first, if this man did what he is accused of, I have absolutely no problem seeing him punished appropriately. Furthermore I would immediately condemn his actions. No question. That said, does the actions described above warrant 25-30 agents in 15 vehicles showing up at his home at 7:05 AM, rifles ready (no doubt at least some FULLY AUTOMATIC WEAPONS among them) to arrest him? HELL NO!

For goodness sake, at worst this guy is a bully. IF that is true, what does that make the feds? Are they that scared of this dude? From the picture I saw he is about as scary was Ppppppp-piglet. Maybe they just didn’t have anything else to do that day. In that case, I’d say that field office is horrendously overstaffed. Think how much us taxpayers would save if we reduced the sizes of just that office to three agents. It’s not just agent salaries either, but they wouldn’t need all that plush office space either. Seems to me they’d do just fine in a double-wide converted into an office. I’d let them keep the kitchen intact. Or was this raid yet another one of their intimidation tactics? Okay, fine, then stop it. Just stop it. You guys are law enforcement, not thugs. Do your job, enforce the law. Leave the gorilla work to the mob.

These stories are getting tiresome. Grow up guys or I’ll insist we take your toys away.

THIS IS NOT THE AMERICA I KNOW: Dozens of FBI Agents Raid Home of Catholic Pro-Life Activist as Children Scream in Terror

Tuesday’s Skirmishes – After Action Report

You win some, you lose some…

My apologies for not posting yesterday. Things have been a bit off for me lately. I plan on getting back to regularly posting on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s ASAP. Your patience is appreciated.

Tuesday, August 16, 2022 was primary day in Alaska and Wyoming. This election season primaries are big news and yesterday’s action was no exception. Many anticipated what may be one of the most profound statements by voters yet – Liz Cheney’s re-election bid.


If you’ve any interest at all then you already know the results – “Lizzie Lost Big Time” would be my headline. The vote was so lopsided one could say Lizzie Cheney not only lost, she got spanked – hard. Not to worry about her political future yet, she’s already considering a run for president. She did not indicate whether she would see the democrat, republican or communist party nomination.

The overall consensus about her loss is Wyoming voters have had enough of her January 6 rhetoric and/or her rabid anti-Trump stance. For my money there are lots of reasons to kick her can as far away from any political aspirations as possible, or at least, insist she run with the crowd she identifies with the most. I’m still saying she’s somewhat left of Stalin.

Wedged between news reports swarming around Lizzie’s bid, was the revelation of just how she did in her short Congressional career. She took office in 2017 with a reported net worth of $7 million. According to Breitbart, this figure has ballooned to “possibly more than $44 million in 2020”. Of course I’m wondering why she couldn’t use her purported financial savvy to steer our country from red to black ink. She’s not answering my calls.

Have you ever wondered a) why we citizens keep voting for millionaires? and b) just now those in “public service” seem to grow their wealth exponentially while on the government payroll. From what I’ve seen, such isn’t limited to our “representatives”. Much has been said about our “ruling class”. This term grates against my very being. This is America and as such no “ruling class” should exist, but reality begs to differ. We’ve allowed those who have risen to positions of wealth to also accumulate power. Donald Trump is no exception. Let’s face it, if someone with little or no means desires to run for office, it might be easier to climb Mount Everest. It would certainly be more affordable in most cases.

Moving north to Alaska, the state’s new “ranked choice” voting system is being rolled out to decide who will represent Alaska citizens in Washington. While the link above takes you to the Alaska Election Commission’s page on their ranked choice scheme, it was easier for me to understand their approach when I viewed their “rack card”.

Sarah Palin who is vying for Don Young’s House seat, seems to hate it. Lisa Murkowski, up for re-election to the Senate has already declared victory. She edged out her Republican challenger by less than one percent. Thanks to the new scheme, her challenger, Kelly Tshibaka, is far from out of the running. Near as I can make out, the top four will advance to the general election and duke it out there. From the vote tallies I’m seeing, the race will be between the the RINO Murkowski and the Republican Tshibaka. The top Democrat was only able to glue together about 5600 votes total, compared to Murkowski and Tshibaka collecting over 38,000 – each. Surprisingly enough, Palin’s democratic competitor was the largest vote getter in the House race, garnering over 40,000 votes to Palin’s 35,000+. This may well be a case where a Republican split vote would put a Democrat in office.

A note here, Al Gross, an independent who topped Democrat Mary Peltola with over 20,000 votes to Peltola’s 16,000, dropped out. It appears most of his votes went to her in this round.

As I am no fan of political parties, I see Alaska’s ranked voting system as a potential boon for the citizens of that state and possibly a model for other states. What I don’t know is what it takes to get on a ballot but from the plethora of choices in Alaska, I’m thinking it is pretty easy. At this point those candidates with strong party affiliations seem to have the upper hand but this could change on a dime. Meanwhile, Alaska’s election could be one of the most interesting for this Mid-term. Maybe it’s time those wanting to represent citizens were evaluated on what they stand on instead of what their party decides is politically expedient.


Shots Fired at Mar-a-Lago

Raids have consequences

By now if you have not heard of the FBI raid at President Trump’s Florida Mar-a-Lago residence, I can only assume you live under a rock. Ostensibly the FIBs executed a search warrant to seize several boxes of “classified” materials that President Trump allegedly removed from the White House. I’ll attempt to list some of what I remember from last night. Be forewarned, there is a good chance the story has changed since then and will change again in the future. Rather than try to nail down the “facts” I’ll detail my current perception. While my perception is likely to change as new information comes in, it is far easier to get down than to try to hit that moving target the feds call “facts”. Here goes:

The FIBs were looking for 15 boxes of classified information Trump was supposed to have removed from the White House upon his departure.

Opinion: this entire scenario is suspect. WHAT “classified” information? As in WHAT does this so-called information pertain to?

President Trump did not pack and carry 15 boxes of anything. GSA employees did the packing and toting.

Via Alan Dershowitz: Since Trump was in NEW YORK and NOT at Mar-a-Lago, executing a search warrant was improper procedure. A subpoena should have been issued instead to demand the materials.

Via Miranda Divine: There has been an ongoing conversion about the materials in question.

As President, Trump had the authority to declassify any materials – how does anyone know whether these materials are classified or not?

WHY then? Why send a raiding team? Opinion: The globalists care only about optics. They know exactly how this looks. To me this says they don’t give a hoot about our Constitution. Too bad for them.

WHAT prevents the FIBs or anyone else in this corrupt administration from planting any classified documents needed to crucify Trump?

Putting It All Together

Let’s start with the optics, how this all looks. As I mentioned above, the globalists are not only aware of the optics, they are masters at manipulating them. So… what can we make of this? Simply put, they want to demonstrate their power. They want to show the world they can do what they want, where they want, to anyone they want. They fear nothing and nobody. Now, what are the implications of this?

Many have said too many times to count, if they can do this to President Trump, who is safe? I’ve said as much myself. Indeed, who can escape the evil clutches of the globalists? One can only conclude is this is exactly what they want us to think. Again, their sole purpose is to strike fear into the hearts of anyone who dares oppose them. We cannot escape. But wait! There’s more!

Consider just some of the blatant corruption we’ve witnessed over the past few years. They called Ronald Reagan the “Teflon President”. He had nothing on the Clintons, the Obamas, or the Bidens. The Bushes are often overlooked. While the Bushes were indeed comparatively low-keyed, they are just as culpable as the others. Let’s just focus on the Biden’s for now.

Of course, there’s the “big guy”, Joe Biden himself. His own son, Hunter, called him that. While never specifically naming Daddy as “the big guy”, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out the reference. Not to mention Joe Bobo’s own bragging in front of video cameras he knew were rolling. His own corruption extends beyond his own political career once you include the times he was caught plagiarizing the works of others as far back as his college days. Then there is his wife Jill. The most startling revelation is the photo of her sitting on Bobo’s lap, apparently when he was wed to another and she was the Biden’s teenage babysitter. At the very least it is suggestive. Pages allegedly taken from daughter Ashley’s diary detail showers she and Daddy Joe took together, not to mention writing she was molested. Hunter himself is a mess. He refers to Daddy Joe as “Pedo Peter”, he’s known for abusing drugs, sexcapades, and, apparently has some issues with pedophilia himself. Then there’s his “business dealings” with ten percent going to “the big guy”. Worse yet, I’m just scratching the surface here.

With all of the above said and done, has law enforcement raided any of the Biden clan? Hell no! In fact, the FIB’s DID raid the apartment of James O’Keefe, founder of Project Veritas, in search of Ashley’s diary (supposedly). This after O’Keefe declined to publish it as he could not verify its authenticity and subsequently turned it over to law enforcement, more than a year before the raid!

Numerous among the globalist elite enjoy the same sort of protection. Hillary Clinton’s residence was never raided though she absolutely possessed classified materials she should not have had. How do we know this? They were eventually turned over. Why wasn’t President Trump offered the same courtesy if he indeed ever was in possession of classified materials was he should not have? It was also widely reported she had set up a home server that only stored classified information but was vulnerable to hackers. In addition, it was reported she destroyed evidence and otherwise dodged efforts to hide her own illegal activities. Was her residence ever raided? No.

Nor has any investigation been alluded to concerning her husband, former President Clinton and his involvement with Jeffery Epstein and Epstein’s “Lolita Express”. In fact neither Clinton nor a single Epstein client has been charged with anything connected with the “Lolita Express” despite testimony of several minors during Ghislaine Maxwell’s child sex trafficking trail, as well as other revelations most would consider worthy of official scrutiny. For those of you still under that rock, the very term “Lolita” refers to underage girls. Epstein was convicted for molesting and prostituting underage children. According Newsweek, Epstein and Clinton were “like brothers”. While this claim has been disputed, it is widely known they were friends. Could this be due to shared interests?

Once one begins to take it all in, only one conclusion glares back: they don’t care how it looks. Or rather they are taunting us – daring us to say something – do something. No doubt the globalist elite spend hours in their posh private residences laughing at us all. They can do anything they want, anything and nobody can stop them. They are invincible. Aren’t they?

The Globalists Are Terrified of Trump!

This statement is made over and over again in many different ways. The elites want to ban Trump from running in 2024. He scares them. He intimidates them. They hate him. What they fail to understand is Trump is the least of their worries.

WE put Trump in office! Donald J. Trump is nothing without US! He wasn’t elected President because he was so great but because he began to state and promise those things WE wanted to hear! To his credit, he listened to us and acted on those things that mattered to US. Trump isn’t “magic”. The words “Make America Great Again” are not an incantation. They simply strike a chord that resonates with those of us who love our nation.

This land is OUR land! The Constitution of the United States is the LAW of our land. WE the PEOPLE are self-governing citizens. WE are in charge! The globalists need not fear Trump, they need to fear US because WE hold the true power. WE have the authority. WE are unstoppable.

Right now the globalists have the upper hand. Why? It’s all smoke and mirrors. Never in our history have the words “pay no attention to the man behind the curtain” ever been more relevant. The globalists have usurped power with slight of hand. They cannot hold on to it because their grip is precarious. Once WE the PEOPLE tear that curtain down, revealing the elites for the miserable shells they really are, their party is over.

Indeed the globalists fired shots at Mar-a-Lago, virtual as they might be, they were still a challenge. They are brazenly daring us to stop them. It’s time we stood up to meet that challenge.

Eyewitness to Ray Epps’ Involvement in J6 Revealed by Political Prisoner Sean McHugh

The article is below. I’ll toss in my two bits (inflation, you know)

The article from The Gateway Pundit includes a letter from political prisoner Sean McHugh who details his involvement and his interactions with Ray Epps on January 6, 2020.

As with all my posts, I am not going to declare the guilt or innocence of anyone. Such is for a court to decide. But what about “the court“? Can anyone who voted for or supported Donald J. Trump get a fair trial in Washington D. C.? I doubt it. So far my doubts have been reinforced rather than proven false by the juries themselves. Granted, I am convinced the prosecutors themselves are corrupt to the core but a fair jury can see through that. Kenosha is a prime example.  What about DC?

In the past 4 presidential elections the Democrat garnered over 90% of the vote. Biden had the second highest percentage ever, only topped by Nobama’s first run for office. Let that sink in. Joe Biden, by most all media accounts won with the largest margin in history, yet he still was only second to his former boss’ first tally. In the past 40 years only one candidate failed to collect less than 80% of the vote. That candidate was Jimmy Carter.

To be fair, I will disclose Trump won Kenosha in 2020 by a margin of 51-48% +/-. That said, if you scan the rest of the election results, many races were won overwhelmingly by Democrats.

Juries are selected from voter roles, so please tell me how such an unbalanced jury pool can be unbiased. Again, the proof is in the pudding. The one “not guilty” verdict was rendered by a judge, not a jury.

Regardless, I have and will continue to call for quick and speedy trials for all defendants. It has been over 18 months since the events of January 6. Many defendants are rotting in jails, some in atrocious and unconscionable conditions, with many reports of outright abuse for all or most of this time. This is wrong and unconstitutional. If someone, anyone, has broken laws then let’s bring them to justice. Accuse them in open court and present the evidence. Permitting citizens to rot in jail for an indeterminable time is not how we do things. Such is the case with Sean McHugh. Did he do wrong? Did he break laws? I don’t know, but as far as I’m concerned he’s served his time already and then some – at least with the information I have now.

Too much has been done behind closed doors, in secret. Again, this is not America!

Read the article below. Make up  your own mind about the information presented. That said, please join me in advocating for those in charge to put up or shut up. Give the January 6 political prisoners their day in court – now – or release them.

“RAY EPPS RECRUITED ME!” – Political Prisoner Writes Tell-All Letter From Prison About His Experience with the Notorious Operative Ray Epps

Independence Day and Beyond and a new substack article

Okay, okay, first things first – I posted an article “Happy Independence Day” on substack July 4th in lieu of Tuesday’s regular article. What I didn’t do (obviously) is post a link here, as well as elsewhere. While it is still relevant, it is not exactly timely. So gripe if you want to.

Next up – Prepare for yet another attack on our G0d-given rights.

As far as I’m concerned, it’s well past time for some common sense politician control. Seriously (apparently Kameltoe’s word of the day), who died and made these politicians God anyhow? Of course, I refer to the knee-jerk, fully-automatic, military-style rhetoric spewing from the mouth of every socialist authoritarian politician concerning the now infamous shooting at Highland Park, Illinois.

No, I will not go into the well-word details on the number of dead (God rest their souls and be with their families), the kook behind the trigger, the media madness or any of the rest of the circus spontaneously combusting from this tragic event. Instead I’ll laser focus on the aftermath.

As with Las Vegas, Buffalo, Uvade, or any number of like tragedies, do not expect to see a forensic evaluation of what exactly happened from me or anyone else, including, or especially law enforcement. You might see a great deal of speculation about the involvement of nefarious organizations, including some tax-payer funded entities. It has already been reported the FIBs knew about this kook. I’ll leave it at that.

Back to the aftermath, we all know what’s coming. Already, the announcements are inundating the airwaves and cyberspace. It won’t be long before a slew of bills are introduced or dusted off. I already posted on the substact article Here We Are… Again (kinda eerily prophetic, ain’t it?) about HR127. That bill is Sheila Jackson Lee’s legislative gun control vibrator, sure to bring the entire left to new orgasmic heights should it ever pass.  Believe it or don’t there are other, even more sensual bills waiting in the wings.

To date, Virginias Nick Freitas said it best before the Virginia Assembly back in 2018 (okay it only seems prophetic but really it only seems that way because the authoritarians have nothing new at all to add to their playbook.)

He first came to my attention when he gave another speech, one I feel was even more powerful because he stated unequivocally that the controllers only want one thing… more control.

Mark Robinson – now NC’s Lt. Governor – spoke for the majority, i.e. law abiding citizens here:

The authoritarians, the gun controllers have nothing new, but that doesn’t stop them. Nothing will stop them until  WE stop them cold and tell them NO! Our rights are God-given and you cannot have them.

They have no authority to take them.

Our rights – ALL of our rights – are not only God-given but we hold them in trust. It is OUR duty to preserve them.

The controllers only want control, control they have no right to. They are usurpers. They are thieves and liars. They are evil and we cannot stand for it.

It is time for common sense politician control. We the People need to take back the reins from these sycophants who lay at the feet of their masters, those money-men who bought them.

We need to put people on office who will represent us. They are rarely to be found in any political party. I’d say men such as Nicolas Freitas and Mark Robinson are the exception rather than the rule. We need more willing to stand up and be heard as they have.

J6 “Protester” Rachel Powell

You’ve heard of Ray Epps, right? No one can say for sure but many, including myself, suspect Mr. Epps was working for somebody trying to stir up trouble. From what I’ve seen of the videos of Mr. Epps, I have no problem seeing him brought up on charges.  Yet he remains free. Why? I’ll come right out and say it, if he wasn’t working for the FBI directly, he was working for whoever was really directing the madness on J6. They were NOT on the side of us deplorables! Does anyone think he worked alone?

Well, meet Rachel Powell.

Dear Rachel is under house arrest. She has not suffered like so many J6 protesters. Strange that considering the videos included in the above article. Unlike so many who merely walked into the capital and looked around or, horror!, put his feet on Princess Nancy’s hallowed desk, the video shows a woman, said to be Ms. Powell, armed with an “ice axe” (someone identified this tool as a Gearwrench Extendable Indexible Pry Bar“), drops the weapon she apparently brought with her to smash a window with a handy battering ram that just happened to be laying around. I’m sure it simply dropped out of someone’s back pocket.

The article reveals much more startling information about this actor. Nobody knows who she is really or whom she was working for, if anyone. However, unlike so many others suffering in inhumane and unconstitutional conditions, she remains in the comfort of her Pennsylvania home, ostensibly under “house arrest.” Wink, wink.

Meanwhile, back at the Capital, the show must go on.

Substack articles links – Is It Too Late for Our Nation? / White Supremacy, Insurrection, and Gun Violence

Substack articles this past week

I am attempting to post consistently on Tuesdays and Thursdays

June 9:

Is It Too Late for Our Nation?

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White Supremacy, Insurrection, and Gun Violence

and the true weapons of war

Posting Articles to Substack

On Saturday I began posting articles on Substack. My goal is to build a larger audience. What does this mean for TLC? I don’t know. I doubt if I can keep up both as writing posts/articles is very time consuming for me. It’s been hard enough trying to be consistent with this blog. I’m starting out with the aim to post twice a week to Substack. At this point, there is no paid version but this may change. If anyone bothered to look, my “donation meter” hasn’t budged in like forever. Whatever my posts have been valued at, monetarily they are apparently worthless. So be it.

For what this is worth, the first article is below

No Joe Biden, you CANNOT control our guns
My reply to Biden’s pronouncement


The second article posted this morning.

White Supremacy, Insurrection, and Gun Violence
and the true weapons of war


Was January 6 Deja Vu?

Yesterday I watched a film that made my jaw drop. It was based on a historical event that happened right here in the US of A. All I could think as I watched this movie was – January 6. Yet the events of this story occurred more than a century ago. There were some similarities in the circumstances of both events but for the most part they were very different. Only the reaction was, in some ways, a carbon copy of how our government is handling what occurred on that day.

The movie is The Conspirator. It is by no whiff of the imagination a “right wing propaganda piece”. In fact, in some other light, just the opposite is more likely to be inferred.

It is the story of Mary Surratt. She was a southern woman, a Confederate supporter who ran a boarding house in Washington D. C. when Lincoln was shot. She was implicated in the plot to assassinate the President, Vice-President Johnson and  Secretary of State Seward because her son, a friend of John Wilkes Booth and, allegedly a co-conspirator met at her boarding house to further their plans.  Here are some of the similarities I saw.

(spoiler alert!)






Mary Surratt was charged because of her proximity to some of the bad actors.

Little or no evidence was forthcoming.

The evidence that was presented was thin, at best, and possibly false.

She was held without bail until trial in a dank cell. Though I imagine it may be better accommodations than those of some J6 prisoners and she was likely treated better.

The prosecution stacked the deck against her. A civilian, she was tried by a military court rather than a jury of her peers in a civilian court.

She was going to be tried to appease those who abhorred the assassination.

While she was found guilty, her original sentence was life rather than hanging.

The powers that be demanded and got the death penalty for her.

A writ of habeas corpus was obtained, granting her a civilian trial. The writ was overruled by President Johnson, who had zero authority to do so.

Of course, this dark chapter in our history envelopes the worst moment of our nation. In fact, one could say, and yes, I do say it, if our constitution was followed, this nation as it stands today would not exist at all.

The Confederates were not “rebels”. These sovereign southern states did not attempt to “overthrow” the Union, they seceded – they opted out.  It was their absolute right. Now I am not going to debate their intentions or the merits or demerits of their contentions. What I will say is they had every right to act as they did, even if they were wrong.

The Union had already trashed the Constitution many times over. Thus the monkey trial of Mary Surratt pales by comparison. Yet the total disregard for her rights as a citizen and as a human being should glare as a festering sore on this nation’s history.

It is not the first, the only nor the last time the powers that illegitimately be, have trampled on the rights of us citizens – individually and as a group. Every instance is an affront to our sovereignty as citizens.

Someone once put forth an analogy concerning illicit sex that works here. He said illicit sex was like duct tape. Used once the very strong adhesive binds two together so it is very difficult to separate them. However once the tape is removed and applied to another and the bond becomes weaker. When repeated over and over again, eventually there is not enough adhesive to bond at all.

The same thing can be said for our rights as enumerated in the Constitution. Each time an amendment is “temporarily” lifted from our founding document it needs to be bound back in but each time the bond is weaker. At some point, a point we are dangerously close to, the bond will be too weak to stick at all.

Don’t take my word for it, watch The Conspirator for yourself. Compare that story with the plight of the J6 political prisoners. The details are different for sure but the substance – the stark obliteration of these citizens’ rights to appease a handful of political cockroaches, if not to deflect attention and shelter them from their own treasonous actions, is glaring.