False Flags – February 2022 Edition

This is happening with greater and greater frequency and they are far more widespread than just the US.

At this point, I am convinced the “attempted abduction of Michigan’s governor” as well as the January 6th “insurrection” were both false flag operations.

Just yesterday the Biden misAdministration announced knowledge of Russian plans for a Ukrainian false flag operation. All I could think of was, if the Russians are planning a false flag, they must be taking notes, if not lessons from our government.

Amazingly, this comes on the heels of an article from The Saker reporting of a “High probability of a major false flag PSYOP in the Ukraine” and they ain’t talking of a Russian operation!

Hopping around the internet today, I came across the video below. I This report is mind boggling.

Was the Vaccine the End Game All Along?

Much ado has been made about the Covid virus. Where did it come from? How? What is “gain of function” research and what part did it play? Who funded the research? What part did Anthony Fauci play? Most on my mind… why is the jab still being pushed?

This last led me to explore something more insidious… was the vaccine the point all along? (pun not intended) It makes the most sense of anything when the whole picture is seen from a few steps back.

Fauci funded the gain of function research with US taxpayer money. The purpose was likely to develop a bioweapon… or was it? If the China Flu was a bioweapon it was a lousy one. Untreated, the mortality rate is a laugh, if not merely a yawn. Sure it was virulent but early on we all know it was treatable. The problem was, the treatments were being shoved aside in the push for a vaccine. A few months ago, I dared pose the question: why don’t we have a real vaccine? You know, one like scientists produce every year to combat new strains of the flu. It turns out that the China Flu is very similar to the common cold, something scientists have so far failed to find a vaccine for. As such, developing a vaccine for this virus seems inherently problematic. Could this be part of the design? Thus the “need” for a new technology, the mRNA jab. But wait a minute! Some things still don’t fit.

First of all, we now know – KNOW – the vaccine was available before the first outbreak. Evidence exists referencing the jab as early as December 2019. All of this points to a plan, but what was the plan? (For those of you jumping up yelling “conspiracy theorist!”, sit down and shut up. Call it what you will, I’m examining evidence here.) Well, so far we were only at the very start of this world-wide panic-emic and already we have a cure, then a disease, both funded by US taxpayer dollars. The very same person who oversaw the funding (of the virus development at least) is the person who is shutting the lid on treatment, calling hydroxychloroquine, a drug used for over 40 years, dangerous and ineffective. Today, entering the term on a well-known search engine still produces a claim that it simply doesn’t work for the China Flu. A search for Ivermectin produces a similar response. The fact is several safe, effective and inexpensive treatments for the China Flu have been identified, yet Big Tech, Big Pharma, Big Medicine, and our own taxpayer-funded government all tout a vaccine while downplaying treatment. It gets worse.

Florida is a prime example. Governor DeSantis has lead the fight in that state against the China Flu and against all those who spew the party line concerning the approach to combat this virus. The results seen in Florida are staggering. They defy all the naysayers with fewer hospitalizations, fewer deaths and far more recoveries than every single entity spouting vaccinations over early treatment. Florida is freer and safer despite sporting an older than average population – ranked #2 in the nation. Doesn’t this seem strange considering the China Flu is considered most deadly for the elderly? And yet, rather than championing the state with the greatest success against this virus, instead of emulating their methods, Governor DeSantis is consistently derided. Why?

Every day, more and more evidence piles up against the most highly touted “defense” against the China Flu – the jab. Every day reports surface from researchers, scientists and doctors warning of heath dangers directly related to the “vaccine”. (The term is in quotes because the definition of a vaccine had to be changed to call the mRNA jab a vaccine. Prior to the change, the jab, by definition could NOT be called a vaccine.) These dangers include heart issues, including but not limited to myocarditis (inflammation of the heart), testicular swelling in men, menstrual issues in women, and a sharp rise in miscarriages and stillbirths. The latest “official” response to Omicron, the newest variant is “get vaccinated” even though even Pfizer admits their “vaccine” has no effect on the variant. Setting aside the health issues for a moment, one might ask, “what is the logic for jab mandates?”. Good question.

By now, countless US citizens alone have been fired for refusing to take the jab. This includes health care workers. Health care workers? Yes, those very individuals who worked tirelessly throughout the pandemic long before there was any protection other than the standard “universal precautions” long practiced in health care facilities. If anyone should have an inside track on the advantages or contraindications of taking the jab, it would be these fine folk. They chose to lose their job rather than take a jab. They are not alone but they are among the most knowledgeable. Again, why the mandates?

Logically speaking, the jab is intended to protect the person taking it from the virus. Big Pharma goes so far as to admit the highest hope to be achieved from the jab is to lesson the severity or prevent death. From that standpoint then, vaccinations should be a matter of personal choice. One argument brought forth is one should take the jab to prevent the spread of the virus. However the data refutes this argument. The jab does NOT prevent the spread. In fact, the data tells us multiple jabs actually weakens one’s immune system, possibly against more than just this one virus. Nor do the mandates exempt anyone who has gained natural immunity. In short, logic, as well as science actually presents a stronger case against the jab in most cases.

If one were to follow the science and come to a logical conclusion, then we would be encouraged to live a healthy lifestyle because the biggest risk of dying from the China Flu is from having four or more comorbidities. Add to this, early treatment, including prophylactic treatment for those who are in high-risk circumstances or suspect exposure. These factors alone, in real-life clinical application have resulted in a scant number of hospitalizations and zero deaths among those patients whose doctors have approached the virus thus. In other words, clinical results have already proven this logic to be sound.

With a flood of evidence to support this logical approach, why then, is the “official” stance not only to encourage vaccinations but to mandate them at every opportunity? Why are we seeing a proliferation of “vaccine passport” requirements demanding proof of vaccination to enter public spaces? Returning to logic, I can only conclude one thing: the “vaccine” was the end game all along.

To believe this is to not only believe in evil but it is to believe evil people in positions of power are flexing their muscles to rain death and illness on the citizens of the world. This is a hard pill to swallow. What else is there?

One could suggest or even insist that the virus was, in itself, an experimental biological weapon gone awry. From there one could say that it was either released by accident or on purpose. Either choice brings us to the same place – a world where a virus would sweep the planet. Fine. Then the global reaction to this virus must be considered. In all but a few bubbles of sanity, lockdowns and draconian measures were implemented. The effectiveness of nearly all of these countermeasures has now been entirely refuted. Were these countermeasures the result of worldwide panic? Maybe. If such was the case then why ignore the results of those who didn’t panic? Why dismiss any thought of treatment despite encouraging early successes? If our planet was desperately grasping at anything in an effort simply to survive, why ignore possible treatments? This is not only illogical, it defies logic.

Again, there were many opportunities for cooler heads to prevail. Mostly these cooler heads only gained ground when they could isolate themselves from the herd. It has been suggested, many of those in positions of authority simply saw opportunities to seize more power and did just than. Okay, let’s just say for tickles and grins this is true. Does that make their actions acceptable? No. Not for a second. What this assumption fails to explain is why these power-hungry mongrels are still hanging on to their usurped “authority”. Nor does it make a case for them not being evil. Next point. How can the authoritarians continue to justify the push for 100% vaccinations? To do so they ignore the data, they ignore the health issues, they ignore all common sense. Anybody contending the authoritarians are that ignorant are either complicit or stupid. Take your pick.

So what kind of scenario supports my theory? Here it is:

Pre-December 2019 – NIH funds viral gain of function research to develop fast-spreading, seriously dangerous virus to unleash as a biological weapon. Either at this time or shortly thereafter, they also funded mRNA research.

Also Pre-December 2019 – at some point, it was determined that while the mRNA product had a modest effect as an antiviral agent, it was potentially more deadly than the virus it was supposed to prevent. It was, in effect, a better biological weapon than the virus itself but without the potential to spread independently. Someone birthed the idea to release the virus and then promote the vaccine as the cure.

December 2019 – The vaccine was ready as was the virus itself.

January 2020 – release the virus! Convince President Trump a vaccine was indeed possible and could be ready within a few months, possibly before the election.

March 2020 –  From March to November 2020, the federal government awarded contracts and agreements to six vaccine companies to accelerate the development of safe and effective COVID-19 vaccines while balancing
the risk to the government in doing so.

March 2020 – President Trump indicates hydroxychloroquine may be effective against the virus. The medical establishment quickly dismisses this as “unproven”. In fact, the NIH seems far more interested in studying President Trump’s statements than they are in finding early treatments.

May 2020 – Operation Warp Speed announced by President Trump. [I believe Trump may have been a patsy here. While it is certainly possible he was complicit, he consistently demonstrated a talent for trusting the wrong people while in office. I have to admit, I was taken in by Fauci myself in the beginning.]

May 2020 Remdesivir is approved for use for virus patients. The problem is, at least one doctor who actually treated patients, found this treatment not only ineffective but deadly. In fact Science.org published an article stating, at best, Remdesivir is ineffective in treating Covid. In addition, some physicians strongly oppose the use of ventilators while treating Covid patients. The consensus was by the time a ventilator was needed, it was often too late for the patient. Early treatment was preferred.

January 2021 – Initial doses of the vaccines become available. Many on the left sneered at the vaccines from the time Operation Warp Speed was first announced. They didn’t trust it. They weren’t going to take it, and on and on. Once Joe Biden took office, he did all but plagiarize the jab as his own baby, but, he said, of course it would wrong to make it mandatory.

Today – Mandates have forced many from their jobs, including those in the military, health care, first responder positions, and more. The left has gone from total contempt to fully embracing the jab, even to the point of advocating incarceration of those who refuse it. The media has endorsed and cajoled the public to the point where multiple jabs are displayed as badges of honor. In short, the world has gone full nuthouse.

Step by step, we’ve seen progression from a rumors warning of a “leak” of a virus to panic to full-fledged fear, pumped up by every propaganda source available, complete with graphs and graphics depicting up to the minute death rolls. Once the vaccines rolled out each new viral wave heralded calls to “get vaccinated!” then “get your booster!”. It seems enough people do not die from the first jab so more and more are needed to boost the death toll. Despite an avalanche of evidence and real-life results proving early treatment is key to conquering this virus, only the jab carries the blessing of the authoritarians. Thus, I can only conclude the jab is the brass key the globalists wanted to shove down our throats from the start. The jab IS the end game.

If the jab is the end game, what next? All over the world, the people are waking up and pushing back against those who would stick us until we die. The jig is up or so it seems. Have we won? Not yet, we haven’t. It looks good for our team for round one. We took it in the hip but we fought our way out. But the globalists are no fools, nor are they likely to simply give up. They’ve been at this a long time. They have patience and tenacity. They also now have proof of concept. They’ll be back.

God Bless Nancy Pelosi

While she says she’s a practicing Catholic, somewhere in my mind I see herscreaming in an unholy terror when someone says God Bless you. Well, Nancy, get ready for this… I forgive you. Sure it’s what Jesus said to do…

Mark 11:25 And when ye stand praying, forgive, if ye have ought against any: that your Father also which is in heaven may forgive you your trespasses.

26 But if ye do not forgive, neither will your Father which is in heaven forgive your trespasses.

But even more than that, I’ve found it simply takes too much energy to hold unforgiveness against anyone. And if any soul on this earth is undeserving of my energy, you’re in the front of the line.

Forgiveness aside, I do not believe it is ungodly to unveil this woman’s evil so we can all see it for what it is. Surely much of what she has done, she’s done openly and, is quite brazen about it. In my last post I regaled my readers with her past failures – her utterly disastrous ACA effort, her impeachment proceedings and her January 6 committee. These are only the highlights of her unseemly efforts. To dig deeper, it is necessary to expand our view. Fair warning, these are things, once viewed, that cannot be unseen.

Now, I know this is hard for many of us. I, personally resist the urge to don a garlic necklace and hold up a cross whenever I hear her speak. I would, too, if I believed in such fairy tales. However you must, grit your teeth and listen to what Nancy Pelosi says. Take notes. Here’s the key to everything she says… when she speaks of anyone who opposes her, when she accuses anyone of anything, she is really talking about herself and her own hoards.

Inssurection? Nancy and company? Treason? Yep. Terrorism? You bet. As I pointed out in an earlier post, Nancy and her party are the true insurrectionists. They began in earnest when Donald Trump was first elected President. Her and her deep state cronies, along with other minor minions, were at the forefront of the Russian collusion hoax. January 6? Who refused National Guard protection? Can anyone actually believe they didn’t know President Trump would draw a massive crowd? Were they blind to his rallies? This is not to even suggest there was any intent at all on Trump supporters to break any laws whatsoever, but with crowds of these sizes, it would be wise to take all the help one could get. Yet, Nancy P, the person in charge of Capital security, refused. She might be on more solid ground accusing President Trump of insurrection had SHE requested extra hands and Trump refused but no, it didn’t happen that way, did it?

Now Ms. Speaker is accusing republican controlled states of trying to ruin democracy by passing legislation ensuring true and accurate counts of legitimate voters. What does she want instead? A voting free for all where anyone can vote whether they are citizens or not, or even whether they are in the country legally or not. Heck, she likely doesn’t care if they vote at all. If someone doesn’t want to vote, they’ll vote for them per ballot harvesting. I wouldn’t be surprised if she snuck in legislation paving the way for the dead to vote. It’s not like they haven’t voted democrat already for years – this would just validate those votes.

With everything going on, I’m wondering when she’s going to start accusing her opponents of insider trading. Maybe that is too close to home now that people are looking closely at her own stock trades. This is not to say Nancy Pelosi is corrupt. In fact she must be some sort of financial whiz considering her net worth tops $100 million. That is extraordinary considering her career of self public service. I just wish she’d use some of her financial genius to help balance the national budget.

As her career in politics extends for so many years, it would take volumes to account for all the damage she’s done to our nation, not to mention her current home state of California. At least I think she still lives there. Word is, she’s just bought new digs in Jupiter Florida to the tune of about $25 mil. Of course a Grrrgle search turns up loads of “fact checks” denying the report. So I did my own fact check just to see. What did I find? Funny you should ask. My results were inconclusive. Zillow reports a sale of a property at 429 S Beach Rd, Hobe Sound, FL 33455 for $24 mil on Dec 23, 2021. Property records (the Palm Beach County Appraiser system or PAPA) show no such sale at all to anybody. Ain’t that strange? It was not easy to find this search engine, nor all that simple to use but eventually I searched for ALL the properties in Palm Beach County sold in the last 90 days with the word “south”. I didn’t find any properties selling for that amount. None. Not even close. The closest sale was $2.5 mil. Next I performed a county-wide search of all large properties sold within the last six months. While I came up with 2068 properties (I went with $1 plus – big mistake) nothing showed up in the $22-$27 mil range in Jupiter. Nor did any come up with anything resembling Nancy Pelosi. Now there were some purchases in the name of trusts in that range. None in Jupiter. None screamed “Nancy Pelosi”. At this point such is pure speculation. As long as she doesn’t move next door to me (fat chance), I don’t much care where her living corpse rots.

Before she became the Speaker of the House, I’d never heard of Nancy Pelosi. Since that time she has proven herself as an effective democrat sycophant with a talent for forwarding the democrat, read socialist/communist. agenda. That said, she’s also been effective in proving what a train wreck her party’s platform really is. The thing to keep in mind, their agenda, like their proclamations are not their true goal. What she and her ilk are actually working towards is the complete and utter destruction of our Constitutional Republic. She really does want to move the nation towards “democracy”, i. e. mob rule. Once The Party controls every election without question they can then move, either covertly or overtly to autocracy.

As we say in the South, Nancy, Bless Your Heart.

Thank You Nancy Pelosi


It is well past time to show appreciation for the Democrat’s legislative, political and, dare I say, spiritual leader – the Speaker of the House of Representatives… Nancy Pelosi. From her efforts to push through the ACA, the Affordable Care Act or Obamacare (maybe it should have been called Pelosicare) in 2010 to her overseeing not one but two successful impeachment efforts of Donald J.Trump to her forging ahead with the January 6 House committee, we Americans owe her a deep and heartfelt debt of gratitude.

From my past posts you may wonder if I the above is tongue and cheek. Not at all. Have I experienced a new wokeness? A change of heart? No. Have I gone totally nuts? Well… that’s beside the point. The fact is I mean it and I mean it sincerely. You see…

What suddenly dawned on me was the true value of all Speaker Pelosi has accomplished. During her reign as Queen of the Democrats she has proven beyond any shadow of a doubt how totally inept her party is. The ACA was disastrous. Even after it was rendered somewhat benign, it continues to spew out toxic puss on our nation’s citizens. While she succeed in impeaching President Trump twice, her efforts only highlighted the desperation of her party to be seen as relevant. She failed. Miserably. In both cases, her impeachments turned out to be a freak show with her own prosecution supplying the freaks. It was worse than Geraldo’s opening of Al Capone’s vaults. It was more disappointing of Dallas’ dream season. There was no fizz in the can at all. None.

This brings us to Nancy’s January 6 committee debacle. It has now been over a year since this event. She still insists on calling it an “insurrection” even though no one has uncovered enough evidence to even charge anyone with insurrection. This from a Department of Justice that loves nothing more than to accuse now and scramble for evidence later, now matter how long an accused, though innocent until proven guilty in a court of law, rots in a jail cell – often in inhumane conditions unstable for a rabid dog. Nobody with a sliver of conscience denies laws were broken that day. Unlike scores of prosecutors scattered across our nation, nobody is demanding anyone be released without significant bail or not prosecuted at all. We citizens, support, nay demand justice be served in all cases. Justice. Not persecution. There is a difference.

Yet Nancy Pelosi’s January 6 committee once again proves how inept she is as a speaker, possibly as a human being. As the lead representative for her party she is the poster child for what is wrong with the democrats. So, as a citizen who embraces our Constitutional Republic and our God-given freedoms enumerated by our founding document, I applaud Nancy Pelosi. We only need to open our eyes to see her “accomplishments”. Then we can understand how brilliantly she contrasts the principles of our nation.

Thank you Nancy Pelosi. You are a shining example of everything those of us who love freedom do not want in our representatives. If there ever was a silver-tongued serpent spewing out delicious sounding phrases entirely impregnated with deadly poison, it would look and sound exactly like you.

Note: this is the second of two parts of my examination of Nancy Pelosi and her reign as Queen of the Democrats. Stay tuned for more.

Response to “What Constitution?” Comment

Ken Lane over at Knuckledraggin My Life Away added this comment to a post he made:

Our Constitution isn’t anything more than a museum piece to 90% of our politicians and at least 50% of our citizens.

Ken, you are so right. The problem is exacerbated by the fact that we’ve all been duped. Many decry the brainwashing of our children by public “educators” today. The sad fact is, we’ve all been brainwashed to a certain extent. Public education brainwashing began decades before any of us were born. John Dewey (1859-1952) is largely credited with championing the farce we now call “education”.

After the Rittenhouse verdict, “protesters” in Chicago called for communism to be implemented. Recently pResident Joe Biden all but proclaimed “democracy” a failure and autocracy as the solution. The left yearns for “revolution” while the right anticipates Civil War II. All of these attempt to reject our Constitution in favor of who knows what?

Consider the statement by Joe Biden. He starts out by asking “can Democracy function”? No matter what anyone says about what he says afterword, his premise is totally wrong! Why? Because our nation is NOT a “democracy”. It is a Constitutional Republic!

Time and time again, I have stated this important distinction. Why? Because the first attack on our Constitution is denying it even exists! Calling our system a “democracy” denies the truth. Our system is a representative republic deriving authority from our Constitution.

As citizens, we further this fraud every time we bemoan “the government”. Why? Because WE are the government! We are self-governing citizens who elect representatives to “take care of business” in our stead. They, in turn, hire employees to manage day to day tasks. All if this is paid for by us taxpayers. IF our representatives and/or our employees are not doing their jobs to our satisfaction, it is OUR responsibility to hold them accountable.

Why, then, do people protest in the streets? They do so because they are ignorant. They neither understand nor comprehend our system of government. Likewise, we citizens are ignorant because we have consistently allowed those we choose to represent us to ignore us.

We have allowed the “two party” system to battle for control of our nation. Both parties have the same goal. That goal is to expand the control and influence of their party. By allowing them to fight things out according to their “philosophical” differences, we have ceded control to the party bosses and those who own them. We’ve traded our constitutional republic, a “bottom up” system where self-governing citizens maintain control by holding our representatives accountable to a “top down” system where control lays in the hands of those who can afford to buy the politicians.

Our Constitution is far more than the document. It is not a mere tattered piece of paper languishing in the National Archives. It is us. It is WE the People. The Constitution is the law of the land because We the People declare it so. The Constitution acknowledges our God-given authority to govern ourselves.

We don’t need no stinking civil war. We don’t need no stinking “revolution”. We only need to stand up and claim our birthright – our right to rule and to hold those we’ve chosen accountable to represent our interests and to act accordingly.

A New Day Dawns Upon Our Republic

By the grace of God Almighty, I have been lifted from the despair of watching our nation crumble before our eyes as He grants us a reprieve.

This almost plays out like a Saturday matinee melodrama. The nation is tied to a log heading for the razor-sharp blade of a buzz saw. The whine of the saw fills our ears as we draw ever so close while the villain’s evil laugh rises above the drone. At the last second, our hero snatches the helpless waif from certain death and, once again, foils the villain’s evil plan. And just like in this exciting episode, the villain escapes so he may once again return with yet another dastardly plan.

Just like in the movies, the democrats have slunk off into a slimy hole where they are licking their wounds and planning their next attack. They aren’t going away boys and girls. The question is: where do we go from here?

Let’s start with an overview, shall we? Beginning with what actually happened on November 2, the citizens of Virginia spoke. I would be remiss if I did not acknowledge the fact that our voice was not the only one but it was the loudest. The pundits will wrangle around this event in an attempt to figure out exactly what we said. They will miss the point. It is not what we said. It is what we did that is most noteworthy.

We came out en mass to reclaim our birthright – our representative, constitutional republic. As one commentator, Sean Hannity pointed out, it is only one step towards the redemption of our nation. But it was a very important step. I entirely agree with what Hannity had to say about what the Republicans need to focus on moving forward:

Liberty, freedom, capitalism, a constitutionally limited government should be in the forefront of our message. He had more to say on this. I believe the message should be simplified even more. Every message should pass this litmus test: does it promote liberty?

For me, liberty and freedom are interchangeable. If someone could clearly distinguish between the two, I’d be happy to listen. As for capitalism, I like to think more in terms of free markets – as it promoting the freedom to produce, buy, sell and trade our goods, including our own labor, as we see fit. Above all, I dream of a truly limited government. In fact, I would support constitutional amendments to better close some “loopholes” that have allowed the dreadful expansion of government.

These loopholes include the language in the “general welfare” clause. To date the term general welfare seems to have taken on the meaning of “congress can doing any damn thing they want”. Whether or not this clause was intended to allow the federal government to transfer wealth at will, among other things, it needs to stop. It has transfigured the concept of a limited government to a policy of unlimited government power. The other loophole that concerns me most is the “treaty clause”. As written it has been suggested the President, along with two-thirds of the Senate may enter into a treaty with a foreign nation overruling our constitution. No. Simply no. Again, I care not if this was the actual intent of the founders or an oversight but this is unacceptable. Our constitution is THE law of the land and shall not be superseded by any entity other than God Almighty Himself. There are procedures in place to make changes in our constitution. Any modification can be accomplished with those.

How can we go about this? We have already begun. Now we need to take what we’ve learned in recent years and apply these principles diligently. For the most part, I am pointing to the Second Amendment Sanctuary movement and the “Mama Bear” movement. This last refers to what I feel may be the most significant factor in the 2021 Victory in Virginia. The most prominent battle in this election focused on vocal parents at local school boards. Loudoun County in Virginia was the center of this scrap. It galvanized the Commonwealth by drawing attention to the push to included Critical Race Theory in Virginia curriculums. A lessor related topic was the inclusion of pornographic materials, aimed at our children in our school libraries. As things heated up the National School Board Association worked with the Biden Administration and Merrick Garland’s DOJ to essentially declare parents who voiced disagreement domestic terrorists. Bad idea.

In an effort to desensationalize the domestic terrorist debacle, Garland insists his memo to the FBI focused on “threats of violence” or some such nonsense. Why nonsense? First thing, as I’ve stated before in another post, any “violent” acts ensuing from these school board meetings are a local, rather than federal matter. The DOJ and the FBI have no jurisdiction. Period. If they want to cry “terrorism”, fine. We can fix that by severely limiting how they can legally define terrorism. Better yet, we can require a special act of Congress in order to involve any federal agency in a suspected terrorist situation. Whatever the “intentions” of Garland’s DOJ memo, the effect was clear and the blowback was intense.

Both the 2A Sanctuary movement and the Mama Bear movement clearly demonstrate we citizens still have muscle to flex. WE the PEOPLE DO have the power. Our authority as self-governing citizens forming a representative government was confirmed. This is OUR nation. WE have the final say in how we are governed. What we need to do now is keep pushing. Indeed, we need to push harder. We need to step up and declare our will to our representatives and our employees in government. WE pay the bills. They are in their respective positions to serve US.

My vision for how to move forward is to gather together county by county, both in person and online. From there we can associate with other like-minded counties in our respective states and nationally. Like the 2A movement we can support and encourage each other and share ideas. We can band together to influence our state and federal representatives.

I am encouraged already. One week ago I thought I was seeing the end of our nation. Today I face a ray of hope, a ray so strong I cannot look straight at it for fear of going blind. It is a wonderful, warm ray. Let us thank God Almighty for this reprieve. We can demonstrate our thankfulness by seizing this moment and reclaiming our birthright – our representative constitutional republic.


I was wrong!

HALLELUJAH – (Praise God!)

As I write this, Glenn Youngkin has been  declared the winner.  The question now is… will this stand?

Remember how I predicted a McAwful win. I stated the democrats will steal the election? Well, it ain’t over. Enter Fairfax County Virginia.

It is the most populous county in the Commonwealth. Even before election day, they were caught allowing illegal ballots to be counted.

Now we wait for the mail-in ballots to be tallied. This is not just in Fairfax but statewide. The current margin for Youngkin is slim, less than 100,000 votes. It looks to me like there is plenty of opportunity to turn the tide by stuffing some ballot boxes.

Here are some details:

Youngkin held a ten plus point margin well into election night. At one point he had a margin of  over 220,000 votes. That spread started slipping after the tally reached about 80%.  What happened? The massively populated, mostly democratic counties started pouring in vote tallies.

Years ago, at least one observer compared voting systems with modern lottery systems. One can “vote” for a lottery drawing right up until the numbers are drawn. Millions of “votes” are taken and instantly tallied and the winners of  those “votes” are instantly known.  The question is then raised – if a lottery system can be run so efficiently, why is our voting system so cumbersome?

There are a lot of reasons not to trust the way our votes are counted. This should not be. In a nation as modern and technically advanced as our, the integrity of our voting system should be unquestionable. But there is a deeper issue at hand.

Time and time again, I saw different pundits debate whether Virginia is a blue, deep blue or purple state. Really? Has any of them actually looked at the maps? You know  the maps  am talking about – those maps that show county by county voting.  Has anyone else notice the overwhelming RED areas of the maps, indicting republican votes? Many of those I saw last night approached 90% red votes!

This is an example of true democracy, i.e. mob rule, where the heavily populated, deeply liberal areas of the Commonwealth dictate how the rest of the state is to live.  It is bad enough to find oneself under their collective thumbs but then we have to watch them like hawks so they don’t cheat. In the very rural area where I live, those I’ve seen guarding the election are almost above reproach. This is not because they are inherently more honest as much as there is little room for cheating.  One person checks my ID, announces my name to another who crosses me off the role, indicating that, yes, I did show up to vote. Then I’m handed my form, fill it out and scan it.

This is a far cry from the descriptions I’ve heard of long lines of so-called voters, many who either cannot speak English or  even recite their date of birth or address, much less provide valid identification being allowed to vote. Do I exaggerate? Consider the article linked above were during this election season in Fairfax County, illegal ballots were given a pass by election officials.

While I am not proposing any improvements at this time, I would like to see a move towards a republic form of electing statewide officials that give both more and lesser populated a fair say in how things are run.

For example: two years ago, the second amendment sanctuary movement swept through the Commonwealth. Despite this overwhelming county by county effort to ensure acknowledgment of our God-given, U. S. Constitutionally guaranteed right to keep and bear arms, our “representatives” in Richmond thumbed their noses at us and enacted draconian, unconstitutional laws. Why? Because they could get away with it.  Such shenanigans’ need to stop.

Should some semblance of sanity prevail and the reins of the Commonwealth again end up in the hands of those who value freedom over government control, these wrongs should be righted. But we need to somehow ensure the bulk of the Commonwealth will no longer be overruled by a mob.

Pray for Our Nation Today – Then Vote in VA and NJ

Today is election day in Virginia and New Jersey. I urge my fellow citizens in both states to vote. I urge all citizens and all brethren in Christ no matter where you life to pray for our nation.

My own prayer is for God’s will for the states and our nation. However I have also prayed for a reprieve from the current attacks by the controllers by granting victories for freedom loving candidates.

In recent days, Glenn Youngkin as alluded to being  a man of God, first by stating he and his wife prayed before making the final decision to run for Governor. Yesterday he made the case for equality of all by stating we are all of the body of Christ.

Both statements give me hope and also pause for thought. I do hope Youngkin prayed more than once about running for office. Also, I would like to further explore his thoughts on the body of Christ. Surely his understanding runs deeper than what he said on the campaign trail. Then again, I do not know who is audience was either.

Newt Gingrich was asked about the margin needed for a Youngkin win last night. He said it would have to be very large or the democrats would steal the election. He is so right. For a Republican victory today, the vote will need to be overwhelming. Remember Biden “won” Virginia by ten points. Right.

Today our nation is at a crossroads. I do believe God Almighty will grant us relief from this siege, but we must turn to Him now! He has done far more with far less, because He is God.

I leave you with this from Matt Redman – Did You Feel the Mountains Tremble?

They can and will tremble today but not without you!


Virginia Election – My Prediction And…

Last Wednesday, I predicted a McAwful win, stating the fix is in. Since then Glenn Youngkin has surged in the polls and now leads by one poll by a whopping eight points. This is a stark turnaround from lagging Terry “Eddie Haskell” McAuliffe by five points and then drawing to a dead heat. The two were in this dead heat when I posted my prediction. Now what?

As much as I hate to say this, I’m standing by my prediction. McAwful will win. My prayer is I am wrong. I do SO want a win for the good guys tomorrow! So why am I not budging? There are a few reasons for this. I’ll tell you up front, it is painful.

First of all, I don’t trust the controllers and for good reason. They are anything but trustworthy. They are devious. They will stop at nothing to attain their agenda. They were relentless during the entire Trump administration. They never stopped crying foul long after they were exposed for doing exactly what they accused Trump of doing. Even nearly a year after Trump left office, they are still raging on about him.

Here in Virginia, McAwful has already employed a legal political operative to challenge this election even before election day! They are whining about the USPS failing to deliver 300,000 some odd mail-in ballots in time. I have no doubt they would continue to harp on this issue even if it the evidence showed it was their fault or if those ballots were actually inconsequential. “Never let the facts interfere with the issues” seems to be their creed.

In Fairfax County, it’s been reported the county has been accepting mail and absentee ballots without the required social security validation. As with most states, Virginia has some pretty good voting procedures in place. The problems start when these procedures are ignored en mass. This is exactly why I’ve held the fix was in. To assure a free and fair election, all the rules and procedures need to be adhered to. These days one can see corruption on a national scale nearly every day.

The Biden administration consistently ignores our Constitution and federal statutes but that’s not enough. Biden has openly defied Supreme Court ruling pronouncing his intention to do whatever he wants anyway on national television.

Back to the Virginia election, as I mentioned previously, despite a myriad of complaints and reports of election fraud in previous elections, to the best of my knowledge, not one of them has ever been investigated. What good is an “election commission” if they refuse to investigate and enforce election law? Instead they spend our tax dollars producing “good will” advertisements to convince us they are on the up and up. Personally, I’d say our money would be better spent informing Virginians on the results of any investigations into election fraud and how such incidents will be prevented in the future.

While I am far more hopeful of a Youngkin win tomorrow, I remain doubtful. Should my prediction prove true, it would be a dark day indeed for the commonwealth and our nation. Few things would bring me more joy than for me to be absolutely wrong about tomorrow’s outcome.

Virginia’s 2021 Gubernatorial Election – My Prediction

With less than a week to go, the airwaves are electrified with news of a heated race. I’ve hesitated to post my thoughts on how I expect it to turn out. Why? Mostly because the last thing I want to do is discourage anyone from voting. Even if McAwful was the ONLY candidate running – I would rush to the polls on election day and write in my vote for anyone else. I do not care how much or little my voice counts – I will have my say.

It doesn’t take a political genius to figure out I don’t like the Democrat. He was a crap governor the first time around, his lieutenant, now governor, is just as crappy and now this Democrap wants to be governor again? Please. Let me put it this way…

I would walk through a blizzard, barefoot for miles to cast my vote against this guy, even if he had no opponent and zero chance of losing the election. Now you might think I don’t much like the Republican Glenn Youngkin. Well, you are right. I don’t. For one thing he’s already promised to throw money at the school system. As far as I’m concerned, a better plan would be to extract the fat from the bloated middle management of every school system in the commonwealth. It is a case of too many chiefs and not enough Indians. There are other things about him I picked up along the way that gives me pause as to how good a governor he might be. That said, I already know what kind of governor his opponent would be and that is enough.

Now about my prediction. Before I get to that, I’ll clue you in on my “methodology”. It is not complicated but it tends to be highly accurate. How does it work? Well, I poke my head above the clouds from the smoke-filled rooms and look around. No crunching numbers here. So what do I see?

Before I get to that, lemme tell ya what I saw before. First lets venture back in time to the 2020 Presidential Election. No, I’m not going to regale you with my previous eagle-eyed insight. Instead, I’m going to point to the early evening of that election day when the winner of the vote was announced with just 3% of the returns counted. Of course that “winner” was Joe Biden. Three percent of the vote tallied. How did they do that? Can you say… “fix”. Now wait a minute.

That wasn’t the first time something like this happened. In 2016 Hillary Clinton won Virginia. While I am not sure when they called that race but what I can tell you a few things I remember. First of all Trump was quite a bit a head early on. Enough so where I thought he might actually win the Commonwealth. Then the votes started pouring in from Northern Virginia and it was all over. The problem was, there were multiple reports of election fraud also pouring in. Polls stayed open way past closing time. So-called “voters” who couldn’t show identification or gave the wrong name… all sorts of improprieties were reported. Granted it was nothing like what we saw in 2020 nationwide but it was bad enough where one might expect someone to at least investigate. Nope. Nothing. Not one word, ever I heard again.

Fast forward to 2021 again. This time let’s visit California. Remember Newsome’s recall election? Do you also remember how he declared victory the day before the election? He did not say he thought he would win. He outright declared himself the winner. How do you do that? It’s not hard when the fix is in.

So by now you’ve probably guessed what I will predict and you are probably right on the money. This will not keep me from casting my puny vote. It is all I’ve got and, as I said, I will have my say.

Now for anyone living here in Virginia, you may have noticed the ads playing for the election commission. Have you asked why? The election commission is the entity responsible for ensuring our votes are counted accurately, according to the letter of the law. That’s it. So why do they need to spend our hard-earned money trying to convince us they are the “good guys”? You know where I’m going with this.

The fact is I’m tired of seeing the talk about how Youngkin is even in the polls. I’m tired of listening to the “analysts” who insist McAwful has made too many mistakes, is running scared, and is in danger of losing this race. Get real. The fix is in. They might as well coronate McAwful now. Why not have Northam announce his own intentions the day after the election? That way we can rest assured who will be in charge for the next several years. They can tag team as they run the Commonwealth into the ground.

So here it is: McAwful will be our next governor. Go vote anyway. Make the bastard earn it.

P.S. There is another reason I am determined to vote no matter what. The reason? I hope and pray I am absolutely wrong! Nothing would give me greater pleasure than to see McAwful crash and burn in defeat. I might have a better chance of winning the lottery without bothering to buy a ticket but here’s to a hope and a dream!

GOP Representatives DENIED Access to Political Prisoners

The good news is, the plight of the political prisoners being held is gaining attention. The bad news is, the stink thus far is not pungent enough to allow even representatives of Congress access to either verify or dismiss the claims of abuse.


What are they hiding?

On another note, below is a video of two Michigan residents who were arrested (this is old news):

The video says these men were released. I found no listing for  either Matthew Staley nor Shawn Floyd  on the Capitol Breach Cases page

Isn’t that interesting? Maybe their names will turn up in the MI case concerning the plot to kidnap Governor Whitmer. Even more interesting is whether they would be defendants or witnesses for the prosecution.

Capitol Cases – A List of Political Prisoners.

Note: If you look through all of these cases, you will seen not all of those charged are still detained. What is more interesting is browsing those who have been released


Consider ALBERTS, Christopher Michael  Here is what the record from the above link states:

Arrested on 1/7/21.

Initial appearance / detention hearing on 1/7/21. Defendant released.

Preliminary hearing held on 1/28/21.

What was he charged with?

Unlawful Possession of a Firearm on Capitol Grounds or Buildings; Unlawful Entry or Remaining on Restricted Grounds without Lawful Authoirty; (SIC) Carrying a Pistol without a License Outside Home or Place of Business; Possession of a Large Capacity Ammunition Feeding Device

[Bolding mine]

These are some of the most serious charges I’ve seen to date and yet he was released, while others, such as Joey Biggs, remains in custody. What is Mr. Biggs accused of?

Conspiracy; Obstruction of an Official Proceeding and Aiding and Abetting; Destruction of Government Property and Aiding and Abetting; Entering and Remaining in a Restricted Building or Grounds; Disorderly Conduct in a Restricted Building or Grounds

If you remember, I posted some of what Mr. Biggs had to say about is confinement on Tuesday. Yesterday, a group of GOP representatives attempted to see some of these prisoners. They were denied. I’ll post that story next.

Jan 6 Political Prisoners – We Cannot Stand for This!

Below you’ll find  a couple of articles detailing accounts of prisoners arrested for the Jan 6 “armed insurrection”. This is what the controllers call it, while all last summer these same people refused to denounce “peaceful protesters” who burned cities, burned federal buildings, shot and brutalized at will.
There are many more articles out there, I have just begun to collect them.
When did this become acceptable in America?


We cannot stand for this! Please share this post, share these links – whatever you can to get the word out. We citizens need to pull back the rug to reveal this stink!

Joe Biden – The New American Pope

By now if you haven’t seen the hoopla surrounding the latest smoke signals from the White House, go back to sleep. There’s no hope for you anyway. For the rest of us, well, I’m not sure if we should laugh, cry or simply say good-bye to our nation. I’m referring to the announcements concerning “misinformation” and the regime’s stated efforts to put things right, I suppose.

Jen Psaki - "Miss Information"In effect Jen Psaki says they are working with social media, specifically Facebook, but she may have singled out others, to put a stop to Covid-19 “misinformation”. Apparently they are also working with SMS (text messaging) providers to cull wrongthink from texts we send each other. Of course, I imagine the first thought most of us have is “What about our 1st Amendment?”, followed by “What is stopping them from putting the skids on other forms of wrongthink?”, and then, “Who do they think they are?”. It’s this last supposed thought I’ll address here, hence the title.

Think about it. Fair warning, I am not, nor have I ever been Catholic, so anything I state about Catholicism is stuff I’ve picked up over the years. Take it with a grain of salt. That said, I understand the Pope is held as infallible and that’s where I’m coming from. It stands, then, to reason that Joe Biden, along with his coronation as p-Resident is now essentially declaring himself our New American Pope.

His holiness has to be infallible, otherwise how can he, unilaterally, declare what is TRUTH and what is falsehood? Now, I’ve only ever understood that the Catholic Pope is the only man on earth deemed to speak pure unmistakable words. Even certain kings, who believe themselves God have not overtly done such. (Keep in mind, I have not studied the topic in depth so I may, well be mistaken here but you get the point.) Now that I think about it, is it possible Ol’ Joe expects he should rise to the prominence of a Pharaoh, Chinese, Japanese or Roman emperor? These all considered themselves gods.

Pope or emperor, it makes no difference to me. The end result is the same. We can now see the beginnings of an entity who expects the world to see himself as bigger than life itself. Far too big to be constrained by a mere constitution. Why should he be bound by the laws of men? Why does he need a congress? Is he (should I now be rendering the pronoun He or HE?) not above all of this? Speaking of pronouns, I find it a bit difficult to get a grip on them. As we all know, we peasants are rarely blessed with direct communication from the great one himself. Such trifles are relegated to others, such as his press secretary. However, as I understand it, all of these decrees emanate from the source. In light of this it may be time to speak of our p-Resident in the plural Victorian. This we can use they instead of “him” or “he” and Mr. p-Resident can refer to themselves as “we” and “us”. I’m pretty sure even the Catholic Pope refrains from this.

So there you have it. We need no longer concern ourselves with what or how to think. We have The One who will tells us all TRUTH and will benevolently correct us when we run afoul. All of this courtesy of Joe Biden, our New American Pope… or Pharaoh… or Emperor. My apologies for not being more specific. I’m sure they will soon be forthcoming with the proper acceptable forms of address along with guidance concerning the correct title we subjects are expected to use.

Update: on further reflection, I considered how this post meshes with my current views. In other words how does this fit in, seeing as how I advocate turning to God  Almighty to ask Him to restore our nation?

As noted above, historically, certain rulers have deified themselves. This is basically what is happening here. The controllers are elevating Joe Biden to a godlike status. The end result is the destruction of our nation is accelerating more and more each and every day. Remember that snowball?

I am not going to cite example after example. The controllers are attacking our republic on every level. How much longer to we have? I cannot say. How long before I am prohibited from saying?

Go to God now. Ask Him what He would have you do. Keep asking until you have an answer. Prayer is our first defense right now.